Wednesday, August 8, 2018

In the flower bed

By now I'm sure you know the handsome Bleubeard and I are hosting Art Journal Journey this month.  My theme is count your blessings.

I am SO lucky to own my own home and with it, my flower bed.

Today I am counting my flower bed as a blessing.  I am starting this page by drawing with my small glue gun.  This one is supposed to produce thinner lines than my large one.

It's a fact I can't draw.  It's simply not in my wheelhouse.  Even worse, I tried to draw

using hot glue.   The nice thing about hosting a journal party is, you try things you wouldn't normally.

Today I'm paying homage to how blessed I am to have a lovely flower garden where butterflies can land on and flit among the flowers.

Imagine my surprise after I added some of my handmade shimmering mists to the now cooled glue, how the glue resisted the mists.

Because these mists are infused with mica, I tried to color correct to show the shimmer.

Leaves, flower stems,

and grass are represented,

as is a butterfly.

Call it abstract, call it silly art, but please don't ask me to give up my lovely flowers in my flower bed.

For those of you who are first time or infrequent visitors, here are actual photos of my flower bed.  Look quickly, because this entire area is about to receive a complete makeover.

My surprise (or resurrection) lilies, which some know as naked ladies, are in full bloom. 

What a surprise to see them taller than my recently cut rose bush for the first time ever.  

My allergies and illness in July kept me from mowing.  I was surprised the city didn't cite me for allowing my yard to get in such bad shape.  I hadn't seen my bricks in ages, so was happy when I unearthed them with the weed eater/edger.

I managed to mow front and back and edged, but failed to get out the leaf blower, so I will need to run the push broom over these spaces. 

This flag, which is of our city, is one I have wanted for several months.  My friend Scott found it for me and surprised me with it several weeks ago.  I have to admit, it clashes with my surprise lilies.

Another photo of my flower bed and my "uncovered" bricks that outline the once very large bed and garden.

One final look from my front porch.
Here's what the flower bed 

looked like this time last August.

Bleubeard, my adorable co-host and I are thrilled you joined us today as we counted my flower bed as a blessing at Art Journal Journey. We would love to see you there, too.

23 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

That's a very interesting technique you used for your hot glue journal page. Your garden is looking good, better than my balcony, where the heat has killed off most of the plants. Have a nice day. Valerie

froebelsternchen said...

I simply adore this hot glue art - you draw so well with the glue gun Elizabeth - don't run down your skills my friend! And the mists over the glue just looks so beautiful! I am going to fetch my hot glue gun out of the basement now after I have emptied the washing machine. Your garden is wonderful as it is.
I also think that last August it looked pretty good. It's always a pleasure to see photos from your lovely house and garden! I so like this and often told you, that I would love to have such a nice little house for me as well.My freind and neighbour Maria has also such a lovely little Gingerbread house for herself and she is just so happy with it. Renovated last year and is so proud that she could fund the renovation alone. My hubby always helps when she needs a clever handyman.
And such a kind of random garden is a blessing for nature ELizabeth! You do it so well!!!!
Such a nice present from your lovely Scott!
A wonderful entry for your amazing theme Elizabeth!You rock the August collection! Your theme is wonderful!
Have a happy Wednesday!
Hot here again.... I have to do laundry and a bit of boring homework.. but maybe I find time for art as well...we will see!

Hugs, Susi

CJ Kennedy said...

I like your hot glue flowers.Earthy and organic. And the resist technique is fun. Love your garden flag and I don't think it clashes with the Naked Ladies.

Barbara said...

Wow, art with hot glue drawing is so cool! I avoid hot glue like the plague, always make a huge mess. Your house, front porch and flower garden look so peaceful. Blessings, indeed! Thank you for commenting on my drop spindle yarn. I was like you, didn’t relate to it at all, even when I saw my daughter doing it. But something Kathy posted got my attention. I bought a spindle and some roving and stumbled my way through. Now that my yarn is becoming more fine, I love it. However, I don’t want it to become perfect, I can buy that! Haha.

My name is Erika. said...

Drawing with the hot glue gun was a fantastic idea. That page looks really cool. And I think if you are insecure about your drawing abilities (which look fine to me) the glue gun is the way to go. All those little gluey drips cover up mistakes you see and really make it quite interesting! :) Then when you spray it it looks so cool! Can't wait to see how you change your garden. I need to weed badly but it has been really hot here and by 8 AM it is 80 degrees-way too hot to be out in the sun or even walk. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Hugs-Erika

RO said...

