Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Hand AB spreads

Those of you who regularly follow my blog, or have seen my other ABs (links in sidebar), know that I use a lot of magazine images. These two spreads were created because I'm looking for more ways to incorporate these magazine images in my books, while keeping the pages looking fresh. Sometimes I feel like I'm simply going through the motions of filling pages of this book, simply to get it finished, especially when the book is nearly complete. That's why I'm really trying to be creative with my spreads.

For some reason, I couldn't come up with a title for this spread. I gave up trying, hoping that someone will come up with something catchy that I can add at the top. As you can see, I got my punches out for this one. The circles were "painted" using a Krylon gold leafing pen, which doesn't scan well, no matter how good the scanner. Also, if you click on the image, you'll see what looks like dust or dirt on the scan, but it is in the paper. I cleaned the scanner, brushed off the page, then rescanned, and those spots were still there.

I call this one "She did." While I had the punches out, I got a bit carried away on this piece that sits to the right of the one above. The background is gesso, the papers are leftovers. The dark purple (outside) and grey patterned circles (inside) are from scraps of an old Mead hanging folder.

Today's blog spotlights Lisa at Mudhound Studios. Are you ready to be blown away? Just check out Lisa's contribution to the Pulp Redux project. To think this is her first ever AB makes it even more impressive. Lisa's entire blog is like that: full of impressive and jaw dropping art!

2 thoughtful remarks:

Lisa said...

Elizabeth, thank you so much for your kind remarks and for highlighting my blog today! Your studio is really much space!

Marlynn said...

Elizabeth, I really like both spreads and since I started following your blog, I too, have gather up all the images I have cut out of mags and catalogues. When I first glanced at your image of the I phone - I thought of "The moving finger...." and also "Taps"
Stay warm.....