Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tea Tuesday: Celebrating the Stars and Stripes

Today I'm celebrating Independence Day a bit early, but I checked the calendar and it's the final Tuesday before the 4th (which is next Monday). So I'm celebrating a bit early with Kimmie and my tea Tuesday friends

The tea I'm drinking today is Lavender Earl Grey by Tea-Licious. It's actually cold, because I made a pitcher of this loose leaf tea and added a lemon wedge in the cup that promptly floated to the bottom. The irony is, I poured it in an orphan cup, which gives the impression it could be either hot or cold. The flag is in honor of July 4th, a distinctly American celebration. The explosion of color on the plate is reminiscent of fireworks that will be enjoyed that evening.

The vanilla fudge was so warm by the time I finished taking photos, I finally realized how warm the day was. I hope those of you who, like me, live in the northern hemisphere, manage to stay cool today. It's going to be a scorcher!

If the heat and humidity aren't bad enough, my doors will be open much of the day, since my basement art supplies and furniture will finally be returning. So that means if you don't hear from me this morning, it will be late tonight before I come calling.

And please be aware, I still can't leave a comment on blogs with embedded comments and I can't send you an e-mail unless yours is on your blog or profile page. I'm going to repeat this rant message until Blogger, who I've contacted, actually does something about it! And, yes I unchecked the "stay signed in" box over three weeks ago to no avail.

11 thoughtful remarks:

~*~Patty S said...

Lovely Red White and Blue tea...your explosion of color looks delicious too!

Earl Grey and Lavender are both favorites of mine...I had never thought to combine them :)

Wishing you a Happy T and a smooth move...stay cool my friend!

Healing Woman said...

Very colorful and fun tea setting. I'll be working all weekend on our Farmer's Market so every little bit of 4th festivity I can see and experience right now is good.

If you would like me to have my computer guy help you with the problem of embedded comments, just let me know and I'll give you his e-mail address. It sounds like it is clearly a blogger problem though and I know you already have someone to help you.

Dianne said...

wow, fudge! yum...I thought that was confetti on the plate, but the closeup seems to show that it's the colorful plate itself. so fun! enjoy your tea, dear. and don't work too hard organizing! hugs...

kimmie said...

Your 4th of July treat looks yummy :)
And i am so happy for you to finally be unpacking your supplies! It's been a long time!
Enjoy your day! Kimmie

(I know that Nancy's blogger problems were due to a recent windows update she performed. It was a compatibility issue that she was able to fix in her settings. Maybe that helps?)

Jo Murray said...

Love the collection of 4th July stuff. Of course we don't have the same celebration here, and it's COLD. Good luck with Blogger. I had the same prob for a while and found that if I used another browser it worked.

voodoo vixen said...

Oooh look, it's gone all star and stripes... pass the cake!! Yay... E gets her stash back!! It has been a while... you will feel back to normal once it is all back where it should be!!
Oh and summer has arrived here too... 27.7 degrees C this morning and the house is hot!! :)

Terri Kahrs said...

It's NEVER to soon to celebrate "Red, White and Blue", Elizabeth! Love that you've begun your celebrations a bit early. So sorry to hear that you're still experiencing Blogger problems. Hopefully you'll hear from the Blogger people and they can sort it all out for you. Hugs, Terri xoxox

PS Thank you, Dear Friend, for your awesome congratulatory comment! You touched my heart with your sweet words! xoxoxo

Marilyn Rock said...

Love the tea setting and, yes, never too soon to celebrate the 4th of July! xxoo

Suz said...

That looks so yummy! I just did my first tea Tuesday today. What fun!!!

see you there! said...

What a colorful tea you've set for yourself. I can't believe the 4th is so close.


Faerie Moon Creations said...

I love your patriotic tea setting! Quite fun! Hope you have a lovely 4th!!! :)