Friday, May 25, 2012

Keeping it clean!

Today is my normal day for an Inspiration Avenue post, but I'm not playing this week. Once again, I have no art to show. As I mentioned yesterday, this mountain of dust collectors had to be cleaned, dusted, washed, or polished.

More cat toys grace the floor in the dining room. I move them and Bleubeard always brings them back.

Speaking of which, here is where he was hiding. My visitor Ed had held him on his lap every day when we drank coffee at this table.

Bleubeard knew he was in trouble when he saw my camera pointed at him.

It didn't take him long to "get the picture."

And this is the type of picture I normally get!

He immediately took off for the kitchen, but before he could eat from his large dog bowl (you can see it on the floor under the light switch and key holder) I keep filled with food for him,

he was on the move trying to get out of camera range!

Wow, I need to straighten that area rug. Maybe Bleubeard will do it for me.

or maybe I'll catch my finger in the camera lens. Do you think USPS would be mad if they saw I was using one of their boxes for Bleubeard's cat scratcher? It is very economical and saves my basket. OK, enough playing with the cat
with the camera in this room.

In case you couldn't tell, this is my kitchen. The stairs lead to my office. The kitchen is all white, copper, and cobalt blue. I dreamed of a kitchen like this back in the early 90s, when blue was the "in" color. I already had most of the copper and cobalt accessories at that time, but the kitchen had to wait for the remodel.

My friend Joseph (see my right sidebar) and I stamped the ceiling using anaglyptus (raised wallpaper). I was able to get a sample free and I created the stamp using cardboard, foam, and glue, to which I added the wallpaper.

I painted the wallpaper "stamp" using a brush and copper craft paint. I then handed the stamp to Joseph who did the actual stamping of the ceiling (have I not mentioned I am not much of a stamper?). This was after he had carefully removed all that horrible "popcorn" from the kitchen ceiling that graces the entire house, of course. We also took the room from "country" to bungalow style by cutting and removing the country inspired scroll woodwork over the sink. BTW, this is the south wall.

I am very proud of the ceiling. Joseph, not so much! I realize all that dark blue looks black in the photo, but that is because the rope lighting I added under the top cabinets lasted about six weeks before it died.

It's hard to get a photo of the east wall because there is so much going on.

Here's another view of the lower bookcase my friend Joseph and I built one weekend. If you can't tell, I'm moving counterclockwise as I take the photos.

On the north wall, I have hanging copper. I have lots of imitation copper I plan to use in assemblages, but the imitation stuff has a pink tint to them, and aren't tin lined. All the molds shown here are.

Moving further along the north wall to the corner of the west wall, you see I use every square inch to display my blue and copper "dust collectors."

One of my biggest dust collectors is my one of a kind cheese grater/pot rack. I had it hanging over an island from the ceiling in my old kitchen, but this kitchen isn't big enough to use it that way.

Finally, I wanted to show my new bank (see this post), in the same place/position as the one that was stolen from me.

It was odd, as I was taking these photos off my camera, that I realized I still had a Christmas decoration hanging in my dining room. Although I polished this cabinet and removed everything on the table and on top of the cabinet, I failed to realize the little tree was still there. I'm sure I was on autopilot most of the time I was cleaning. It took the photos to actually open my eyes to my oversight.

Speaking of photos, you can see I have only shown three rooms: kitchen, dining/living, and main floor craft room. I have not even shown the bedrooms, office, two baths, or basement.

I hope by now you see I have a LOT of stuff. Way too many rocking horses (about 450), way too many other dust collectors, and way too many books. Some of what I own (and clean) was given to me, so the memories force me to hold onto them. Now I need to keep it all clean, not just clutter free and neat, so I don't have to spend two weeks deep cleaning again until next spring. It's a good thing most of my home is now a craft center. And thanks for taking this two day journey with me. Sorry if this all looks familiar to many long time readers, but your presence is always appreciated!!


13 thoughtful remarks:

Carolyn Dube said...

You have been busy! I think all your "dust collectors" are wonderful!
That Christmas tree helped hold the spirit of the holidays in your home so you could have more cheer, kindness, and a spirit of giving fill your house.

Dianne said...

a visit to your home is always a treat...know what you mean about all the dust collectors. we artists sure accumulate a lot of stuff, because it's all potential "art materials" right?! yep, me too...have a happy day. recover from all that dusting with an art day!

kimmie said...

I like your house - you have lots of natural light!!! I guess the downside to that is that dust is more visible :( ..... Bleubeard is definitely king though) :

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...amazing home you have Elizabeth I'm very impressed with your copper collection, I don't know about America but over here in England just a small sausepan will set you back £100 so your collection would be worth thousands...I wouls sure hate the job of cleaning it though!!...Bleubeard looks like he is master of the home and even if a little shy he didn't do to bad for this photo shoot...Mel :)

miz katie said...

Bluebeard is gorgeous, and your home is, too. This is my first time visiting you, and it's been delightful to have a little tour.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love the color scheme in your kitchen--cobalt blue is such a beautiful color. We have tons (well a lot) of dust collectors, too, but like you they all have sentimental value. Most are kept in a glass enclosed wall unit which still gets surprisingly dusty!

Looking forward to Monday's post!

elle said...

Copper and blue are great together. Great thought to stencil a ceiling! Thanks for the tour.

Linda Manning Findley said...

oh dear you do have lots to keep beautiful but you seem to do it so well .... thanks for letting us see .... Linda F

Terrie Purkey said...

Whoever said Less is More was nuts! I'm definitely in the more is more camp myself and just love all the bits you've shared of your home. That's a pretty extensive copper collection and, of course, your rocking horses. My oh my, they must give you such joy to see them tucked here, there and everywhere. Have a super weekend.

voodoo vixen said...

I have been seriously remiss in not popping by... cleaning and mopping and dusting will do that to me... it sort of takes the joy out of being here!! No probs now though... the house is sold... well, technically I am not allowed to put the SOLD sticker up till they have finance and a home inspection... so keep your fingers crossed for me!! I think its all the 'clutter' and 'dust collectors' that make a home unique and special and I would love to have a really good mooch about in yours!! Love your bank, so glad you managed to find another one!!

sandee said...

I find that in my aging years I can let go of most of my dust collectors, even books that have been handed down to me have been repurposed ( one into an Mermaid AB, lol ), I have found the need to make life more simple and less cluttered, it has taken my 4 downsizings, #5 is coming up June 2nd with a garage sell! It's getting harder to let go of some things, but I am doing it! ....except for my craft room....hmmmm...not ready to go there yet! lol I love all your copper and colbalt blue, and poor Bluebeard getting chased around the house with your camera, lol and 450 rocking horses....speechless! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

May said...

What a lovely post Elizabeth... thank you for allowing us a visit to your lovely home!!love all your copper just fab.. it was nice to see bluebeard.. even though he did try his best to avoid us!! (bless him) all your hard work has paid off lovely home!! Hugs May x x

~*~Patty S said...

Fun seeing the photos of your welcoming rooms E!
Blue will always be a popular color with me...all shades have always spoken to me.
Your kitchen ceiling certainly was an ambitious project with wonderful results too with your other copper accents = very nice!!!
Your Bleubeard is such a part of it all too = brings to mind the words "warm and fuzzy" ;)