Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lima beans

I thought it was time to get back to my altered recipe book when I was putting away my leftover seeds and found this empty lima bean packet and another one I will be playing with soon. I began by stamping the image in gold pigment ink and adding gold embossing powder (ep). I learned a vital lesson here: don't emboss a detail stamp. It doesn't work. To rework it, I first reheated the ep and tried to stamp the image again in the molten ep. That only gave me the image of the eye and nothing else. Next I got out some green dye ink and tried to stamp over the gold ep. That didn't show up at all! So I got out the "big guns" and used my black Staz-On. This time the image showed a bit better.

I was now ready to decorate the page, but how to do it. I first considered adding buttons to one or two of the corners, then questioned why that would work. As I was going through my stash, I remembered that lima beans need to climb, so I got out some of my wooden Starbucks stirrers and colored them using my gold Krylon pen to match the image. I then made a frame and faux lattice for the beans. I started to get more detailed with the lattice, but every combination either covered the words, the image, or the picture too much, so I decided less was more for this spread. This is one image that is definitely prettier in real life. Please click on the image to see the detail.

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Anonymous said...

Great tip. Like how you reuse everything.