Friday, April 27, 2012

A friend's friendly artsy visit

I got some horrible photos when my friend Kathy came to visit on Wednesday. We had made plans to visit several places on my "to-do" list, yet she brought some of her gorgeous pieces she had made from pinning bottles on Pinterest. I had taken the two blue bottles to her a few weeks ago when I visited her, and brought them back to show me how she dressed and altered them. I think she got all her inspiration from Pinterest, but since I'm not a member, I have no idea who she pinned or how closely she followed their ideas. All I really know is this is a horrible out of focus photo.

I had a bit better luck photographing the back side, where you can see the cross and butterfly, which are recurring themes in this vignette. Of course, my favorite is the door knob she turned into a picture stand.

She paid attention to detail and added decorative beads to form a cross on the votive candle holder. I believe she made the pins that are in the salt shaker, too.

Kathy is nothing if not one to overdress a scene.

I thought the addition to the door knob looked like a cross and Kathy thought it reminded her of a peacock feather.

And no matter how many photos I took, I had trouble with the focus.

The second set she brought was made using various cloches. That was one big mirror and really hard to photograph around.

The last piece she brought was a pseudo gum ball machine that held real gum balls. She painted hers red and I thought it was very cute. In fact, I had to compare it

to the one that lives in my living room. Mine actually costs money to retrieve the gumballs.

I was surprised how long it took for Kathy to put these pieces out for display, then how long to wrap them back up so she could take them home. By the way, she offered to give me my choice of the three things she made, but I politely turned her down. This is stuff I could make myself and I don't want it back taking up room at my place. So this seems to be a good stopping point today. I'll show the rest of our day tomorrow.

By the way, even though this is Friday, I am not playing in the IA challenge this week. Those who sign up will be swapping 5 handmade postcards, something that really doesn't interest me. Although I've altered postcards in the past, it is not something I have time to participate in at this time. However, if anyone is interested, you should check out Inspiration Avenue this week. You just have to sign up this week, not have them finished. It looks like there are a lot of people who will be participating, too.

And I'll see you tomorrow with the rest of this story!

7 thoughtful remarks:

Marit said...

I've never seen decorated bottles like that - what a wonderful idea! (*teehee* no, I'm not on Pinterest either)

Nancy said...

These pieces are just beautiful! What a fun "trunk show" Kathy provided.

sandee said...

Does kathy have a blog? If she does would you please, please, please ask her to hook up what she does on Pinterest on my Project Pinterest weekly challenge! We would so love to have someone like her join our little growing group of pinners! I know you don't pin Elizabeth but if you could be so kind to send her my blog and see if she is interested, I sure would appreciate it! ( waving hi from the bird chirping hills of North Carolina :)

voodoo vixen said...

Kathy certainly made some beautiful changes to those bottles and the gumball machine is fab!! I love yours.. it looks like an original? Chris bought me a version at Christmas that has Jelly Bellies in it and it costs you money to get them out... when kids come into the house they aren't interested in the sweets I offer for free, they just want the Jelly Belly beans from the machine!!

Carolyn Dube said...

Those bottles are stunning- so many details! I've tried emailing you but it keeps being kicked back to me- you are more than welcome to put the blog on your sidebar-I'm honored that you want to do that!

~*~Patty S said...

very pretty color and shape glass Kathy chose to looks like she had a lot of fun with them

Happy beginning of the weekend

Sandy said...

Really nice ! What is Pinterest? Your photos look so romantic!