Monday, May 26, 2014

T Stands for Almost Banned, but Not in Antarctica

I hope those of you who celebrate it, had a wonderful Memorial Day and three day weekend.  Today for T, I'm taking you to Antarctica by way of my 7 continents altered book.

But first, I want to share my drink and explain the "banned" part of this post's title.  Some of you may have heard or read that Connecticut lawmakers recently tried to ban chocolate milk in schools across the state.  They claimed it was due to new Federal lunch room standards on sodium.

Critics disagreed, though, including the American Heart Association who believes the nutritional value of milk, which includes chocolate milk, outweighs concerns about the amount of sodium in diets.  Since chocolate milk provides calcium, potassium, vitamins A and D, and niacin, many nutritionists believe if it is not available in schools, children will stop drinking milk altogether.

What originally began as a bill to reduce the amount of sodium found in beverages served to school age children, was amended to include no drinks with added sodium would be allowed in schools.   This ballooned into a fight over a ban on chocolate milk.  Although not considered a high sodium drink, chocolate milk contains a small amount of sodium to neutralize the bitterness in chocolate.  However, Governor Dannel Malloy is not willing to sign away children's rights to drink this nutritional beverage.  Several statements show he will not pass any law, regardless of Federal guidelines, that includes banning chocolate milk in schools.

And I won't ban it from my table, either, although I would never feed it to Bleubeard.

On a less controversial note, it's been a hot, sticky week that turned into a muggy, spotty showers week, and I needed something to cool me off.  This spread in my 7 continents AB was just the ticket.

All of the images from both sides of this spread came from travel brochures, a source of free images,

especially those that offer lots of beautiful photos.

Note how Bleubeard left his mark when I accidentally dropped the page with the phrase "White Continent" on the kitchen floor on my way to the craft room.

My only embellishment on this page was the icy white pearl encrusted lace I used on one corner of the spread.

It took me awhile to drink my chocolate, but I enjoyed every sip of it.  And yes, I chose the mug on purpose to match both the color and "climate" of Antarctica.

As I finished my icy cold chocolate milk, I turned the spread to the opposite side

and contemplated what I had learned when I finished this spread.  Granted, I learned a few things back in 2005 when I made my first Antarctica spread, but this time I felt like I learned so much more.

For some reason, when I think of Antarctica, I think of reaching it off the coast of Australia.  I guess it's because the largest land mass is on the eastern side of Antarctica, which is closer to Australia and New Zealand.
But the truth of the matter is, most of the "activity" and visitors are from the western, "warmer" side, which is below South America.

Once again, my substrate contains pages from my Physician's Desk Reference, and everything else is from various travel brochures I don't remember ordering.

As a heads up, this is the final T in May.  Next week I'll be joining
this fun yearly event, which posts each Monday.  But be assured, T Stands for Tuesday will still post at 4:00 pm CDT each Monday.  As I've explained before, we in the states are on the back side of the International Date Line, so it's already mid-day to late evening on Tuesday in many parts of the world when it turns Tuesday in the states.  Thankfully, Kristin lives in the states, so for once I'm on the right side of the pond to join this fun six week event.  And I would like to encourage you to join Summer of Color (AKA SOC4), too.  You'll have fun with color in ways you had no idea you could.  And this year is no different, I'm sure.

Now it's time to please join us for T this Tuesday, and next, and the one after that, too!  All informative tirades are welcome (grin).  Art, journaling, scrapbooking, stamping, sewing, sculpting, etc. are welcome.  So is chocolate milk.  Please link below, and share your drink related post, where photos do NOT have to taken on Tuesday.

21 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

such beautiful images, I had no idea they banned chocolate milk in schools, in our public schools the children bring their lunch, there are cafeterias, I loved your cool images today,

Crystal Komara said...

Hi Elizabeth! I'm a big fan of chocolate milk too, although while doing an Antarctica journal page, perhaps HOT chocolate would be better suited! Beautiful photos even if they make me want to grab a wool blanket!!

Krisha said...

Wonderful images, makes me feel cooler just looking at them. It has been hot here this weekend, guess summer has arrived.

I checked into the SOC4 blog. I remember you doing this last summer and thought I might join in this summer. Should be fun.
Happy T-day

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I couldn't find an email for you so here is the link to the Crop pics, if you haven't already go it from Julia!
password: woyww

LLJ xxxx

dawn said...

Hello and Happy T Day!! This is such a cool post, lol. I love the blues/white coldness together, beautiful!!
What a perfect mug and drink for this occasion also!! Now I want some chocolate milk.

