Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday Smiles 330: Patriotism (aka Americans land on the moon)

It's Friday and time to join Annie (at A Stitch in Time) and the ladies at Friday Smiles.  I had another post already scheduled for today, then realized this had to take precedence.  That means I'm joining Chris at Pear Shaped Crafting, our host this month at Art Journal Journey with her theme We're all/going.

Today we're all reminiscing about the American moon landing on this day in 1969.

Although I didn't experience the event, I'm sure some of you will remember it.  I would love to read your feelings on it.

It's sad that the space program, which was so promising in the beginning, has virtually been forgotten.  Ironic how time can either heal or erase.

In case you need the interpretation:
July 19, 1969

That is one small step for man
and has practically been
forgotten after 50 years.
I had hoped to be traveling in space in my golden years, but it appears that will never happen.  When did we forget how important space exploration was?  Was it when Apollo 13 wasn't even covered on television until the lives of the crew were suddenly in danger?  Was it after Apollo 11, people gave up caring because we had "conquered" the moon?  What caused us to lose interest so quickly?

For this spread, I began by spritzing my blue handmade shimmering mist on a sheet of black construction paper.  When dry, I added the moon onto which I adhered an American flag.  I colored the sentiment with the same shimmering mist, then adhered it using washi tape.

EDIT: I just realized Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin didn't land on the moon until July 20, 1969.  You remember I said I wasn't around when that happened, and I guess I proved it today!

I heard a moon landing bit of humor the other day.  One of the back up original 7 astronauts remembered he and his family bought a brand new large color console tv, one of the first on the market.  He did it so his family could watch the moon landing on tv.  Unfortunately, after spending all that money, the pictures being sent back from space were in black and white!

Thank you for joining me today as "we all" reminisce over the moon landing on this date in 1969.  I also hope you will join Bleubeard and me at Art Journal Journey.   And please don't forget to start your weekend off right by visiting Annie for a few  Friday Smiles.

As an aside, the youngsters are now home with their aunt and have let me know what a great time they had this year.  They asked me to tell all my blogging friends they enjoyed reading about them and their art, too.  That's YOU, dear friends.   Because I had little time to share our adventures, you will see a few more of the things we did over the next month or so.

23 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful moon page. I remember sitting at a friend's place and then seeing those incredible pictures on that small, black and white TV. I was staying with her in London for a few days during the holidays. It was just incredible. It seems so long ago now, but I have never forgotten that moment, and hopefully never will. Have a fun day, Valerie

Annie said...

I watched it with great interest as a child and have never forgotten that moment. There's been a lot about it on the telly recently so I've relived it many times ....and enjoyed it all over again. Amazing that they went all that way with less technology than we have in our mobile phones isn't it?
Annie x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I remember it well but I think they were hoping to find something valuable up there and when they didn't I guess it was just proved too expensive to carry on. Before I forget. You mentioned about my fish looking overcrowded well there is a reason they look like that because whenever I go near the pond they all gather together thinking it's feeding time which makes them look as if they're in a small space which they're actually not. The pond holds about 1.000 gallons of water and is six foot deep at the deepest point, about 8 x 10 foot around the top so quite big. We also have quite a large filter though I don't overfeed my fish and test the water regularly so you've probably guessed by now there is a fair bit of work involved to keep them healthy but I love having them so it's worth it. The bamboo is a pain! and I wish we had never put it there but so far it has spread away from the pond thank goodness. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

Gibby Frogett said...

Fabulous moon page Elizaeth. I was 9 in 1969 and we either were following the events on the radio and/or black and white tv probably... my dad got me into astronomy and star gazing so we always followed events like that. I often think about what it must have been like to have been up there when I look at the moon.
Happy Friday, have a great weekend. Gill x

butterfly said...

A fitting celebration of a momentous occasion. I was three months old at the time, so I'm guessing I was up! Love your shimmering mist on the dark background - a really clever way to capture the magic of the night sky.
Alison x

Meggymay said...

Fabulous pages to commemerate this Special event. The shimmer mistings look great and give wonderful night sky colours. I can remember where I was for this event very well, at home with our first born and wondering how this event could effect his future. All these years on and I think it could have happened yesterday , all the progress that should have continued seemed to stop once someone had actually made it to the moon and back.
Yvonne xx

My name is Erika. said...

Awesome page. What a super tribute. You have inspired me! I do remember that day although I was a kid. We had taken a rare family trip to the beach and then came home and watched the moon walk that night. Funny how events like that cause you to remember things like where you were and what you were doing. I've been watching lots of the Nova's about the event lately. Fifty years. Now I feel old. (smile)
And thanks for the comment in your comment on my blog about the wheat harvest. I found that interesting since we are not in a wheat area in any way. I love learning about life in other parts of the country and the world.

