Thursday, July 4, 2013

Please help me celebrate Independence Day

Today my country is 237 years young.  Technically, the country has been around thousands and thousands of years before it was discovered, but I'm celebrating when we officially declared our independence.

Feel free to join me on my front porch.

We can sit and enjoy something cold to drink while we wait for the fireworks.  And, if you smoke, you must do so out here.

If it gets too hot, we can adjourn to the cool dining room and have a bit of star-studded white fudge and tea.

Would you rather see some art I've made?  This one is very old, when I was just learning to make art quilts.

This is what it looked like when it was hanging.  Personally, I hope my art quilts have improved a bit since then.

However, if you don't want to sit on the porch, eat fudge, or look at art, please help me reminisce and celebrate today's entirely and wholly United States birthday bash.

6 thoughtful remarks:

voodoo vixen said...

Hope you have a wonderful Independence Day E!! I love that wall hanging, it is fabulous and the sentiment is spot on. I'll have fudge and a cool drink on the porch please... hope it isn't too hot out there!! :)

Dawn said...

Happy Independence Day sweetie, love the post and your quilt is so very touching.
Huge hugs x

see you there! said...

Would love to sit on the porch with you, it looks inviting. I really like your small quilt piece and of course I'll want to wander inside and see all your art and visit your studio. Have fun watching the fireworks.


Dianne said...

oh, your porch looks so inviting, and so does the fudge! sorry I didn't visit on the actual day...I was quilting. and then visited my sister for a barbecue. The only fireworks we saw were as we traveled home, in other people's yards and at our county fairgrounds--as it began raining harder and harder!

One of my favorite things to do on the fourth of July when I was a kid was to light sparklers and wave them around. My brothers used to get a roll of caps (for cap guns) and hit them with a hammer on the concrete porch. They made a nice 'bang' if you stacked up more than one, kind of like firecrackers but not as dangerous!

~*~Patty S said...

Thank you for the very nice visit E!!! Especially lovely Independence Day post ... your porch looks very inviting and I always enjoy seeing what you've created then and now!

Halle said...

You set a lovely scene. I don't remember that art quilt but like it!