Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy EARTH Day, Happy Birthday, Basement Sneak Peek

Yesterday was supposed to be our first play date, formally dubbed "We 3 Art" by Kathy. However, I had no water, thanks to the City turning it off before Dana and Kathy arrived. So, since it was my day to host, I asked them to bring their calendars and a notebook so we could decide what each of us would "teach/host" in the upcoming months.

Although I had hot tea, coffee, muffins, and a kitchen table ready for us, Kathy and Dana would probably prefer a place where water flowed freely.

These were my current projects and my notebook. Now all I needed was for the gals to show up.

I gave Kathy a gift for her birthday, which was April 11. Here she's opening it. I wrapped it in layer after layer of dress pattern tissue and tied it with colorful fibers. Now she has a gift within a gift.
In addition to the other ATC I made for Kathy, I made this one from more of my Tyvek paper. She loves Da Vinci, so this one was right up her alley.

After opening my gifts (which I failed to take photos of), we went to the basement for the big reveal.

I welcomed them both with this sign on my white board that I propped up on my work bench.

Dana commented that Kat's name was first, so I changed the sign. I was more than willing to give them "equal billing."

Here is Kathy standing next to the dehumidifier that takes up a large portion of the room. Since the fans and dehumidifier will be leaving later in the week, I decided to wait to show the basement reveal until all the heavy machinery was out of the basement. I couldn't get a single good photo where the equipment wasn't partly blocking the view.

At least Dana and Kathy were able to make their way around the machines.

And that was where I stopped taking photos. Don't ask why. I took my camera with me, but failed to take a single photo all day. Guess I was just not thinking. It really was a day to rest and "veg out," at least for me. I hope to have the equipment out of the basement before the weekend, so you'll be able to see what Dana and Kathy got to see yesterday.

5 thoughtful remarks:

Cindy McMath said...

Happy Birthday to you dear Elizabeth, Happy Birthday to you...

Cindy :)

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Elizabethhhhhh
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu!
Brightest of Blessings Always!

Dianne said...

must be wonderful to have art friends over to play! hope you had a great time together and lots of laughter!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth. I hope that your day was every bit as special as you are.

Kathy L said...

Happy belated Birthday. Hope you had a blast. Can't wait to see the finished basement!