Happy Friday. Hugs-Erika

My name is Erika. said...

Oh yes, and I wanted to say I looked up trips to Cuba based on your other posts. I think a bit out of my wallet since you have to take a tour, but it was interesting to read about what we have to do to get to visit Cuba. Thanks for inspiring me!

craftytrog said...

Brilliant page and a great idea for the theme Elizabeth!
Alison xx

Jeanie said...

The moon landing coverage (PBS) was great! I remember it very well, crowded into my aunt's family room up at the lake, watching on TV. Quite the event. I don't really much have inclination to go to the moon -- still don't -- but I love looking at it and imagining that experience!

Divers and Sundry said...

I remember it well, but I remember knowing at the time we'd never go further than that because of the non-aspirational reporting. Everybody was rightly self-congratulatory, but _nobody_ talked about what it would lead to or what the next outward goal was or what the future held for the space program.

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Wonderful art journal page for the moon landing. I don't know what happened to us / US, for us to lose interest in space exploration. I found it embarrassing when we had to hitch a ride to the space station with the Russians, who we then started calling the Big Bad Wolf (yet we still asked for rides from them to the space station). I thought the space shuttles were great, but they weren't designed to land and take off on the moon, so their function was limited, and eventually that program was cancelled. Now some private US company seems to be doing the work that NASA used to do (with tax payer subsidies perhaps?) and their rockets seem to blow up a lot. I wonder how, with less technology back in the 60s, we were able to figure out how to do it right.

I'm glad the young ones enjoyed their visit with you, and that they liked seeing what your blog friends were posting.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

I remember my mom waking my sister and I and telling us about the moon landing; and my sister falling back to sleep !!! ☺☺☺

da tabbiez send ther best ta bleu N squiggles ♥♥♥☺☺☺

Lisca said...

In the summer of '69 I was 18 and was in Israel that year. I don't remember that first moon landing as I was living in a kibbutz and I don't remember watching tv there. But all the following launches I would have been glued to the screen as I loved watching it. It was so thrilling. The saying 'The sky is the limit' suddenly wasn't valid anymore.
Later I read books (and biographies) about the astronauts. I was fascinated by them and they were my heroes. I was a little disillusioned when they called themselves 'just test pilots'.
Thank you for commemorating this brave feat. Those were the days when you could feel (I imagine) proud to be American.
Have a lovely weekend,

Caty said...

This first "travel" to the moon was a very important step for humanity, and I think it´s a pity we didn´t go there again. Your Art page is wonderful Elizabeth, and a great tribute to the these brave astronauts.
I love your Art pages about Cuba too, always so interesting posts !
I wish you a very nice weekend,
Big hugs, Caty

Rita said...

Definitely remember the moon landing and moon walk. I was 18. Looked so unreal and blew your mind. I remember people going outside to look at the moon--as if you could see them up there--LOL! ;)

CJ Kennedy said...

I was 13 almost 14 years old as this was a week before my birthday. I remember the event seemed to take forever. I had fallen asleep on the living room floor in front of the television. I remember Dad shaking me and saying Wake up, wake up. This is history. And I got the see the grainy images on the color console television we had. Wonderful page you created to mark the anniversary. I like your flag on the moon.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I do remember the moon landing on TV, we had no TV at the time and I went to my Mum's to see it. I am enjoying all the films and TV coverage at the moment - I imagine you have plenty on TV too! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful page at AJJ! Looking forward to seeing what you and the young ones did during their stay! Hugs, Chrisx

Sami said...

The 50th anniversary has been celebrated on tv for the whole week, with interviews, movies, etc all to do with the moon landing.
It was a great feat, but as you say nothing much has happened since.
I remember the event, I was 9 years old, living in Mozambique, there was no tv there, but we heard the news on the radio and for days it was all they talked about.
Have a lovely weekend Elizabeth.

froebelsternchen said...

A fantastic celebration page for the moon landing anniversary.I remember still this black and white scene even though I just was 6 years old at this time.
Another fabulous entry for AJJ again dear Co-Admin! Did you link it to AJJ already?
Big hugs
Susi xxx

froebelsternchen said...

Yes, I saw it was linked.....I am so far behind with commenting, sorry!

Marfi-topia said...

I think this is just the cutest ever!

Helena made some paper towel roll "rockets" and we bought some marshmallow moon oreos to celebrate the anniversary,

mamapez5 said...

I remember the day, and where I was at the time. It never made me over-excited. The expense is immense and there are so many needs on earth that could put that kind of money to good use. It is quite hard to justify to me, and I certainly would not be queuing up for a space flight myself. But for some, I do understand that it is very exciting.
I don't really agree with your quote. I don't think it has been practically forgotten, at least not to those of us who were around at the time. But I like your starry sky and big bright moon. Kate x