Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This story in my Hands AB

I spent a great deal of time a few days ago on this page, then even more time (or so it seemed) trying to figure out how to get the flash off my camera. In fact, that was the focus of yesterday's post. When I finally did get the flash off, I was even more disappointed than viewing the faded, washed out pictures I had taken before this one.

Ah, finally! I set my camera for "cloudy day" (who knew there were so many settings on these cameras) and got a far better shot.

What I really wanted was an extension page, one where I added a page to the end of one page. For this side, I removed a page from my AB and continued the silver, turquoise, and terracotta color scheme I started on the two pages already in the book. Please click on the pages, because they are some I really like.

Although anything not on the table is in darkness, I had no problem with that, because all I wanted to show was the other side of the extension. I'm not sure what I'll add to that, but it will have to have something to do with lending a hand when it is open and the story or image on the other side when it is closed.

Materials I used were a red Zig pen, punches, stencil, and a magazine image.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Donna: said...

I really like the blue and silver colors. So glad you and the camera are getting along now. :) Your layout is great as usual.

Seth said...

It is great to get a glimpse of the whole book here. And this spread, with the fold out, is really beautiful.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Wonderful feature to add to your book E, looks great! I had hoped to do that on one of my Dec journal spreads too.
You're so right about all of the features on equipment these days! I use the tiny portion of them to get what I need!