Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tape and magazine images backgrounds

I'm hosting a background swap on ABC and wanted to try at least one new background for this swap. I'll make a proper tutorial when I move the backgrounds to another blog later in the year.

Substrate (I used 140 lb card stock)
Magazine images torn into strips
Alternately, you can use old maps, ugly scrapbook paper, or book pages.
Masking tape (I used 2" permanent so I could tear it easily)
Glue of your choice (I used UHU Glue Stik)
Fluid acrylics, colors of your choice
Foam brush (or brush of your choice)

1. Tear strips of magazine images into various widths.
2. Tear masking tape in various widths the same length as your magazine images. Use only the permanent tape, not the type that peels away easily.
3. Alternate magazine images with the masking tape, leaving some empty spots for the card stock to show through. Trim any excess from the ends.

4. Beginning with the lightest color fluid acrylic, begin laying it down on the sheet.
5. While still wet, and without changing or cleaning your brush, add a second and then third color. Be sure to cover the entire piece.
6. Use a metallic gold for the final color.
7. Dry flat.
8. OPTIONAL: Seal with your favorite spray sealer.
8. When dry, cut to size or use as is.

Here is a second sheet I started. As you can see, I have not trimmed the ends of the piece yet. It is easiest to turn the sheet over and trim from the back.

I'm not sure if it was my masking tape, but when I colored it, it looked like it cracked and left a wonderful texture.

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Anonymous said...

This looks like such fun and a good way to use old magazines instead of trhowing them away. Like the colors you used too.


leaflizard said...

Love the texture and colors!

Carolyn Dube said...