Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's PIF Day

On the WOYWW anniversary edition, players had the option of making a Pay It Forward gift for the next person in line (or as my British friends call it, in the queue). So over the long holiday weekend at the end of last month, I grabbed a bunch of color washes, along with

an old sheet that originally had paint on it.

After I got the color washes out of the bag, they didn't want to sit upright on the table because the wind was blowing really hard. In fact, I had to keep spritzing the sheet to wet it so it would better accept the color washes.

I finally gave up because the wind was too exhausting. And trying to spray the colors on the sheet strips just became a hopeless mess on my table and me. So here are the strips torn from the bed sheet as they dried on the clothesline.

However, I was pleased with the color in the bed sheet strip I used for my PIF. You can see the background of this piece only got a couple of color wash colors, but that was all I needed. I sewed mostly blues, beiges, and black paper in green thread to compliment the fabric. To the fabric, I sewed these various paper bits, along with a strip of red that worked well as an accent color. I added a picture of some important guy, who I think was King Ferdinand. But I forgot the letters "WOYWW,"

so had to come up with a way to get the acronym on the little quiltlet. Feel free to enlarge any of the photos.

I sewed lots of swirls of variegated beige and brown thread onto layers of dressmakers tissue before I sewed it to the back of the hanging. In order to keep the weight at a minimum to reduce postage fees, I used a colorful fiber for the hanger. Not including the hanger, this piece is approximately 6.5 inches X 8 inches. Nicky, who lives across the pond in England, was my recipient. I'm not sure this is her type or style, but I hope she likes it, none-the-less.

Now it's time to step into my craft room and see what I received from Ohhh Snap. You can see my Kodak camera no longer works because the on/off button fell into the camera and IS NO MORE!!

But I won't let that be a deterrent to showing the PIF I received from Ohhh Snap, who lives on the same side of the pond as me! So where do I begin? I got a lovely WOYWW card with a handmade (by Ohhh Snap) grungeboard easel. I got a lovely and so generous, thoughtful, and kind gift in the form of a rocking horse rubber stamp that I showed during WOYWW yesterday.
Along with the rocking horse stamp, card, and easel, were two, count them: two envelopes for me to open, too (or is that "also?").

I found buttons, animal images, hand spun yarn, a bit of bling, a strip of clear plastic stencil like what was on my lovely card, and a strip of that Tim Holtz film strip I've wanted since forever.

And of course I have to show this gorgeous card with its stenciled village and teeny tiny brads used to attach the "WOYWW." Seems WOYW Wendy's skirt and feet are in better focus than the lovely card, though.

My other camera took pretty lousy photos, except close-ups, which were always good. But the "tulip" in this camera

doesn't work no matter where I point the camera. And that was sad, because my PIF is a piece of sea glass hand crocheted in hand spun yarn. I thought you might have to visit Ohhh Snap to see the real deal that you can barely make out in the photo two photos above this one, until Ohhh Snap

gave me permission to show this photo from her blog. Thanks dear Ohhh Snap for the use of this photo of the sea glass. It is an awesome piece and I'm thrilled I got to show it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the PIF I sent and the PIF I received. Thanks so much for looking at these.

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Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Wow what gorgeous PIF gifts, love them both. Love all the swirls of stitching too, very effective. Tracy x

Halle said...

For as frustrating of time actually dyeing the really turned out great. Love the finished product. As well as the crochet covered sea glass you received. What a unique gift.

Angie in AZ said...

Hey Elizabeth, are the inks permanent if heat set? I mean, do they wash out? Or is there a way to make them permanent if they are not?

Toucan Scraps said...


Steph said...

these turned out great!! E..and a lovely gift too....

Doone said...

ooh I want piffing to last forever - it really IS Christmas everyday at the moment..don't you think?


voodoo vixen said...

Wonderful PIF's in both directions!! I'm with Donna... its like Christmas all the time!!

Lynn said...

What fun you have wind or shine!!! love it all.

~*~Patty S said...

eventho the sheet dying was frustrating your clothesline sure looks happy to me!

Fantastic seeing the details on the PIF you gifted...wonderful details!

Your King Ferdinand reminds me of the Russian King Nicholas (of Nicholas and Alexandra, Rasputin times)'s a wonderful creation...front and back...I {heart}playing with pattern tissue

and what a lovely PIF you received...that sea glass with the woven wrapper is wonderful too!

Ohhh Snap said...

I just love the PiF you made! Well worth putting up with all the wind. I meant to leave a comment yesterday, but people kept calling and expecting me to do things and I kept getting distracted lol. Still tickled pink you're enjoying it all :D.