Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Follow up on a few things

Remember the post where I asked for help in naming this ATC? Did you think I forgot? Well, I didn't. I wanted to show that I got the image from Patty's blog and this specific link. You can see how she used it, too. Although it was a freebie, I got permission from Patty to use it in the swap.

I started with deli paper I painted awhile back. Now I'm glad I didn't stamp all over it. It made the perfect background without added clutter. At first I printed the ones on the left, then realized I should have only used just the angel and headstone, because Photoshop sized it too small when I printed 8 at a time (thanks to Halle, who told me how to do it). I don't like using different images for my swap items, but I'm a waste-not-want-not kind of gal and photo paper isn't cheap. So, three people will get the one on the left and 8 will get the one on the right. I kept one of the original (left side) ones, too.

I read and reread all the comments from those of you who gave suggestions. I really loved the ones that were humorous, especially Melissa's "Now you bring me flowers." You have no idea how close I came to using it. I also started to combine a couple, especially the ones from Pat and Marlynn. But they were all good. Just not what I was wanting to convey. Had I not locked myself to the image, had I not locked myself into the idea that was swirling in my head, had I gone with something from dear Carol Anne's freebies, I might have chosen one of these wonderful sayings. Instead, I wrapped my hands around my posterior and punted.

Since so many of you offered sayings and I didn't use any of them, I will have a giveaway. All those who sent sayings will be entered. Originally, I looked to Bleubeard, but he was sleeping. Then I thought, since my art friend Dana will be here today, I would have her draw one name. I'll post the name tomorrow. And thanks to you all. I appreciate it, and have not forgotten you.

Another thing I didn't forget is to post my February dress that I previewed yesterday. I will do that as soon as I know where to add it on Margaret's blog linky. It is nearly finished and I should have it finished today (hopefully).

Early this morning, I made this 4 X 4 honoring the Saints and their Super Bowl win. Duane issued a Super Bowl challenge on ABC and I made this. I'm NOT a stamper, both of these stamps had never been used before. In fact, the fleur de lis was the first stamp I ever bought. It is foam and I got it on deep clearance. I used gold fluid acrylic on the fleur de lis, waited for it to dry, then stamped the statue of liberty over it in black ink. I should have used Staz-on, but didn't want to mess with the cleanup. As it was, the plain old black dye ink stained the stamp and it is no longer a pretty pink! It was also a very hard stamp to stamp with. It has rounded edges that have part of the stamp impression in them. The stamp kept wanting to rock back and forth. The image on the stamp was WAY off from the actual location of the rubber, too. It is from Emerald City Rubber, a company I've never heard of, but again, I'm not a stamper.

This is really all I did yesterday. I started the dress I made in the previous post. I cut it to size and added a jacket pattern, then auditioned various papers for it. I eliminated the toile printed tissue because it was too beige for the lace, which I knew I was going to use in some way.

While the iron was getting hot, I cut the lace to size, then used some 7-Gypsies fabric-and-paper-ink to color the rest of it. I got the ink at Mrs. O'Leary's for only $0.50 on Saturday. I also got some in dark blue for the same price. I just LOVE the clearance room! The pattern on the lace really shows up with the rose ink. I also left a tiny bit of white in case I need some already prepped white in the near future.

Next, I cut the middle from the jacket front. After ironing the lace to both pieces, I went about the assembly process. I was glad I thought about how the hanger was going to be hidden while I was dreaming up the design and making patterns.

I bet those of you who follow my blog were asking where my "blog of the day" was in my early morning post. Since these Dress Up projects are linked to a specific post, they will not have a blog listed on them, just like blogs that are part of OWOH won't be used, either.

Today's blog is full of color and whimsy. I bet Dana will love the babushkas created by Tascha Parkinson of Time with Tascha. Her art is completely different from mine, and that is what makes it so unique and appealing. So go and enjoy some of those little babushkas!

5 thoughtful remarks:

ooglebloops said...

Your ATC's are perfect - and you chose the right saying (even tho it wasn't mine_LOL)
The little dress in the other post is darling also!!!

Terri Kahrs said...

Even though you didn't use any of our sayings, your choice was perfect! And now we have a chance at a giveaway!!! Yay! Just have to say (again) that I love that little lacy dress! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Your ATC's turned beautifully and the saying you chose was perfect. I still love, love, LOVE that background- for me, it's that extra touch that pulls the entire composition together in both cases.
Happy Thursday!

Marlynn said...

Elizabeth - I LOVE the quote you selected. Your creation is wonderful, moving, and oh so beautiful! You are one special artist!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

your valentine ATCs certainly speak to my heart ... they are perfect!