Thursday, March 5, 2009

Basement update: primed and trimmed

I realize I said I wasn't going to post any more photos of the basement until it was painted, but it has changed so much since the last time I posted, I thought I would document the changes that have been made.

This is what I see from the door. The gaping hole that protruded before has been replaced with two shelves that have magnet backs. Pretty snazzy and I already have plans for the added space that I can now access.

Here is a photo of the west wall. Once only a gap, it is now completely covered and primed. The base trim has already been installed, too.

A view of the south wall where my work bench once resided. You can see where they've repaired the concrete wall in preparation for painting.

Here's a photo of the north west corner showing the new drop down door that provides access to my whole house shut-off valve. It too has a knob and is held in place with a magnet. The original cover had screws you had to remove to access the shut-off valve. Not the best idea when you are covered in water.

It's pretty obvious from this photo that they have yet to scrape and prime the floor for painting. Also, note the soffit does not have that ugly popcorn/cottage cheese ceiling it had before. YEA!!!
Ta-DA!!! My new shelves. This is space I had before that wasn't functional. This is wonderful.

Here are the shelves in reference to the entry door and hall. You can see the trim has been added everywhere,

including the closet door. I'm so happy that the shelves only show from the north wall and not from the west side of the room where I shot this photo.

Remember the mess they found on this wall when the packers removed the furniture? There is no evidence of it now.

One thing I noticed was how much brighter it was in the basement with just the primer on the walls. I can't wait till I get the high gloss white everywhere. Yep, that's the color I chose, so it will blend in with all my "stuff" and not detract from the array of goodies that will be on display since I don't have doors to hide my supplies.

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Halle said...

It looks awesome. You were so smart to have the shelves put in that little space.