Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Rain's Thursday Art Date: Swipe

It's been six days and I still have no internet.  I talked my friend Sally into staying up late so I can link at Rain's.  I will NOT be by to visit until I get my internet back again, but just know I'll visit as soon as I get back online.  Now for my regularly scheduled post.

Today we're meeting at Rain's for her Thursday Art Date.  This week, the theme is Swipe.

I swiped two colors of paint/glaze onto a piece of wood.

Eventually, I turned it into this.  You can still see the swipes of paint on the wood.

I swiped house paint on two pages in an altered book using a faux credit card.

During the process, I swiped brown ink on the pages.

Eventually, this is what I ended up creating.

I swiped paint across the background of my substrate in this spread.

Before I stamped the clocks or added the gifted die cut and butterflies, I first swiped the 110 lb card stock with some green gold paint.

I needed a way to cover the writing on the old calendar I was gifted in order to create this page, so I first swiped blue paint on the page using another faux credit card.

As part of a background, I first laid down dots using punchinella (sequin waste).  Then I swiped two colors of paint using another faux credit card.   I am super surprised I didn't create mud when I used these two primary colors.

I showed how the seasons changed by swiping green and orange onto two pages of my Challenges altered book.

This ICAD from 2017 was created by spreading purple paint using a faux credit card over a sprayed handmade shimmering mist, then I found words in two different magazines.

This was obviously created for my 7-Continents altered book.  It was one side of a two side spread.  This side was swiped with two colors of paint using a faux credit card.

Lots of swiping on this entry including both gold and copper paint.  This was for Craft Barn's Alpha/Dictionary challenge that lasted a year in 2016.  The packing tape transfer was from a piece of vintage sheet music I added to the child's face and cut to size.  Black plastic notes were added atop a piece of wired music ribbon.

I began making this background in 2008 by spreading two complimentary colors of acrylic paint on the page using my faux credit card. Note that I used inexpensive acrylic. You don't need the good stuff here, because much of it will be covered anyway.

After several more steps, I dipped another faux credit card in dark green glaze and using only the edge, swiped lines into the center.

After several more steps, I called this background complete.  When finished, here's what I wrote:
If someone had told me that red, yellow, and lime green paint, along with deep green, royal blue, and orange glazes went well together from a color standpoint, I would have shaken my head in disbelief. But, since I tried them all together, I really like the results. Hope this inspires you to create your own grunge background.
Here I've created a lot of backgrounds that began by swiping colors onto 110 lb cardstock.  You might be able to see more on the floor.  They were everywhere before I finished.

Here I've swiped colors across the page.  This was for a weekly challenge in 2015.  You can see we've just started because this was week 2.  The prompt was "Just Be."

This spread began when I swiped two colors of acrylic paint on my altered book using a faux credit card.  This was for a challenge.

This is the left side.  Note how I changed the last line of this song.  Yep, I put my own spin on things.

Here's my take on the Eye Candy tree.

This was the first of many steps I took in making books for friends one year.  Each of these file folders was swiped with different colors using a faux credit card.

I first swiped two pieces of deli paper using a faux credit card. Then I cut the deli paper into eight quadrants.  Obviously this was two spreads in my Hands Altered Book.

For this background, I swiped two colors of craft acrylics using a faux credit card.

Once dry, I spritzed 91% isopropyl alcohol onto the paint.

I'm not sure if the scan shows the bubbles better or not, but they are definitely there.

I've also swiped fabric over the years, too.  These are two fabrics I painted and swiped with various paints in order to make my art quiltlets.

All art created by me.  All photos taken by me.  Bleubeard got a bit bored and fell asleep at my feet after I swiped the comb through his long fur.

Thank you ever so much for dropping by today.  I am truly grateful to you, my friends, followers, readers, and lurkers for visiting.  Please also join me at Rain's Thursday Art Date where I'm looking forward to seeing how others interpret Swipe.

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aussie aNNie said...

