Monday, May 5, 2014

T Stands for Halli-Day Tea

It's Cinco de Mayo and that means it's my dear friend Halle's birthday.  And I'm celebrating both today.  Of course, my cup runneth over with candle goodness that I'm not lighting until later in the year.  Why, you ask?  It was 102 F here yesterday (about 39 C for my metric friends) and the thought of adding more heat in the house is not going to happen for awhile.

Some of you may remember that my dear friend Sally gave me a card for my birthday where she scratched out the word cake and wrote the word pie.

The irony of this is, I wouldn't have gotten this pie had it not been for Sally.  She is in the hospital and I have been visiting every day.  I bought this pie to bring home from the hospital cafeteria today so I could celebrate with Halle.  And celebrate I will, candle and all.

I'm also celebrating Cinco de Mayo with this page I've made for my 7 Continents altered book (AB), which I call possibly the longest running unfinished AB project on record.

The flag of Mexico hides a message.

Some of you will note that I didn't spell Halle correctly, but it goes better as Halli-Day, and it phonetically tells you how to pronounce her name.

Here is a final closeup of my homage to Cinco de Mayo.

What will you share (or drink) today?  Will it be to honor Cinco de Mayo, or simply to show some art or something else drink related.  Remember, photos don't have to be taken on Tuesday, and you can share anything as long as you can relate it back to something drink related, as I did today with my new tea cup candle.  Please link below, and wish Halle a happy Cinco de Mayo.  After all, the 5th of May is her birthday.

25 thoughtful remarks:

Crystal Komara said...

Hi Elizabeth and happy "Halle" Day! What a good friend you are for sharing it with us all! I have seen those food themed candles locally and they are so neat, but I could never burn one!! Hope it gets cooler for you soon!

Denise Price said...

Happy birthday to Halle and Happy Cinco de Mayo to all! I like your altered book page; it looks very festive. I hope that Sally is okay and will be out of the hospital soon.

Rita said...

I hope Sally is going to be okay?
Happy birthday to Halle!
I don't think I've ever been here this early (Monday night), but won't be posting mine till tomorrow, of course. I'll say Happy T-Day early, though. :):)

Unknown said...

You are a sweet friend to many people - near and far - I do hope Sally is ok - I know she's your true blue friend through thick and thin - as you are for her

Rebeca Trevino said...

i often can see from your posts that you are a good friend to many people.
they are blessed to have you in their lives.

happy cinco de mayo E!
and happy tuesday.

Ariel said...

Dear Elizabeth missed your blog the last couple weeks as I was away in India. Hope your dear friend Sally is okay? Birthday Wishes to Halle.
Wishing you a great week.

Nic said...

Did you make the teacup candle?

I used to a long time ago... when I helped my mum run craft groups.

Nikki D xx

dawn said...

Happy Birthday Halle!! I'm sorry to hear Sally is in the hospital, hope she is ok. What a good friend you are to visit, I'm sure she loves that!!
WOW, it was that hot there, I didn't think you'd get that much warmer then us. We are actually cold again, winter coats and gloves back out. Cold dark cloudy days now. sigh...
That pie looks so good and your page is awesome!!

Thanks for the visit to my Hello May page! I'm linked up today with a small post, best I could do with the busyness right now.

Have a great day and I almost hate to say this but "stay cool" (grin) just remember how cold it was this winter and enjoy that heat!!

Vicki Miller said...

Love these pages. I was looking at all the project life stuff at the shops, but I know I am not as persistent as you and it will never be finished

Unknown said...

I will keep prayers and positive thoughts for Sally! xo

Darla said...

Happy Birthday to Halle. I like your colorful Mexican page. Hope Sally is doing well.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I am happy to be back for Tea Tuesday this week. I have gotten so far behind, but I will be catching up with all of the post I've missed!

Although I keep mentioning it, I have yet to even start my next AB, but you are so diligent to keep working in yours. This is so creative and personal!

Sorry to hear Sally is in the hospital. I hope it is not serious. Give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Linda Kunsman said...

such a lovely celebration-my hubby would so LOVE that pie! I'm anxiously awaiting our temps to rise. A happy birthday to Halle! Thoughts and prayers to your friend Sally. Happy T day !

~*~Patty S said...

Great fiesta atmosphere in your post dear E!
Hope Halle is still celebrating...your wishes are so nice and special for her.
You are a great friend...
I am remembering Sally in my prayers and wishing her all the best!
Happy T take care ♥

Hettie said...

Aww. Happy T Day. Sorry to hear Sally is unwell. Do pass on my best.
Happy Birthday Halle.

Divers and Sundry said...

happe birthday to halle! and get well to sally! and congratulations go to the mexicans on their victory! and all my sympathies go to the french on their loss ;) that pie looks wonderful :)

Dianne said...

Oh the celebratory pie looks wonderful! I recently visited a Diner that featured homemade pie, and they were selling tee shirts that said "Keep Calm and Eat Pie!" Love your ongoing Continents altered book. Nothing wrong with an 'extended' project! Best wishes to Halle, and loved your little party!

Halle said...

AWWW...thank you for the special birthday edition of T stands for Tuesday. I went to lunch with friends at my favorite sushi place yesterday. It was a lovely day!

Krisha said...

Best wishes for Sally, hope surgery went well.

Happy birthday to Halle!!

WOW! I can't believe you have had such hot weather so soon. We have only gotten to 95' so far. Today it is dropping back to 70', very unusual for this time of year. BU I AM NOT COMPLAINING!

Your tribute to Cinco De Mayo is very nice. Shafter held it's festivities over the weekend, but I stayed home with a sick DH.

Nancy said...

I like this celebration and the pie looks great :) Happy Halli-day to Halle! Holy cow---it's smokin' hot where you are!!
Cute way to use a tea cup tho,
Happy T day too :)

Crystal Komara said...

Hi again, Elizabeth. I saw your comment on my blog, and I wanted to say, oops, I'm sorry, I somehow overlooked that it was for YOUR birthday not Halle's. It was a wee bit late last night as I was bloghopping! Cheers!


Nan G said...

102! And I thought we were hot at 95 the other day! Hope you have a/c my dear. Trying to get back into the posting groove. My blog pic is kinda boring but I linked up anyway. Love the page! Cool hugs from the Girls and me. :)

Anonymous said...

Before I realized it was a candle in the cup I thought, whatever is she drinking??? Pie looks does your salute to Cinco de Mayo. Happy coffee, um, tea day. xox

Nancy said...

I had to come back! I forgot to say, I hope Sally is doing ok :) please wish her well.

Jo Murray said...

It doesn't seem so long ago that everyone on the other side of the world was freezing! Sending vibes for Sally's fast recovery.