Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WOYWW 208: The one where we celebrate

It's finally here: Julia's fourth anniversary as the Queen of WOYWW.  I'm so excited.

WOYWWendy is excited, too.  While I'm at my computer in my office waiting to see who my PIF partner is,

Wendy is holding down the fort standing by with the envelope that will soon be addressed and on its way.  Of course, Wendy and I will find a little something, something else to include, depending on the country it goes to.

Although Wendy didn't want to share the space, she knew not even this lovely rocking horse, a birthday gift from Voodoo Vixen (Annette of Scrap Happens Here), could supplant her Diva status today.

I've also made a few extra ATCs.  Some of my WOYWW friends I've never met in person, but whom I share each Wednesday with, will get these.  I've not asked to trade with them, but sent them because they are my friends.  I do NOT expect, nor want anything in return, so please don't reciprocate.  Each of you has done so much for me in the past, it's time I showed a tiny, tiny bit of appreciation.  Yes, I've put these through a PS filter, so you'll have to wait till next Wednesday for the big reveal.

Of course, one, made much like my PIF, will be a bit late, since it is going to the other OZ.  I'm sure we all know who that is, since she is a loyal WOYWWer who gave me the rocking horse above just moved there with her fur babies (to meet her hubby, of course).

This one, put through a liquifying filter goes to my PIF friend whose name will be revealed after I link up and learn who to send it to.

I was especially happy with the way this one filtered.  I actually like it as much as, if not better than, the real ATC!  It is for Julia, our Queen.

And people on other social media sites say blogs are dead!  That is certainly not the case when it comes to WOYWW because Julia has proven it week after week after week after week after week.  Happy 4th Anniversary, dear Julia.

And finally, even though it's a bit late, I had to honor Nikki and thank her for these badges she made.

Usual caveat: please leave your number if you are coming from Julia's blog.  That makes it SO much easier to reciprocate.

77 thoughtful remarks:

PeggyR said...

She is so cute!

BJ said...

Well morning Elizabeth, I am up too early for the link up, bit of a sore throat today. Like how you have filtered your ATCs, I just put a link to the post where I included them as it wasn't a woyww post so I guess not many had seen them and not many will bother with the link either. hhahaha. BJ#?

Nikki said...

Trippy ATC'S I'm sure everyone you've sent them off to will love em :)
hugs Nikki C ???

voodoo vixen said...

LOL... you sneaky thing you... they look pretty amazing with the filters so it will be great to see them revealed!!
Happy WOYWW4 my dear friend, thank you for your support and kind comments, you have cheered many a day for me. (dinna have a number yet cos Mr Linky gone walkabout)!!

Neet said...

Happy Birthday WOYWW indeed. Lovely to have shared some commenting with you - especially as you say you read that blogging is finished (more or less) - well we prove 'em wrong! Long may we do so.
Great filters and lovely photo of Wendy and the Rocking Horse.
Special hugs from me to you and to Bleubeard.
Hugs, Neet x

Spyder said...

Wendy looks so happy (actually she always looks puzzled and happy!!) Happy 4th WOYWW! I'm not showing my ATC's yet in fear of (they look a bit rubbish' But it's early so I add them later!
HaPpY 4th WoYwW!?!

((Lyn # no number yet!)

Belinda Basson said...

The loving and Desk hopping goes on even without Mr Linky...just have to wait for our PIF partner when he does appear! Happy WOYWW4.

Lynda Beazley said...

Hi Elizabeth
I am so excited to be sending my first ever ATC to you. Your blog looks amazing and I will have to come back for a longer look. I haven't been part of WOYWW for very long but what an inspirational bunch of people. Please leave your address on my e.mail labeazley50@gmail.com and I'll pop said ATC in the post to you.
Have a happy week
Lynda #20

RosA said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Well, I'm glad I provided some amusement :) Most embarrassed! I have NEVER made such a mess of the linking! Forgot the asterisk, linked to Julia's blog (somehow), instead of mine, got the link right then forgot the asterisk (again)! I'm normally SO careful when it comes to doing this stuff. Maybe the problem is that it is not actually morning here, but nearly 5pm and I want to go home.
Happy 4th Anniversary WOYWW anyhow!
RosA (not sure what nunmber now!)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Wow, psychedelic, man! I love the doohickey you've used to disguise the ATCs! It's like the space sequence in 2001 a Space Odyssey!
I'm a relative newbie at this game, but oh, I've had so much fun and made some wonderful friends and for that, I will be eternally grateful to Julia :-)
Happy 4th WOYWW!
Hugs, LLJ 9 xx

Julia Dunnit said...

