Monday, September 2, 2013

T stands for Mandala T

I had considered a "Labor Day" T, but knew many of the people who join this fun blog hop don't live in Canada or the States, the only countries I'm aware celebrate today, so it would be meaningless.  That's when I decided to forgo the barbeque grill and stay inside where it's a bit cooler.  Today I'm in my dining room

drinking another can of that AriZona tea I mentioned I bought recently.  This one has ginseng and honey.  To that I added a slice of lemon, and a plate of fresh strawberries.  This reminds me of a mandala, so that's what I'm calling it: Mandala T.

I had hoped the sunflowers that bloom late in August or early September in my back yard would be ready and I could share some along with my sunflower napkin and placemat.  Since that didn't happen, I decided to use them anyway.  Hopefully I'll have some sunflowers in the not too distant future.  Until then, I'll enjoy my green tea with lemon and eat strawberries.  Of course, I was surprised how quickly the ice melted in that glass, too.  Just goes to show how the whole house AC is struggling to keep up.

Please join me for T Stands for Tuesday.  You don't have to drink tea, you don't even have to drink anything, but it's nice when you can tie the post to something drink related, even an empty mug or glass.  Or show some art that is tea (or other drink) related.  Anything is fair game.  You don't have to take the photo on Tuesday, after all, I post on Monday afternoon so those who live on the other side of the dateline can join in on their Tuesday morning, too.  But, if you plan to play along, you must use the link below.  So, won't you join us?  We'll visit and share your adventure, too.

And it's worth repeating to all who live in Canada and the US, I hope you are enjoying what's left of a safe and happy Labor Day (Monday, September 2, 2013).

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Patti Edmon Artist said...

Labor Day weekend was fun, restful, adventurous and lots of therapeutic swimming! Fit me to a T (p.s. packages going out this week!!) xo

dawn said...

Happy almost Tuesday! I love your pretty sunflower placemat and napkin. My hubby just brought in cut sunflowers from the garden. Wish I could bring you over some for your table. Ours are still crazy and wild and fun this year.
Staying in and cool sounds good to me. We are having cooler temps this week coming up. YAY!
What a nice little snack you have here, looks yummy to me!
I will be linking in the morning, the laundry, lunches, kids need attended too.
I also thought to do a Labor Day Mandala but didn't work out. IT was a nice holiday weekend for us and none of us want it to end.
See you in the morning!

voodoo vixen said...

Hope you had a lovely Labour Day! Your T o Tuesday setting looks lovely, I'll pass on the strawberries though... still suffering the ill effects of eating some of those last week! :( The Green Tea can is so pretty... it would be a crime to throw it away without doing something with those pretty colours!

Beverley Baird said...

We had a relaxing Labour Day - hope yours was as well. Lovely strawberries and drink!

Krisha said...

Hoooray for Tuesday and T with everybody. I am a sun flower lover, and your setting is beautiful.

dawn said...

I'm linked up and ready to blog hop my day around your awesome group of link ups.

Thanks again for letting us share our Tuesday's with you. Have a great day!

Bridget Larsen said...

Strawberries from your garden are so much nicer
Bridget #4

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous set up for your tea, very inviting and I bet those strawberries were divine --my tea is about strawberries too--but in a very different setting ;-)
What else would you expect from me, lol
Happy T to you my dear

Darla said...

What a pretty setting for tea. I occasionally drink Arizona tea and when I do I choose the flavor you have shown. Do you think it has anything to do with the graphics on the can? LOL!


Divers and Sundry said...

yummy strawberries! i look forward to seeing your sunflowers when they bloom, but in the meantime these sunflowers will do just fine ;)

~*~Patty S said...

Hope you didn't labor too much on Labor Day dear E!
Your berries sure look yummy...the graphics on the can look like they have possibilities (I have some cut pieces here somewhere with intentions of making little charms = that was some time ago now hah!)
So many projects...where does the time go!
Happy T Day to ya I slept late celebrating the first day of school here in VA ;)

Tracey Holdyk said...

Happy T Day to you and love the placemats. We are trying to move into warmer weather here in Perth Australia but a cold snap is bringing winds and rain. Good reason to stay inside and drink T...

dawn said...

Hello again, just want to answer your question about my photos. I ordered the actual pictures from my phone,thru a Walgreen's app. It's free and I always order from them with my regular camera too. For some reason though when ordering a collage of pictures it cuts off the top of it, lesson learned and will not be repeated again, lol.
Hope that helps! Thanks so much for enjoying my PL, it warms my heart to know others enjoy it.

Speaking of photos, next week starts what is called WEEK IN THE LIFE. It's kinda like my PL only more in detail. This will be my 3rd time doing it.
What we do is take pictures all day long and document the day on these log sheets provided or any other way you want. Then we put them into an album just for that week or make your PL more detailed that week with extra photos and journaling. Some people even do a digital album, the choice is yours.
We link up if you want at the end of each day sharing your day and at the end of the week when your albums are done there is another link up to share our final projects.
So I'm not sure how I will do my T time post next week, just a head's up if I'm not there but would still LOVE LOVE for you to visit me thru the week and see what's going on at our house.
I will be trying to post this info on my blog but wanted to explain it to you in person.

Oh and I agree to the pumpkin blossoms look like squashes. I want to use those blossoms so much for a mandala but don't have the heart to take one out.
Off to visit your wonderful blog friends now! HUGS!

Marianne said...

Lovely Mandala ! Strawberries and Sunflowers. I like how your post is keeping up with the changing seasons.

Halle said...

Yum strawberries! I have some in my fridge right now. Hope you have a wonderful week!!

Rita said...

That tea looks really tempting, even though I am a coffee drinker. I do like tea on occasion and you have got me wanting to try the Arizona.

Happy T-Tuesday, great leader!! ;)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your presentation always looks so beautiful, and I could really use a glass of iced tea right about now. I agree you really need to make something with that awesome can!

Sorry to be "late" in linking up, but as you already know, my Labor Day was filled with driving narrow NYC streets, carrying tubs and suitcases of clothes & other necessities, unpacking, shopping, and returning home. I'm exhausted both mentally & physically!

Cazzy said...

Hi Elizabeth, all my visitors have gone, back to normal and I am trying to catch up. I have so many cards I should be making but I don't seem to get them done.

I want to craft tonight but I should be catching up with people, maybe I can try a bit of both.

Love your pretty table, with the strawberries!

Cazzy x

Denise Price said...

Hello! Your tea and berries look deliciously refreshing. Hope you're staying cool in the hot weather. If not, perhaps I can offer you some Gatorade... :)

Nan G said...

Strawberries sure look yummy! And that's one of my faves placemat sets! Busy getting ready for tomorrow's class so pic this week. I'll be back next week. Hugs

roffeycreations said...

Hi Elizabeth - a bit late this week due to PC issues - but I made it... am liking the Mandala Monday stuff you post - looks like a lotta fun - I may even get time to join in one day... cheers Have a great week... Mxx

Dianne said...

I don't actually drink Arizona tea, but I love the designs on their cans! the strawberries look really yummy too...

Ariel said...

Sorry I''m a little late in posting. That tea looks so refreshing and I love your floral placemats. Hope you get your sunflowers soon.