Never in a zillion years would I have thought a glue gun could make such wonderful and unique art, and I love the colors. Your home reminds me of a cute cottage, and it's great that you have so much space for your garden. Hugs...RO

kathyinozarks said...

oh wow Elizabeth I am in love with your art technique today-I may need to look into that process more-just yesterday I was looking back into batik again-but decided did not to add another different project right now.
I do have both the washing soda and soda ash here already-so I am good to go if I get another batch of indigo leaves I hope I do
Your garden looks lovely, glad you were feeling well enough to work a bit outdoors. my asthma has been worse this summer-the mold count here as never really gone down enough for me.
Happy Wednesday Kathy

Sami said...

I'd never seen a glue gun being used for drawing, but that's a certainly an interesting technique and it looks beautiful Elizabeth, well done!
Hope you're feeling better and can again work in your garden. I find it's hard work keeping the garden neat, luckily our grass doesn't grow much so it can be months before it needs mowing.

Divers and Sundry said...

Flower beds are indeed a blessing, and your homage to yours (hot glue? who knew?!) is lovely. I love the surprise lilies in their bed ;) Mowing is over-rated. I wish cities would adapt more environmentally-friendly policies. So many require expanses of grass when meadows and veggie and flower beds would make more sense. I hadn't thought of a city flag -flags never clash!- and will look to see if we have one here. If we do, I'm guessing it won't be as attractive as yours. I like that design.

I'm excited about your upcoming flower bed re-do. I know it'll inspire me. Mine's gotten stale. Always love your garden posts!

Misty said...

I never thought to use a glue gun that way! Interesting technique! I want to see your flower bed makeover! :)

kathyinozarks said...

Yes I am thankful for what did grow-and I did get to enjoy zinnias for at least a month-but right now is usually their peak of beauty through frost-I just went out to cut some tansy flowers and discovered so many zinnia heads dry have already emptied their seed on the ground-so I will be checking for seed heads this week for sure.and good idea-I will collect some for paper making-thanks
I am super happy with the veggies-will be our dinner today--I think you were hotter for a longer period of time at the near 100 mark than us-and my veggie garden I do lay cardboard down first and mulch heavily

Sandra Cox said...

Your flowers are beautiful, dear Elizabeth.
And home and flowers are indeed blessings.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

I LIKE this piece; very clever and creative and the lilies are pretty; we dont see them around here; just the standard day and hosta !! ♥♥☺☺

Meggymay said...

What a super idea to created art with a hot glue gun. It is a beautiful page and using a spray to colour makes it look like a water colour painting.
Your garden looks good to me, we haven't needed to cut our grass for weeks, lack of water and it hasn't grown, just turned an unhealthy brown shade, we hope it will recover.
Take your time over your garden make over, think of yourself and staying well.
Yvonne xx

Sharon Madson said...

Kudos to you for trying the hot glue drawing! It really turned out lovely with the color added. It has been too hot for flowers this year, but your Lillie’s are a blessing! Great blessing post.

Rita said...

I love your hot glue flowers! And I don't blame you for loving your flower gardens. I love mine, too. :)

Corrine at said...

Wonderful lilies. Nice when flowers show up. We have some sunflowers who've done the same, thank you birds...xox

Corrine at said...

I forgot to say, you are the master inker sprayer, your flowers look so good. xox

Jackie P Neal said...

Totally love what you did with your glue gun- awesome! Call it abstract? I call it beautiful!
Good luck with the makeover- it has been way to hot here to do much gardening!
Jackie xo

craftytrog said...

I really like the style of your flowers Elizabeth! They're as lovely as your real flowers, and a great technique using the glue gun!
Alison xx

Cindy McMath said...

Very cool technique Elizabeth. Have you tried making stencils with hot glue? I did but I didn’t have very good results. This might inspire me to try again though!

Jeanie said...

Don't sell yourself short, Elizabeth. I really, really like this one! The colors and yes, the texture and design of the glue.

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

The hot glue page is gorgeous, Elizabeth! this is my favorite of all the "blessings" pages submitted to AJJ that I've seen. Your glimmer mists are beautiful. I need to get more bottles to make a larger palette of colors. You inspire me. Hugs, Eileen