It's very early and I feel as though I've been ironing stripey shirts...or gazing into the eyes of Shere Khan the tiger m- love the PS filters you've used, how clever! Am excited to receive your mail. Just so we're clear here though - anything you feel you've gained from WOYWW is as a result of your sharing and caring...that's absolutely how it works.

Helen said...

You clever thing you!! Happy WOYWWversary to you all, Wendy included!! Thanks as ever for your comments. Helen, 39

Jackie said...

Filters look great for ATC's
Thank you for you visit earlier
Happy 4th anniversary
Lets all keep blogging alive
Jackie 5

The Taming of the Glue said...

What a cool way of keeping the ATC surprise going! Would never have thought of filters!! Happy 4th WOYWW. Pam#36

Ria Gall said...

Hi Elizabeth
I love what you have done with the filter thingy it really is cool
Wishing you and everyone a Very Happy WOYWW today
Ria #50

TwinkleToes2day said...

Just had to pop by to say Happy WOYWW4! Your hidden ATC's are pretty darn fabulosos as they are! The recipients will have a lovely surprise. I'm trying to type quietly so I don't wake you :0) Mo

Anonymous said...

Filter away, these are marvelous. Enjoy your anniversary with all your WOYWW pals. xox

Maisie Moonshine said...

Wendy is great - I'm really keen to have a go at art dolls - so many plans - so little time! Have a happy WOYWW - looking forward to the reveal. MMx #85

Anonymous said...

What a unique way to share a hint of your ATCs without revealing all! Wish I had hidden mine now, but hey ho, no matter. You companion is very cute - shame she can't come to the crop! LOL!

Happy 4th Birthday, WOYWW!
Mary Anne* (26!)

Donna Rodgers said...

99, I m using discus, you will need to be logged I to your Google acct to comment - I just cannot abide blogger any more, please don't fret, I absolve you of the need to respond, I stopped leaving comments so you didn't feel obliged to retort, but today being special, I wanted to say hi and thanks for another year of your inspiring workdesk and gorgeous artwork, dxxxxxxx

JoZart said...

So pleased to have shared so much art and friendship with you as part of this great blog idea of Julia.
Happy 4th Anniversary of WOYWW !
Love from Flat Susan (who is travelling the world via Neet's idea) to Wendy. Who knows they may visit each other one day!
Jo x 73

see you there! said...

Although I don't participate in WOYWW I always enjoy your posts about it and often click on the blog links you post.

Happy 4th Anniversary to all the participants.


Kate said...

Looking forward to seeing the ATC reveal next week. They look quite stunning in their altered state!

Happy WOYWW 4th birthday.


SueH said...

It’s amazing that the internet can bring together so many likeminded people and I’m grateful that WOYWW has also brought along so many new friends, thanks to Julia.

It’s like coming home, to see your rocking horses each week Elizabeth. I just love the way you’ve disguise your ATC’s. I would never have thought of using the PS filters like that.

Enjoy your Wednesday snooping on this very special Day
Happy Crafting!
Sue @82

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Happy 4th anniversary to Julia, Wendy, (she made me include her) you and the rest of the WOYWW bloggers!

Hope you are safe and out of the path of the tornados today.

Angie said...

Happy 4th ....love your disguised atc's ...they would make amazing papers...I love that we are greeted by one of your Rocking horses this special post. xx71

CraftygasheadZo said...

I love the mixing up to hide your makes!! Fab desk too and I love the way you present it all. Take care Zo xx 79

ike said...

Ack!!! Look at all that spammy stuff in comment #20 !!! B*ggers :-(

Your desk is so spick and span :-) Love the new Rocking Horse :-)

Happy WOYWW 4th Anni :-D

IKE xx #124


Twiglet said...

I love those filtered pics!!! x Jo
Happy WOYWW4

Minxy said...

For 4 years now i've been dropping by,
To view your desk and see what I can spy,
Will it be a card, some stash or ATC,
whatever it is, thanks for sharing it,
Have a Happy WOYWW 4th Anniversary

Hugz Minxy #60

Maudieroff Roffey said...

Hi Elizabeth - Happy WOYWW 4TH Birthday...Mxx #137

Angie said...

Just popped back to sat a big 'THANKYOU' for the lovely comment you made about my posts xx

Krisha said...

Happy WOYWW!!! Love Windy, and you ATC are wonderful. Have a great week
Krisha #140

okienurse said...

