Saturday, November 16, 2019

Onions, then and now

I'm once again joining Rike at Rike's Art our host this month at Art Journal Journey with her theme of Fruit and Veggies.

I call this journal entry Onions, then and now.

The text reads
Onions: still the same over the years.
These photographed onions look similar to those in the drawing.

For this page, I began with a background of 110 lb card stock, similar to one I showed on Thursday, except this time, I added three colors of dye reinker ink directly to a baby wipe and swiped it directly on the page.  The focal onions were taken from a 1970 cookbook.   According to the cookbook, the drawing was created in 1824.  It appears onions haven't changed that much in nearly 200 years.  In fact, according to Vegetable Facts, the very first onion could have been cultivated 5500 years ago.   Vegetable Facts further writes:
Onions are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables in our history, originating in central Asia from where it spread across entire world. Modern archeologist, botanist and historians are unable to determine exact time and place of their first cultivations (because this vegetable is perishable and its cultivation leaves little to no trace), . . .
There are two schools of thoughts regarding the home of onion cultivation, and both look at the period 5,500 years ago in Asia. Some scientists believe that onion was first domesticated in central Asia and others in Middle East by Babylonian culture in Iran and West Pakistan. Those are of course based on ancient remnants of food cultivation that survived the tooth of time, but many believe that organized cultivation started much earlier, thousands of years before writing and sophisticated tools were created. Onions were grown in Ancient Egypt 5,500 years ago, in India and China 5,000 years ago, in Sumeria 4,500 years ago. 
Next I added a color image of some purple onions, good for fabric dyeing, and the sentiment I printed on my ink jet printer.

Thank you so very much for joining Bleubeard and me today.  We love it when you drop by to visit.  We further hope you learned something new about onions because we certainly did.  We would also like to see you at AEDM and Art Journal Journey.

This is Day 16 of Art Every Day Month (AEDM), hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas and I created a journal page for Art Journal Journey.

23 thoughtful remarks:

Iris Flavia said...

I just had a bit of an onion with my meal yesterday - and cut my finger quite bad cutting it.
I should paint them ;-)
Well done and interesting facts!
Reading of a not available red onion made us go back (for visits) to Australia, hmmmm... is that a hint?

Valerie-Jael said...

I love onions, just not cutting them.... Interesting journal page and illustration. Have a great day, Valerie

Cath Wilson said...

Onions...I love them!!! My mum says I only like things that 'make your breath smell', lol but I can't imagine a good meal without them. Ironically, onions in France are NOT the same as we have in the UK...they're all white skinned and smaller...maybe not quite so strong, either. More like larger 'scallions' or Spring onions.
Cath x

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I think if we were to be stranded on a desert island i'd have to make sure i'd have an onion or two with me. It's a main staple in our house and my Granny used to say they'd help keep colds and flu away.. Very interesting post and page, so glad I had a little free time to take it all in.
Have a fabulous weekend, i'm hoping to steal an hour or too for creativity just for me.
Hugs Tracey xx

Lisca said...

What an interesting story about the onions. I couldn't cook without them.
I'm testing my old android tablet to see if this one gets on better with blogger.

CJ Kennedy said...

I like the pop or purple color on the page. I'm not a fan of onion, but the facts about its long history were fascinating.

Barbara said...

I love onions, and Just when I thought nothing in this world hasn’t gone through some kind of change, I read your post. Very nicely done!

Divers and Sundry said...

A tribute to onions! Nice! I like onions, and this time of year I use them in stew. I'm feeling warm and cozy just thinking about some stew :)

craftytrog said...

Fabulous old illustrations! Great journal page Elizabeth! x

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Very interesting, Elizabeth. Nice botanical drawing. I have a similar one about root vegetables that I hope to use for Rike's theme, if I can get to it. Eileen

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

This is a lovely page! It would make a great poster for the kitchen wall. Really. It's wonderful.

Rike said...

A very interesting entry! I did not know that onions are cultivated since so long time, and the drawing of 1824 is gorgeous! I never saw blue/violet onions, very amazing!
Your background turned out beautiful!
Thank you, Bleubeard and Elizabeth, for such an interesting piece for my theme at AJJ, I learned something new about onions!
Wish you a happy time! Rike xx

DVArtist said...

I love your posts. Wonderful art with a history lesson.

Cindy McMath said...

Great page - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a purple onion that vibrant! The background works well with the colour of the purple onions.

junemac2 said...

Love the page, i love onions and garlic, both make food tastier. Love your fab background too.
hugs June x

Meggymay said...

Where would we be without onions. I always have them in my vegetable basket and use them in so many meals, Interesting facts as well, 5,500 years, its a long time and I think they will have changed in look as they evolved to the ones we know today.
I love how you included the drawing and the other images in your fantastic page
Yvonne xx

Elkes Lebensglück said...

i like this journal page!!! Interesting posting
have a beautiful Sunday

froebelsternchen said...

Onions are the most important veggie for me and I need them to cook every single day. I prefer the red onions but I use both, yellow and red ones. Love your onion page, the backgound is amazing!
Happy Sunday Elizabeth!
Susi xxx

butterfly said...

What a marvellous collection of onions - they really are very attractive objects, aren't they? (And in fact, I now seem to remember one of my only successful drawings in art at school was of two onions - I wonder whether I still have it.) Perfect page for the theme.

Sorry to have been absent - I've been caught by the winter cold - not a good week!!
Alison x

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Onions come in so many different types and I think we use them all. At this time of the year I make many kinds of soup that we can and have available after a walk during the winter (nothing like coming home to a choice of delicious homemade soup for lunch), and I have two on the list for this week - they both have onions in them!

My name is Erika. said...

Before I go on, did you get my email of thanks? If not, I will reply by saying it was me who should have asked what time you post. I thought of it when I finally wrote the post but didn't know the time you posted. Sorry to inconvenience you but it was VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Let me know if you ever need me to post for you. And next I shall say I love your onion page. You reminded me I need to buy some. Ha-ha. That is a cool vintage picture and I didn't know that background about onions. Thanks again my friend! Hugs-Erika

NatureFootstep said...

onions are great, but I don´t like garlic :)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Where would we be without onions I love this page and the info ! Hugs, Chrisx