Thursday, January 16, 2014

Journal 52: Week 2, a simple place

This week's Journal 52 prompt is "Somewhere, a simple place."

I'm having trouble finding time to post these challenge pieces, since the first of the week is taken up by other memes I'm involved in.  Additionally, the prompt doesn't appear until sometime Monday.  So, for the time being, I'll post my Journal 52 entries on Thursday.

I call this entry "My Neighborhood," following the premise of a simple place.  My neighborhood is made up of gingerbread houses on a background that I painted last week when I created my first week's prompt. Since we were told the place could be imaginary, I thought of houses.  And there are no better houses that spark your imagination than gingerbread houses.

I'm not sure that painting the background before I have the prompt is a good idea, but I need to paint both sides of my file folder page at the same time.  In case you can't read the sentiment I printed on printer paper (since I'm not good at hand writing my journaling), here is:
My gingerbread neighborhood has houses
with walls, roofs, doors and windows. 
They hold lots of stories, at least as long as
my neighbor abstains from
taking the first gingerbread bite. 
I recycled a piece of gifted washi tape, thinking it might add a bit of interest to the "neighborhood."  I don't want these file folders to get too dimensional, since I'm not sure how many I'll be able to get in my binder.

The front set of fussy cut houses was applied using thick foam tape, which lifts them away from the back ones.  I hope you like my idea of a simple (and completely imaginary) place.

13 thoughtful remarks:

Halle said...

Nice take on the theme. I like how you used the little bit of washi tape!

Thanks for the heads up on the date. :)

dawn said...

I am so glad you are playing along with these prompts. This one is wonderful too, how fun to make gingerbread houses!! It goes with the theme wonderfully. Cute little bike too.

YIPPEEE, read below about your camera, YAY!! So glad it was an easy exchange and hope this one works for a looooong time!

Thank you for the blog visit. We found out it wasn't a pipe but that the valve was broken, so that will be an easy fix by a friend of ours. Going to try posting again, will let you know if it works.
Take care and stay warm!

Hettie said...

Love these gingerbread houses. So cute. In fact they remind me of Brugges!

Monica said...

Sometimes simplicity is better as dimensionality gets out of hand

Corrine at said...

I like your gingerbread neighborhood, but I wouldn't want to be living their when the giant neighbor took a bite! LOL. Cute washi tape bicycle. xox

linda said...

I love your pages, Elizabeth. those little houses are too cute--not to mention, sweet!

Krisha said...

Well, don't feel bad Elizabeth. My page is only half finished and is just laying over THERE while I am over HERE jumping around blogland! LOL

I plan on posting mine when they get finished, and not on a certain day, probably Thursdays or Fridays or the weekend...who knows?

I love the gingerbread neighborhood! Cute idea, but it is making me hungry now (grin)

Carol said...

Sweet Simple Place.... of course it Would be hard not to at least Nibble a bit here and there :)

Marilyn J. Rock said...

Fabulous interpretation of the theme! xo

PetraB said...

I love your houses, and I love gingerbread! I would probably be one of the first ones to have a bite :-)

Vicki Miller said...

Looks good enough to eat

Nan G said...

Love your gingerbread 'hood!

BJ said...

Love your simple place for the Journal 52 challenge. Mine is the garden with the birdsong, it is beautiful this time of the year. BJ