Monday, November 23, 2015

T Stands For (not Thanksgiving) Time with Kathy

It might seem appropriate to have a Thanksgiving post for T this week, but since my dear friend Kathy surprised me with a visit last week, it was only appropriate that I share T time with her visit.

So did you guess what this was that I altered in PS?

Nope, not this one, but it IS for those of you who prefer tea.

You're getting closer, because this would be my choice.

I actually chose this one to alter.  After many, many layers it eventually turned into the dots and dashes you see in the first photo above.

Many of you saw this photo of Kathy I shared on Day 22 of Art Every Day MonthShe had parked a bit close to the canvas that framed the outdoor dining 

at Avivo, a favorite pizza place of mine.

A customer about to leave, stopped and asked Kathy if it was her birthday because I was busy taking photos of her.  She explained I do this all the time and it seems I always have my camera in my hand.

I showed Kathy the brick pizza oven while the chef was busy creating an order for another customer.

Soon ours were in the oven and we watched as they went in.  I failed to take a photo until after they were in, though.

Kathy thought I should not take so many photos, but I simply had to get one of her meat lover's pizza.  I didn't take a photo of mine, because I had the veggie lover, which many of you have seen in photos from here before.  Although this was the first time Kathy had been here, she really liked the pizza.  And I love it because it's a thin crispy crust.  I simply can't appreciate the crusts that are thick with bread dough.

It's now T time and time to share your T post.  The rules are simple.  Any drink related post is welcome.  Art, including hybrid, digital, or traditional in an AB, journal, scrapbook page, tag, moo, or whatever is acceptable.  A movie, postcard, or book relating to a drink is acceptable, too.  Of course, photos of a mug, cup, teapot, or just a trip out and about like my post today can be linked. Be sure your link goes directly to your T post and not to your blog in general.  And feel free to link to other challenges, too, although I ask that you please link to my blog as well.  Bleubeard would like to remind you that your photos may be taken any time, not just on Tuesday.

Today is Day 24 of Art Every Day Month, or AEDM, where I created a link for T Stands For Tuesday.

Once again, I'm in awe of all the art I'm seeing this month, as well as the overwhelming love I"m feeling from those who leave comments.  I really appreciate your support.

23 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like you had another fun day out with Kathy, and enjoyed your Pizzas. I must confess I like the thin ones, but I much prefer the thick dough crusts - tastes are different! Love the fun alteration you made with the coffee tin! It's very late here, and it's time for bed, so I'll wish you a good night and a happy T day, dear Elizabeth! Hugs, Valerie

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm with you on the thin crust pizza most of the time, but I admit I like a good sicilian style pizza if it is done right!I did see all your previous posts where you and Kathy swapped gifts-love the rocking horse jacket! You also got some good standard supplies to keep you going on your shopping trip. Happy T Day! (and thanks for the Keep Calm sign because you know I only drink Tea)

Denise Price said...

It looks like you and Kathy had a great time. What a fun outing. I love that kind of pizza place where you can choose your own pizza and have it cooked right there. I have this silly thing that I do when I go to pizza places like that, and one of my friends says that I should write a blog post about it. Maybe it will be a future T-Day post. (Sorry, now you are in suspense...)

For this week, my post is about happy surprises. Have a good T Day, and thanks for organizing these link-ups every week!!! said...

You guys (above) are loving the pizza but I am loving that cool coffee/friends stamp. I am a coffee drinker mostly.....but for the record I like think crust pizza. And isn't having a play date with a friend fun? My favorite thing to do. This is only my second week playing along with the T is for Tuesday postings but it was sure fun last week. And I am asking an important (to me) question on my blog this week if anyone cares to give me their thoughts. Happy Tuesday!

johanna said...

oh, we share the same Pizza taste... thin crust, anything else is not Pizza;) it is nice how you can watch the making here.
not for my live i would have guessed that first Picture. of course first i thought it would be ice on the window of your car, as winter (at least here) is on the front door. i hope it won´t be slippery with ice so often, as this prevents me from Walking.
have a nice week, elizabeth!

froebelsternchen said...