Absolutely beautiful and stunning creations with the most gorgeous colours. xx

Kokopelli said...

I really love your 7-Continents book. The photos are so nice. Like travelling! So many nice pieces of art in this post. Love the wolf piece, too. Have a great day!

Elkes Lebensglück said...

What great artistic work you've done. I am fascinated by it with all the great backgrounds and the pictures of it.
Have a beautiful day, hug Elke

Iris Flavia said...

Oh, WOW, I love that piece of wood! Next T-Day I will come up with something similar, certainly less good (as in bought paper).
And please don´t get mad... I covered your date-idea and also found yet another woman, I learn so much from you art-people!!!
Ahhhh. Santorini... sooo beautiful! Minus the 10 hours we spent on the floor in the airport, oh, loooong ago!
LOL, on the way the ocean was so wild a woman puked in her hands cause the toilet was full!!! Örks! I spare you more details.

Yes, what works for you!

O Tannenbaum?!!!! Oh, did I hate that thing! Every year my Dad got a tall one. With real candles, too. I was always ready to call the firefighters (nothing ever happened, of course).

Shoot. In Freo we both got a shot of our eyes. Mine came out from somebody else, brown. Mine are green-grey. Too many customers, so I let go.

Cathy Kennedy said...

My favorite of these has to be the altered book. I love the vintage feel of your final product! You certain did a whole of swiping to create these backgrounds for your art projects. It's funny I thought about sketching a credit card being swiped and you actually used a faux one. lol Your results turned out fabulous! I'm not quite sure why Bluebeard became bored. Looking at your artwork is anything but boring. I guess he's just use to it all, huh?

Stay safe, be well, and have a paintastic day, my furriend! :)

Curious as a Cathy

Christine said...

Lovely swiped art Elizabeth! So sorry about your internet problems, that is major!

CJ Kennedy said...

What a fun and interesting technique. So many possibilities as you have shown. I hope your Internet is back soon. said...

Looks like your the queen of swipe art! ...I thought swipe? I use to swipe little noses when I volunteered in the nursery :) I hope your able to get on line again soon ~ Keep crafting

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Well, who knew :) Swiping is a favorite technique for you and and successful one at that. I struggled with the prompt "swipe" as did Rain and probably everyone else, but not you. You came well prepared and much to show for it. Awesome post, Elizabeth. Rain really set you up, Ha! Love how creative you are. No holds barred for you :) Have a great week and hopefully you will get your internet back soon ... Stay safe and stay well!

Andrea @ From the Sol

Gillena Cox said...

Nice respobses to the swipe prompt.
Happy Thursday


Jeanie said...

That's an interesting prompt and I loved the different ways you expressed it. Some really lovely things here, Elizabeth. It's hard to pick a favorite or even two or three but one really sticking with me the suitcase! I really like the words and the composition too. (But of many!)

Good luck with the internet. This too shall pass. I hope.

DVArtist said...

Wow good job on the "swipe" theme. I love the clock you made. That is truly beautiful. Sorry it is taking so long for your internet to get back on line. I sent you and email when you do.

My name is Erika. said...

It’s fun to see some art again and some I haven’t seen before. You have some cool pieces here. I especially like the painted fabric. Dry cool. Swipe is a hard word to think of for a challenge but you nailed it. Sorry about your internet. Hopefully it’ll be back soon. Hugs Erika

Rain said...

Hi Elizabeth! Oh that's such a shame about your internet, that would drive me nuts. We're lucky that we have at least reliable high speed here. Thanks Sally for helping out!! I love your clock swipe! The colours are so pretty! Your wolves in the wild piece is amazing!! Are those your photos? Very cool! I love the colours of your orange and green piece, you did great with Swipe! this week! I had so much trouble with it! :) Love the grunge background piece too. That's very neat. I've only used alcohol once and I love that bubble effect!

Divers and Sundry said...

So much variety! I love how many different ways you interpreted the "swipe" prompt.