Wow I hope you can get WOYWWendy to let you have the envelope when the time comes to mail it out...looks like she is happily holding it down! Glad to see you back on WOYWW again. Love all the filters you tried for the pif's Need to put the no Anon filter on though to keep comments like the above out. Happy WOYWW 4th Anniversary. Have a great week. Vickie #14

okienurse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gill Edwards said...

you are teasing us with those images, have a good week

Gill x #132

Serendipity Stamping said...

Super ATCs. Filter process? Are you talking air brush here? Wendy is looking pretty possessive this morning. Love the rocking horse. #47

Shaz Brooks said...

Love how you filtered the ATC's.Love to see your artwork, always inspiring. Hugs for Bleubeard,Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #150 xx

okienurse said...

I read on another blog you are looking for coasters. Elizabeth if you send me your address I will send you some of the chipboard coasters I have. email me at okienurse@gmail.com

Monica said...

I would love an ATC from you and you are on my list so just as Bluebeard to send his address

Monica Smith
211 Round Up trail
Kerrville TX 78028


Caro said...

I just love the filters - what a great effect. Wendy is looking nice and relaxed there with your gorgeous rocking horse. Thanks for sharing. Have a very happy 4th WOYWW birthday. Caro x (#67)

JoZart said...

I do keep telling Donna about the difficulties of leaving her a comment as so many other folk do. I couldn't get into leave a reply today myself. It is frustrating and I do tell her each time we meet up but I'll pass on your comments.
Jo x

Dianne said...

Terrific atc's and really love the rocking horse behind Wendy! The recipients of your art work will be thrilled I am sure. Have a great day!

jill said...

Lovely atc , & happy 4th anniversary woyww, jill #3

Redanne said...

Hi Elizabeth, I do love Wendy and the rocking horse is beautiful. I am amazed at what you can do with filters, your 'alternative' ATCs look fabulous and I bet the originals look great too. Those who say blogs are dead have obviously never visited WOYWW! Happy 4th WOYWW and thanks for your most welcome visit. Hugs, Anne x #61 (or thereabouts)

Ali H said...

Crazy stuff going on in your photos !! Thanks for stopping by ! Ali #23

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Elizabeth happy 4th
Wow that is so cool how do you do that? love the patterns your ATC's have created i wonder what they look like IRL.
I have one regret over the last year ... I didnt finish the altered book I stll have it and if i have a spare month or two maybe i will.... sigh thats the thing about crafting isn't it you can always come back to it
thanks for sharing all your lovely ideas
janet #32

Elizabeth said...

Hello Elizabeth, and Bleubeard, of course, happy 4th anniversary to you :) Great post and I enjoyed looking at all the filtered ATCs - so clever. Thanks for visiting me earlier ... my feet are still up on the footstool :) Hope you've had a lovely WOYWW, Elizabeth x #155

Rita said...

I've never joined that group, but I follow a few bloggers who are in it. Always fun to see what people's work spaces look like and what they are up to. :)

Halle said...

I like the way you've obscured the photos. Even though I'm not a part of the group....was trying to do the letters but they escape me...I still enjoy your Weds. posts. :)

Winnie said...

I sure love Wendy! I am chuckling over your unique way of disguising your ATCs. I have yet to try making one as I am a bit intimidated by the small size. Maybe next year I will join in that fun! Happy Anniversary! Winnie#98

Nan G said...

Hello WOYWW Wendy! You're looking lovely as ever. Mr. Rocking horse is quite dashing too. :) I started looking at the ATCs thinking how cool will these be in person! And they're filters!! Still way cool. Can't wait to see the real thing tho. :) Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW4! Nan G #6

Darnell J Knauss said...

Your post was a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole, Elizabeth, with the way you altered your ATCs!! I'm sure they are lovely! Wendy said so!

Thank you so much for coming by the Playhouse earlier and for your sweet comment! Happy WOYWW 4th Anniversary and have a wonderful week! Darnell #34

Queen Lightwell said...

Oh first I just looked at all the pictures and thought your camera must have messed up! lol Then of course I read all about how you used the filters, such a clever idea! Funny thing about the dies as I found the stamps first and then the dies, sounds like you did it the other way around, huh? And you are right that learning new stuff is one of the super things about WOYWW! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment already and I hope you enjoy the rest of this special WOYWW ~Deeyll #29 :)

sara j said...