I like both - the thin and the thick crust -lol-
( I make the dough always by my own and I like it not too crusty)
We call the thick crusts American Pizza --
but last week I got it much too hard... terrible - I gave the super hard edges to the dogs and as they bite them - it sounded like they would munch very hard dog chew
The pizza was much to long in the oven I guess...
not everything can succeed always- that's life.
Great that you liked your pizzas there. Looks nice at this resataurant!
Happy T-DAY Elizabeth - I see you started digital alteration as well! That's super!

Lisca said...

Yumm! That looks like a really nice pizza. That's the ay I like it too: thin and cripy.
Don't orry about taking too much photos. You can never have too much photos. For someone in Europe it is fascinating to see how you live.
For instance, I wouldn't call that a brick oven. That is a supadupa modern oven with brick around it. It obviously bakes lovely pizzas.
I will take a picture of an old fashioned European oven the next time we have pizza. It is round and built of bricks of course, and built deep into the wall. The baker puts the pizzas in (and takes them out)on a long palette.
Your altered stamp is interesting. I probably would prefer the original....
Have a great Tday!
PS When is it Thanksgiving? (I know it is November, but not what day. Is it the same day every year or is it celebrated on a certain weekend of November?)

Halle said...

Those are really nice stamps and totally appropriate for T day! Glad you and Kathy had a good time!

Linda Kunsman said...

Isn't it amazing what one can do to alter a photo ? I would not have guessed how it started! Glad you shared your lovely time with Kathy, and I would LOVE the veggie pizza:) Happy T day and a happy Thanksgiving too!

Sami said...

I seem to carry my camera with me all the time too, just a blogger thing I think! Lovely that you had fun with your friend Kathy.

Divers and Sundry said...

I can see why that's a go-to pizza spot for you. Like you I prefer the veggies, but I wouldn't turn down a slice of that meat-lovers pizza :) It looks wonderful! Sounds like y'all had a fun outing.

Darla said...

Like the stamps and what you did with the original is interesting. I know nothing about digital art or the process you went through. Nice that you and Kathy went out for lunch. I like places where you can watch the food prep and see the big brick oven.

jinxxxygirl said...

Kathy is looking at you like 'PLEeeaasse stop taking pictures...' lol That pizza looks wonderful! Happy tday! Hugs! deb

Dianne said...

Oh my, that pizza looks so delicious... Love those beverage-related stamps too!! so nice that you and Kathy are able to get together...Happy Thanksgiving dear friend! ♥

Lorraine said...

what a huge pizza oven and pizza

Maron said...

Isn't it nice that we have such tolerant friends? lol Fun post.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love these pics of your pizza feast with Kathy! It's Thin and Crispy for me too - roasted Veggie topping!! I had hoped to join you but we have just got back from the caravan and not feeling too bright!! I hope to visit your other posts later when I have eaten! Hugs, Chrisx

Meggymay said...

Loved the photos of you delicious Pizza meal. The stamps you have with the tea and coffee quotes look awesome.
Yvonne xx

Ariel said...

Elizabeth, that delicious looking pizza is making me hungry. We have pizza for dinner today and I love thin crust too-:)
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Not ever would I have guessed your textured painting started as a sign. Very cool. Another something new I've learned today from the Creative EveryDay link up. I'll come back one day and link up to your meme. I like the theme.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

dawn said...

Happy belated T Day!! How cute and fun those stamps are!! I am laughing so hard now, funny how someone would stop and ask about the photos. TOO FUNNY!!! Some people just don't get us that love taking photos of everything, especially related to T Day.
The pizza looks yummy, nice place too, we have a place like that in our town now.
Thanks for sharing this funny and yummy post!

NatureFootstep said...

I thought it was a cat but I don´t know.

Love your comment of my Flax painting :) I never been to art school so I don´t know much about it. But I liked the comparison :)

My name is Erika. said...

Love your stamp images. I'm a tea person, but that pizza looked so delicious-not that it has anything to do with tea, but yum.