Friday, December 20, 2013

How to survive not having the internet

What do you do when you know you are going to be without internet for a few days?  I started to contemplate

about this advent tree I made a few years ago,

so when I was actually able to get back online, I could show it to all my loyal followers and readers who have never seen it before.

A few of the items I glued inside the jewelry boxes my friend Sally gave me, and

the title of the piece, which I disclosed on Day 25.

Of course, I also had time to finish my tip-ins along with the last of my cards I sent wrapped in sewn pages from old Somerset magazines.  And this time I actually remembered to photograph the backs, too.

Because I didn't have to take time was unable to visit my internet friends, I was able to hide in my basement studio, where I ironed some fabric I had colored earlier this summer

and used my fabric crayons to create a couple of letters.

Here I'm following the directions and pressing the paper into the fabric.

Even though I followed the ironing instructions completely, I didn't get good coverage, mainly because this is 100% cotton fabric and you are supposed to use the crayons on synthetics.

So it was time for a new strategy, this time using really, really old and really, really clogged fabric paint. 

You can see where I had trouble with the silver paint not wanting to come out of the bottle, then rushing out in blobs.  Other items include leather, dried grasses, variegated thread, and a Christmas bell.  Before I sewed the back on, I glued a wooden stirrer stick across the top of the batting to add stability.

I used my snow dyed fabric on this side.

I made this one for my friend Elizabeth's mother.  I didn't want to show favoritism, so made them both basically the same.

I used more of my snow dyed fabric on the back, which complimented the variegated green thread I used on this side.

I realize that many of you might be wondering why I have been taking photos at my kitchen table, at my dining room table, on my guillotine cutter (which sits under my OTT light), or in my basement. 

Now almost everyone knows I'm a neat freak, but this is what I've been working with for the past week.  In fact, the sack is on the table to gather anything that needs to return to the basement.  It's definitely time to clean up this mess and finish my scrappy book gifts I'm making from file folders.  And without internet access, it was the PERFECT time.

After finishing the sewing and adding final touches to the file folder books (see my mailing desk in back), putting most things away, and clearing the table, it was time to cut this rosin paper to use as wrapping paper.

I decided to glitz the rosin paper up a bit by stamping in metallic paint.

It's too bad I had to pick a color that wouldn't show up on the rosin paper!  Next, it was time to allow the paint to dry, and clean my floor.

When I did, guess who snuck in?

It was time to wrap my gifts, but first I had to photograph the books.  I learned a long time ago it paid to remember to photograph everything before sending it on its way.

So, please join me tomorrow, when I show the two books I haven't already shown.  I didn't want this post any longer than it already was, since all I could do while my internet was down, was take photos of everything.

I hope you've had a productive week while I was cleaning and organizing.  Have you finished your gift list?

11 thoughtful remarks:

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I think you're right we do get more done without the internet but it so fun....who wants to give that up! I count on it for my daily dose of inspiration. Merry Christmas and a great 2014.

Corrine at said...

Great fun. Rosin paper is so great to use and so inexpensive. Goes a long long way and makes great workaday paper for everything. Like your fabrics embellished with the bells...What a great idea to save ring boxes as advent days....xox

Halle said...

You got a lot done!!! I do see that with myself as well...I get sucked into the computer and before I know...I've lost all my play time.
I've had one issue after the next this past week and have subbed a couple of times. Sick as a dog right now...well, actually I was worse yesterday. It was either kids at school or stress about possible tooth issue that weakened my immune system enough to succumb to this crud.

Marilyn J. Rock said...

Without the Internet, I would have never connected with you! xo

Marlynn said...

Glad you liked the Christmas card dear friend. Hugs to you and Bleubeard!

Krisha said...

Sometimes the freedom of "no intranet" leads to many finished projects LOL

Great job on the hangings, I recognized the fabrics.

Thanks for the visit. I hope to get back to my blog at least once more before Christmas. It might be Christmas Day as we are celebrating over the following weekend.

Vicki Miller said...

Wow you have been busy during your enforced break. I haven't even started anything christmas! But we are very quiet in our family and just have lunch. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your creations

Monica said...

No internet is time to catch up on domestic chores and dream new ideas.
Bluebeard sees it as time for more attention.

Carol said...

You certainly kept yourself very busy while you were off line. I keep telling myself that I'm going to disconnect for a month and see how much I can get done around here. But I"d probably just jell out in front of the TV instead ..LOL!

Jo Murray said...

Glad you are operational again, tho'... you certainly didn't waste any of your 'down' time. Clever and inexpensive wrapping for your lovely gifts. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Nan G said...

Wow you had a very productive time! Hugs