Thursday, September 4, 2008

Art day and birthday celebration

My art friend Cris came by today and we celebrated her birthday. Yep, she got one of my quiltlets for her birthday.

After a lunch I made of eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, and basil from my garden (guess I could share the recipe some time), I wanted to try a new technique I had read about several months ago on ABC. I can't remember who told us about it, and for that I apologize, but it sounded so simple and easy.
Supplies for this technique are, from left to right: various book pages, card stock, distress ink reinkers, water in a spritzer bottle, heat resistant craft sheet.
I put one drop of two colors (walnut stain and blue jeans) in three places. Later, I learned this was way too much ink and you only need ONE drop of ink at a time.
Next, I spritzed each drop with water. Again, way too much water and ink.
This was the fifth piece I dropped into the mess I made on the craft sheet. I had already put four pages from books on the dye/water concoction and ink was dripping on everything, including my camera. I finally grabbed the card stock and started "sopping" up the ink. A funny thing happened about that time. Brown and blue turned a muddy green.
So the next time around, I placed ONE drop only on the craft sheet and three spritzes. I used a paint brush to push the dye/water mix around. Cris only wanted one color, so she suggested blue.
This was my favorite piece. I made it using the tiny splotches left on the craft sheet after each time I colored a page. I kept turning the page until I got everything colored.
Cris took time out to take a call while making her magnets. You can see some of the pages I made using this technique.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to experiment further using book pages and this technique because we needed room in my tiny craft space to make Cris's 48 magnets. However, there's always another day.

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48 Magnets? 48? Whew!