Saturday, May 19, 2012

All work and no play makes Elizabeth a dull girl

So with that thought in mind, my friend Sally and I headed for the Art and Book Fair at one of the larger venues in Wichita, Kansas last Saturday. Obviously, this is a scheduled post, since I'm gone. As we got to Century II (not sure where Century I is--grin),

we got to see the old Thunderbirds and Jaguars and Triumphs, and other old cars that were gathered

on the terrace.

Unfortunately, there were so many people milling around, it was impossible to get a good photo of the cars. And since Sally is not interested in old cars, she headed for the art,

while I held back a bit to take a photo of this and

this. You can see Sally has turned around wondering where I am.

Everything started out fine. I was walking through the exhibits and taking in the art,

while Sally was looking at the jewelry, something that has never interested me.

We hadn't gone more than half an aisle when I discovered these old post office box fronts turned into banks. I had owned one of these years ago. I bought it at the Tulsa (OK) May Day Fair, but it was stolen from me after I moved to Wichita. I was heartbroken at the time because I had special ordered it with the number I wanted and everything. It had taken weeks to get it to me. I realized that both Sally and Kathy (my friend who lives in another town and loves to shop) had given me money for my birthday. Granted, I had spent the money on groceries and cat litter, but I decided I really wanted one of these banks.

And that's when things went to heck in a hand basket.

It took awhile to get the bank I wanted, because there were so many choices. After I bought the bank, I asked the guy who made them if I could take his photo, especially since he

didn't have a web site. Odd how some of these artisans don't have that ability to tout their wares.

But as I mentioned, it was about this time that Sally decided she was sick. Now we had only been there about twenty minutes, but she was ready to go. Not sure why, because she admitted to me on Monday that she went back on Sunday and bought one of the banks for herself. Of course, hers was much bigger than mine, but I wanted the one I bought because it was similar to the one I had before. And why this bothered her is beyond me, because I wait patiently for her to buy $90.00 top sheets and other things when we go shopping. But decided she did that she was ready to go and when she is ready to go, well, all I can say is that's the hazard of riding with someone.

Sally said she was heading to the car, and I told her I would catch up with her, especially since I know how slowly she walks. I was on a mission to see more of the art. I was fascinated by these copper twirlers, but had to keep moving.

I didn't want to miss the color,

the variety,

and the uniqueness of some of the items.

I snapped shots as I walked the aisles,

taking in as much as I could. I remembered this lady from the previous year. She has a no-kill cat and dog farm in Missouri she supports with her art. I remember asking her if she had heard of Bernie Berlin, and was surprised she had not, especially since she calls her art "mixed media."

This guy has been to every show I've been to, and all his art is hand drawn.

Those cats were colorful and I would have loved to have stopped to admire them, but there was no time.

As I turned one corner, I remembered this artist from the Herb Show. I even took a similar photo.

I was really fascinated by this artist's bicycles, but didn't take time to get a card. I would have loved to know if s/he had a web site, but didn't get the name of the booth or the artist.

As I was leaving, I had to take a photo of those flowers. They were made with boards that looked like the tops of privacy fences. It's amazing what "crafts" people come up with.

One final bit of color and I was out the door. I caught up with Sally long before she reached her car. Sadly, the day was short-lived, but I had a really good time and I reveled in my belated birthday gift I gave to myself. That was worth everything!


11 thoughtful remarks:

Marilyn Rock said...

What an experience - the colors you are right! I love those bicycles! Thanks for sharing this day with us. xxoo

Halle said...

What a nice art fair. I haven't been to one in a long time!!
There is one in my hometown that I always miss. This year I'm putting it on the calendar!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Glad you were able to "replace" your bank even though I know the original was dear to your heart. It looked like a beautiful show--I probably could have spent another half a day browsing the books!

see you there! said...

So glad you got a new to you bank. Looks like a varied and interesting art fair. I like to go to art fairs alone for the most part, I can be really interested in something and my shopping partner may not be. I like to take my time.


sandee said...

Well it was a wonderful picture excursion, and I learned about a new AB artist, went to her website ( although with a name like Bernie, I was expecting a man, lol ) so glad you found one of your postal banks, bummer the first one got stolen, curious about the number you picked ;) Hope your having a good week end with your friend! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Dianne said...

a remarkable number of beautiful photos in a short time! lots of color and great variety...glad you got your little bank, too. it's a good thing to 'treat' ourselves once in a while! if I had been with you, I would take so long that you'd probably have to find a bench to wait on me...(my hubby is pretty patient though, even though I take a long time to get through any exhibit or shopping venue)hope you are having a terrific time!

Corrine at said...

I don't know how you managed to capture so much on your way out the door. Some great stuff there, I would have enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing. Glad you got your bank! xox

~*~Patty S said...

Too bad your excursion turned out to be a bit of a tease...but how nice that got yourself a new post office box!
Thanks for the bird's eye view of some of the offerings there...sometimes going places by yourself gives you the freedom to do what you want when you want :)

Terrie Purkey said...

What a great series of photos - we almost feel like we were at the show with you! I always enjoy going to an art show....people can be so creative. I'm surprised you got to see so much in such a short time - the difference is you didn't get to lazily wander and really absorb the various booths. What a treat to find and be able to replace your bank; we should all be so lucky when wanting to replace something treasured. Thanks so much for sharing your fun day.

And, I read your post about Ed, your friend - sounds like a really fun time and while we've missed you hanging about, we all need some time away from blogging to have fun in real life too! :) Your pond pics are great too - you and your camera have been busy!

Julia Dunnit said...

See, you're a nicer person than me....Sally's sudden need to be gone makes me testy, specially as she summoned up the effort to go back . On the plus side, the bank is fab, what a great idea..persons like me who just love useful 'souvenirs' would love that..., my word, that is a huge and large venue!

Healing Woman said...

I loved seeing this art show. It took me back to my days of hopping in my van and driving all over the country to show my work. I particularly loved the mosaic bust.

A belated Happy Birthday Elizabeth!