Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Starting even more projects

I've been working in my yard, trimming trees, bushes, and my bamboo every chance I get for the past several days. I spent over half the day yesterday (Tuesday) cutting the wood to cure so it could go in my chiminea and chopping down sucker trees that started growing around my fences. By 2:00 pm, it had started to sprinkle and I was ready for a break.

I kept two small sucker trees, one oak, one maple, to press their leaves. I also got some of the books I got for "babysitting" on Sunday. There were over 20 in the set, and they are so heavy, I can move only a few of them at a time. I originally planned to use them to press the leaves, then decided they would make better presses than holders. So I got out my trusty phone book and went to town.

First I removed all the oak leaves and wound the branch into a pleasing shape. Then I placed them in the phone book.

I did the same with the maple leaves, but this branch was straight, so I left it. Next I added those to the phone book.

Finally I placed the three books on top and a very heavy tape dispenser on top of everything. By this time, I was tired and hungry, my muscles screaming to sit down and rest. It was nearly 3:00 pm and I had not really accomplished much art.

Instead of fixing a meal, I went to the basement and made several polymer clay pieces from a mold. I thought I could eat while the clay was cooking.

Although I could have easily gotten more pieces on the tray, I needed the yellow pieces for a spread I was making, so I placed them in the dedicated toaster oven and went upstairs to fix a salad, cottage cheese, and a slice of pineapple. By this time, I could barely stand. I should know I need to keep moving if I want to stay moving.

After the polymer clay cooled, I managed to get two spreads finished for a book I'm making for a friend. I only have 14 more spreads to go. I will have to speed up the pace or the book won't be finished in time to make the deadline. How I managed to take until nearly 2 am (yep, in the morning) to get to this point, I have no idea.

Right now I'm so sore, I almost didn't try to get the photos off the camera. I am off to soak in a hot, hot tub of bubble bathand bath salts (more is better tonight), then get some sleep. Tomorrow (oops, I mean today) will be a better day.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

Is there anything you don't work on? Such a wide range of projects you offer us each day. Thank you for your inspiration.


~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Your hot soak sound wonderful and well deserved!
Don't work too hard lady!
Love that you're pressing the leaves, I'm sure they just looked so good, you knew exactly what you had to do with them!