Friday, July 2, 2010

A new set of signatures for a friend

This is the first set in a two set of signatures that are in the mail. My friend doesn't know they are coming, so NO HALLE, these are not yours. This friend is a doodler, so I suspect these pages will be filled with doodles and zentangles rather than deep thoughts and words of wisdom. I tried to tailor the book to my friend's tastes. I hope my friend likes them. Again, scrapbook paper, painted papers, stuff from my stash, etc. were used. I'll add a few comments as I think they are appropriate. I would not have shown them, but the last two days have been very busy away from home, and I simply didn't have time to get photos off my camera.

First page/cover of first signature.

Tea bag holder became a tag holder.

Love these flowers. They remind me of my friend. Handmade tag in left envelope.

Paper bag used as background. Lots of tag and memo storage.

Paint chip and tea bag holders on right.

Background on right is crayon. I suspect this page will get a photo or something other than doodling.

Secruity envelope from left side flipped back to show hot detail.

Image from an opera on left. Tag pockets on right.

Anaglyptus (raised wallpaper) on left.

I failed to take a photo of the back page, but you get a view of the background by looking at the first photo.

Today's blog came from OWOH (see Previous Collaborations page). In fact, I am running so far behind this morning, I haven't had much of a chance to view more than a couple of pages of Lorraine's blog, aptly named Love of Collage. And I promise, you will love her collages and mixed media art, too. From viewing her sidebar blog list, I see we visit many of the same blogs. I'm surprised we haven't met sooner. I'm sure glad I went today, though. Her art is stunning and her choice of materials is so varied. She also sews, and I mean REAL sewing, not the messes I make. So hop on over to Love of Collage and see some really super eye candy today. Have a great day everyone.

14 thoughtful remarks:

Julia Dunnit said...

Another triumph of an altered book; it must be really hard to give them away! I wonder what's had you so busy - hope everything is fun busy rather than stressful.

Tess said...

Wow, so many pages, so many possibilities...your friend will be delighted!

druga szesnascie said...

I can't express how moved I was to read your entry yesterday about my humble little blog.
thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kind words.
moments like these whisper in my ear: "leave your computer. go create!" :)

oh, and I absolutely love these pages above.
very inspiring!

~*~Patty said...

You are creating like a house a fire E!!!
wonderful wonderful pages AND so many of them too ... making perfectly wonderful gifts!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so so so so loving this........
you make me want to stop blog hopping right this minute and start sewing paper bits together to make another journal! i've been building my desire for days now...and this just might be the last little push to get me going....all of my lace trims are waiting!

i love the clever use of the paper bag!
manilla evelopes work great too!
oooooooh I am so ooooooooooo inspiried!
thank you!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Diane said...

Elizabeth, these are just wonderful!! This will surely be appreciated--just amazing!

Marilyn Rock said...

WOW is all I can say and what a fortunate friend to receive this! The pages are amazing!

FlipSyde said...

Beautiful! Your friend will be so moved that you went to such effort!

Steph said...

These pages are awesome, Liz....My motto- "thrash to treasure"....these are gems......

ben... MinnieM... mais toute seule... said...

This is such a good idea ! I love it !

Lorraine said...

great layered varied pages with plenty to see..thanks very much for your great comments and link to my blog..have a good 4th July weekend..

Brian K said...

Oh these pages are so wonderful and rich! I am sure the new recpient will love them! Made by hand with so much care and thought! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Melinda Cornish said...

Lorraine is awesome....we have been blogger friends for a long time....she makes a whole lot of stuff!
I love the journal....someone is just going to adore it....

Marlynn said...

Oh, man, Elizabeth, these pages are just too COOL. You have certainly out done yourself - OR, just getting started! LOL. Love them...... You are inspiring me since I now have to start another project putting together some notebooks. Thank you, my muse!