Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer of Color (SOC3) wrap-up

Kristin, our considerate and generous hostess at Twinkle, Twinkle probably wants us to wrap up this SOC by showing what we made.  So please allow me to step you through the process.
I began with two sheets of watercolor paper I spritzed with some of my hand made shimmering mists.  They were drying when I took this photo.  I grabbed a bunch of different colored paint chips, along with my crop-a-dile and some stickers.

I started by putting together the most unique color combinations I could think of, some of which were inspired by Kristin's color choices, some of which were conjured up by me.  This one didn't make the cut because I ran out of room.  I cut, I sewed, I assembled.

I came up with this, with the mismatched ribbon,

 although it was a bit easier to see in this photo.

Since these photos are so lousy, I know you'll be glad when I get to the scans.  But be forewarned, the covers were cut to 9 inches by 11.5 inches (22.86 centimeters X 29.21 centimeters) and they didn't exactly fit on my scanner.

 There is a total of four back to back pages.  Two of the six weeks I made two entries.

 You can see the rest of the pages in this photo, and how I sewed them together.

Here is my Summer of Color completed book front, showing as many paint chip colors as I could find.  I love all the names paint manufacturers come up with to make their paint color stand out from all the rest.

This is a scan of the back.  Please note the holes and ribbon are nearly absent in this scan.

And finally, a mosaic of (a portion of) my individual SOC3 pages created at Big Huge Labs.

You have no idea how much fun I've had this year, and made a few new friends, too.  It's always good to join a challenge and collaborate with other like minded artists.  Thanks to all and Kristin, too, for your generous support of my art.  I look forward to adding I just picked up Kristin's SOC3 badge and adding it to my sidebar and (eventually) my Previous Collaborations page located at the top of my blog.  I'm also adding the SOC4 teaser.  That means I plan to play again next summer.

And I hope to see you all again next year, too!

11 thoughtful remarks:

Julia Dunnit said...

i didnt participate, but Ive enjoyed it too, the SoC really got things going around this section of the web. love all your colours and stitching. i would love to be paid to make up the names of the paint colours, wouldn't you!

see you there! said...

I like the use of paint chips and think you were quite clever to make a book from your entries.


elle said...

This is great, Elizabeth. You did an amazing job of summing things up. Yay for FUN!!!

~*~Patty S said...

I have enjoyed seeing you participate and what a great book you created...
you have elevated paint chips to new levels E!

Krisha said...

What a great book, I really enjoyed looking at the pictures. I always grab some paint chips when at Home Depot......LOL

Anonymous said...

Perfect what a great idea to sew it all into a book.....xox

Dawn said...

Brilliant work Elizabeth, what a colour fix!! I love how you have bound it all together for safe keeping, ingenious.
Huge hugs x x x x

Lori Saul said...

Gorgeous projects- love how you used the stitching Elizabeth- I'm going to miss SOC. I think I'll keep up with color combos though anyway- love this!

Miriam said...

I am pleased to have met you & Bleubeard through this wonderful challenge, yes it was so much fun your books looks amazing and like you I have a lovely reminder in my bunting.

BJ said...

What a super little book for your SOC pieces. Yes it certainly worked to do them all the same size this year. Love it. BJ

Kimberly Hogan said...

I missed the last few weeks of SOC, I'm rather disappointed in myself. Your book turned out great.