Monday, November 9, 2009

An amazing blogoversary giveaway

Lynn, over at Trash to Treasure Art is having the most incredible and generous blogoversary giveaway I've seen. Below are only a few of the photos she allowed me to use from her blog of the many gifts she is giving away. You can sign up until the 18th.

Talk about a gifted artist. When you go to her blog, be sure to check out the 33 (unless I counted wrong) publications she has contributions in. Talk about PUBLISHED!

Please be aware that all photos are by Lynn, and were not taken by me, nor did I make any of these beautiful pieces. One of the pieces she is offering is a handmade cold cast metal necklace.

Here is a lovely charm bracelet, and

a vintage inspired wall hanging. But these are only a few of the offerings that Lynn allowed me to use.

Please check out her blog (and be prepared to stay awhile), then let her know you were there and that Bleubeard and Elizabeth sent you.

And in case I didn't make myself clear before, these photos belong to, and were taken by Lynn, not me.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Mar said...

what great gifts
anyone lucky enough to receive will be pleased!

Lynn Stevens said...

oh what a wonderful write up! Thank you so much for posting my giveaway. I have entered you twice.
It looks as if there will be alot more gifts by the 18th! Best of luck and thank you for your sweet words!
hugs Lynn

Debrina said...

Ahh I make me laugh. I see "blog giveaway" and I'm there like a shot!

PS. I'm glad you like Ms JafaBrit. Hard case isn't she just!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Lynn IS such a talent and a generous blogger! Thanks for letting us know about her giveaway Elizabeth!