What fun filters!! I guess I should take pictures of my ATC's before I send them along on their merry way...such a fun day today (still Wednesday in my world!) Hope you have a lovely week.
Thanks for stopping by the Fun Room this week.
Sara j

Andrea said...

belated woywww anniversary wishes didn't get the chance to visit anyone yesterday so making an early start today my you've been busy and im sure your friends will be over the moon with your atcs have a fab week and lots of crafty time Andrea#40

peggy apl said...

happy 4th WOYWW anniversary, Elizabeth! i am curious about how your ATCs look! the rocking horse from Annette is lovely and i always enjoy WOYWWendy's antics! peggy@11

Annie said...

I love the clever pics of your ATCs. Love the rocking horse Anette sent you.
Happy 4th Birthday celebrations....here's to many more.
Annie x # 4

MaggieC said...

I love reading your posts and your filtered ATC's look awesome in their disguise. Blogs are certainly not dead, long may they continue. You and my other blog friends have been such a support to me over the past few weeks. xx Maggie #43

mamapez5 said...

I love those filter effects. Now I look forward to seeing the actual ATCs!
Bluebeard looks pretty contented to me. Arwen lives in my craft room, and never leaves it (although the windows and doors are open). She was a rescue cat in a very bad condition and scared of her own shadow, when she came to me. She is now fat and fluffy, and happy to eat, sleep and everything else, in this one room. I could do without her in there sometimes but I haven't the heart to make her move. She has been traumatised enough. My other cats are not allowed in. She doesn't care to share her space!
have a great week. Kate x #44

sandra de said...

Now I know I have been on the computer far too long when I get a bit dizzy looking at atc's. Your mailing companion seems to have everything under control.
Sandra @83

Diane said...

Hello Elizabeth, thanks for visiting me. I am intrigued to know what the ATC's actually look like. will you post pictures later, after they have been received by the lucky ones?

KatzElbows said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. It's been a wonderful,WOYWW this week as we all take time to acknowledge not just he amazing Julia is, but what a great bunch for people we are.

Happy anniversary,
Love Rachel #48

Anonymous said...

I hope woyww wendy's wait is now over! I like your sneaky peaks very much, very clever. Oh but I was in Holland, snigger.

Brenda 120


G'day Elizabeth
thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. Happy 4th WOYWW to you as well. I really like your mixed up filtered ATC's LOL but I am looking forward to seeing the real ones. When Wendy is sick of playing with the rocking horse can you please send them to me *grin*
Annette In Oz #46

Almo said...

Hi Liz, those filters are a good way of keeping us all in suspenders!! I hope the receipiants reveal all next week. Sorry I am so late visiting, Thanks for dropping in. Hugs Mo x #50

Almo said...

Hi Elizabeth, so sorry I shortened your name by accident, force of habit my friend Elizabeth hates full title. Hugs Mo x

Hettie said...

Tee Hee! Love the filters you have used to disguise the ATCs you have made!
Happy Anniversary Elizabeth, Bleubeard and Wendy! Gorgeous new rocking horse too....couldn't leave that out now could I?

Cazzy said...

Happy WOYWW!

Great ATCs and loving the filtered ones, though I am not sure if that is a photo filter or something else. Wendy has a cute badge!

I have never made an ATC, but one day I will.

Cazzy x #177 (I think I told the last person the wrong number, whoops)

scrappymo! said...

Love the why you are keep[ing us guessing by filtering the aTC's!
Happy belated WOYWW4

Marit said...

I love the playing with filters, such neat effects! Happy ~ very belated ~ woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #88

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Hi there. . . playing catch-up . . . so I'm here to wish you a BELATED Happy 4th WOYWW anniversary.

Sarn #57 (Thanks for visiting me)

Spyder said...

ohoo sorry! I was sure I did email you back! will go hunt you out and send an answer!!

((Lyn)) Yay!!

Patsy Paterno said...

Several mysteries on your post today! That rocking horse is beauuuutiful! How sweet of Annette to send it to you. I've made you a rocking horse ATC as you won my weekly giveaway, so please send me your snail mail address so I can mail it. I think Wendy will be a good friend to her if Wendy likes flat people! :^) Patsy from
HeARTworks and

Roudi said...

Your ATCs look so cool with those filters. Can't wait to see how they really look like!

Happy 4th WOYWW birthday!
Roudi # 20

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Those filters look amazing! Is that in photoshop?

I didn't know blogging was dead.... oh my! Well, I'd just as soon stay in the dark about that one!

Thanks for visiting me already! I came back from Phoenix and had some appointments so am just now getting around. Better late than never!

Kay (158)

Sandy said...

Love your little lady standing guard on your desk with your darling rocking horse.
Thanks for the visit to my blog already
Happy WOYWW 4th Anniversary.
Sandy :)