Friday, November 28, 2008

Another page for Cris's book

Possibly my favorite so far, this one has several layers. I began with the file folder that had the word "confidential" on it, then added the magazine image (pink strip with the F). To this I added a tape transfer of an old phone. Next I added a scrap from a book and the ledger scrap that I wrote the sentiment on. Next came the legs, and finally the bits of paint. The cost? Glue and paint. The transfer was made from old clear contact paper that was given to me years ago. The rest was scraps or magazine images.

The back story to this page is, Cris often calls me when she's taking her evening walks. We talk until she gets home.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Dianne said...

Oh, so the layers and that it has extra meaning to you and Cris...hope you had a lovely holiday!

Mary said...

*Love* this page Elizabeth.I can see why it is your favorite so far. I think it is wonderful that yor friend calls you whilse she is taking her walks. :)