Friday, November 30, 2012

And (finally) a time for every purpose under heaven

This is the final day for Art Every Day Month.  I have never participated in this month long event before, and it was a genuine challenge.  It became frustrating when I was unable to link to AEDM toward the end of the month.  In addition, I am still unable to leave comments on any blogger blog with embedded text.  Once again, I direct you to scroll to the end of this post to see how to correct the problem. One of the POSITIVE things I tried to do this month was create a mix of posts that highlighted what I do on this blog.

I began the month with my calendar pages, just like I have every month for the past two years. 

Then I took you to a shop that sells adorable art.  I even dropped off clothing for breast cancer survivors while I was there.

It was about that time (no pun intended) I decided to have a theme for every post during AED month.  The theme actually came from a page in my TIME altered book.

These are the words as sung by The Byrds, and written by Pete Seeger. The words were taken from the book of Ecclesiastics, which I also copied on the opposing page, and the wording is exact, except for the last line: "a time for peace, I swear it's not too late." This line and the title phrase "Turn! Turn! Turn!" are the only parts of the lyrics written by Seeger.

In true Seeger fashion, I used some of the words from the song (and the Bible verse) in my daily posts, but made up many of my titles to fit the post of the day.

I began this time honored journey by working with a wood block and joint compound.  Unfortunately, I've not had time to complete this piece, but it is still on my to-do list of things to finish before Christmas, since it's an intended Christmas gift.

Then I made a mess working with CitraSolv and National Geographic magazines.

Next it was off to spend several days dyeing fabric in different ways.  Hand dyed fabric is one of the things I love to make.

Of course, when I tried to use some of that same fabric to make a quiltlet, I didn't fare as well.  It seems I'm better at dyeing fabric than using it!

Then we visited the garden, where I cut my herbs back for the winter.  Later in the month, I had out of town guests who got to savor several of my herbs in dishes I prepared over the week they were here.

Then it was into my studio to prime some wood houses and prepare a post that showed the last of my students homework.

Next it was off to write a book review, and rant about Blogger.

Then I spent time in my basement studio where I started my Christmas cards and sorted my art journal pages.

While entertaining out of town guests over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I created this quiltlet.

Also over the Thanksgiving weekend, I created the cover for my latest altered book, making it the final of 20 free AB lessons I taught every two weeks on this very blog.

After Thanksgiving, I joined Roni's Ink Stains Altered Altoid Tin Blog Hop by creating this assemblage using a tin I won and promised to alter.

With only two holiday guests left to entertain, I decorated my home for Christmas.

Then, as my final guests were about to leave, they surprised me with this incredible plant.  Talk about thrilled!

Toward the end of the month, I painted some fabric using a Twirl-O-Paint machine.

Then I put my organization skills to the test when I attempted to get a handle on this fabric mess I created.

Although the set-up isn't ideal and the project didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, I managed to corral the tiny bits and pieces of fabric I've collected over the past two years and place them in color coded designated boxes that are easy to find.

Today is the final AEDM post, and even though I've not been able to link up each day, I've still posted and hope a few people stopped by.  And in case you missed anything, this wrap-up should show whatever you might have missed.  Thank you to those of you who have stuck with me throughout this month.

12 thoughtful remarks:

Halle said...

How did I miss the twirled fabric art!! That is so cool!!!!
Fun month in review.
BTW--did you click on the Gracie kaleidoscope? You'll see her mirrored all around.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Journals and blogs are great way to preserve memories! My joke is "I can't remember what I did yesterday, so I had to start writing it down in my journal". You've accomplish some great things of late!

sandee said...

I was hoping to see the results of your material organization, I think it looks pretty good! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

BJ said...

My - what a busy bunny you have been! Love the 1971 page with the scripture, I have a garden clock with part of the scripture on. Oh and the quiltlet you haven't finished will be devine, hope you stick with that design as I love it (the peachy one). Hugs BJ x

Rita said...

What a busy month and what a sweet gift! :)

KatzElbows said...

Good grief, what a month; I'm exhausted just reading about it. Of course, you've also made me want a Twirl-O-Paint machine, but I'll forgive you.

Corrine at said...

It is totally amazing how much you got done...that daily deadline really gets the fire lit and the creative juice time to get in our own way, eh? Happy December....can't believe 2012 is almost gone. xox

Melinda Cornish said...

you are one busy lady....I loved the twirl a paint things when I was a kid......

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