I have been enjoying the beautiful weekend and warm weather here and didn't get time to post for today. Today I'm running errands and cleaning the house since we lived outside all weekend and ignored the chores. LOVE when that happens!!

Do you know what you will be doing for SOC? Can you believe it's been a year already, WOW! I'm not sure yet what I'll be doing or if I'm doing it. Want to make good time with being home with the kids but we will see.

Elizabeth!!! I LOOOOOOOOVE your mandala below!! So happy to see one from you and how it was created. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Have a wonderful day my friend!!

Ohhh Snap said...

I think our local school district banned chocolate milk, but they still serve a lot of junk food so it didn't really make sense to me. Love your Antarctic piece.

Darla said...

Working with the Antartic images should have cooled you down. Nice pages. I don't like chocolate milk but I like hot chocolate. Weird I know.


Hettie said...

Mmmmn. I fancy a chocolate milk now!
Great layout. I shall be back later...did not have time to take pics and load them on puter and load em on blogger as well as get ready for work! Oops!

Divers and Sundry said...

you'd think they could ban salt above a certain amount, which would include chocolate milk. i have less problems with the salt than i do with the fat. wouldn't a focus on including healthy choices work better than a ban on particular individual food items?

i enjoyed the cooling pictures. we're having highs near 90 here, but i love hot weather :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Ahhhh, these pages will be just the thing to revisit as the summer heats up. I never get tired of seeing beautiful ice formations and the variety of gorgeous color.

While I do like milk, chocolate milk was never a favorite of mine, but I would certainly agree that getting kids to drink milk is much more important than the minute amount of sodium. Ban salty snacks first!

~*~Patty S said...

You used that travel brochure beautifully E...the icy blues are really cooling and your page looks super.
We too have a bit of humidity which really changes the comfort level of being in the 80's...
About chocolate milk in schools I would have thought the amount of sugar might be a concern ... as with so much in life moderation really is the key isn't it.
Happy T Day to you and Bleubeard ♥

Halle said...

What a cool post. Pun intended. :) But seriously...I really do love this page. Glad you enjoyed your chocolate milk. I'm not really a fan. My mini-me definitely is though.

Ariel said...

Great pictures of Antarctica. This is a wonderful idea of having a journal on the 7 continents.My son loves to read and learn about them, I think I should ask him to start something like this. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this.
Have a wonderful week.

Chrysalis said...

Hi Elizabeth - great pages there. I haven't posted today, as the one I've just finished is for WOYWW. I hope to be back to play with you next week, now that the ATCs have been put to bed. As well as ongoing knitting, I'm hoping to get the sewing machine out, and do some more to a scrapbook that needs finishing off. Have a great week, Chris xx

Angela Toucan said...

beautiful pages

Linda Kunsman said...

Hard to believe what is happening with al these proposed "bans"! I never liked milk so when I was young the only way I drank it was with chocolate in it. You found a nice way to cool off and art at the same time though I am VERY happy right now with the heat we are getting. Although I didn't post this Tues. I wanted to stop in and wish you a happy T day-and YES!! I will be joining the SOC challenge again this year :)

Nancy said...

I'm a non-milk drinker, but...'I LOVE chocolate milk'! I just don't go overboard :) and your cuppa looks yummy.
The photos of your travel brochure are really beautiful and amazing! Just the colour and majesty is awesome. Those penguins won my heart :)
Happy T Tuesday and I'm off to check out your link--thanks :)

Rita said...

I hadn't realized the concern was over sodium with the chocolate milk. I thought it was the added sugar...and then all the junk foods. I don't know much at all about schools these days and what they are up to. Guess I should start paying attention.

Antartica looks pretty good to me right now. We've been too hot for me lately up here...80s and near 90s. I'd like to lie on an iceberg for a little while. :)

Denise Price said...

Ah, your post is cooling indeed! You really showcased the beautiful Antarctica memorabilia well on your pages, bringing out those gorgeous blue and white colors. And the diagonal bit of lace in the corner is the perfect finishing touch. Plus, I like the way that your snowflake mug pulls together the wintery look.

Chocolate milk is the only kind of milk that my son will drink, so I am glad that it's not banned in schools here!

I am excited for SOC4 as well; I guess I'll "see you there." :)

Have a Happy T-Day!

Anonymous said...

Marvelous images. We will be looking for that ice soon enough to keep us cool. xox

Vicki Miller said...

Lots of lovely rocking horses. Congratulations on being part of something so long! I know I couldn't, I forgot tuesday again! I'm absolutely hopeless!