Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two single spreads in my Hands AB

I am trying to finish my Hands AB. I would have loved to say it was finished by (or before) the new year, along with my Altered Recipes, but that isn't going to be the case. However, I was able to create two more single pages in my Hands AB that I am tentatively calling finished.

I had two of these same magazine images, so cut one up and added dimensional foam on the back of three puzzle pieces. I was surprised when I looked at the scan that the pieces didn't appear to stand up farther than they did. They are quite dimensional in person. Two of the pieces are in the hands/arm, the other is in the second row right, which is part of the building. I colored and added two large puzzle pieces to contrast with the main image. The background is a napkin.

The background for this page is scrapbook paper. Although it is similar in color to some I used in my Fornasetti spread, that's where the similarity ends. This paper is heavy and hard to work with, unlike the soft, almost tissue quality of the other. I also used a magazine image (yep, it's the same one I used to create this spread. I simply found another ad), buttons, and alphabet stickers.

And finally, I started this spread by laying down an old X-ray using Twist & Glue. There is a lot of reflection in this, as you can see from the yellow Twist & Glue reflection. After I adhered the X-ray, I added buttons using the same glue. When the glue dries and the buttons are sturdy, I will be doing more to this page.