Sunday, March 4, 2018

Tulips Signify Springtime

I'm once again joining Rosie at Rosie's Kleine Bastelwelt (Rosie's Small Craft World) this month's host at Art Journal Journey with her theme Spring.

I seem to be on a roll with tulips.

Tulips signify


I started by coloring a page in my Challenges altered book using a red bingo dabber (much cheaper than those pricey ones put out by a famous mixed media artist).  When dry, I added the image taken from a magazine (page 27, in fact).  Next I colored the computer generated words using a water soluble crayon.  Because the red colors closely matched, I edged the words with dye ink so they didn't get lost on the page.

I am simply thrilled you joined me today.    Thank you beyond belief for your continued support of my art.  You will find me at Art Journal JourneyHope to see you there, too.

And because this journal page is spring inspired, I'm also posting to Moo-Mania and More, where their theme is Think of Spring.

Yesterday I attended

a seven hour showing of the various shorts that have been

chosen/nominated and voted on to win an Academy Award.   There are over 20 movie theaters in this complex and the shorts were shown in Auditorium 17.

The winners will be revealed tonight at the Oscars.   They showed all the Documentaries first, which took over two and a half hours, then took a 35 minute break.  After the break, they showed the Animation shorts and I fell asleep during the Revolting Rhymes and missed the Garden Party, too.  I woke just in time to watch the Live Action shorts.  I have only picked one winner in the three years I have gone to these all day movie marathons.  My pick for Live Action is The Silent Child, although I laughed and laughed during The Eleventh Hour.  I couldn't decide if I preferred Traffic Stop or Edith and Eddie in the documentaries.  The first one was scary frightening, and the second was heart breaking.  Maybe I will watch enough of the show tonight to see who wins in these categories.

17 thoughtful remarks:

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your vibrant tulip page is AMAZING Elizabeth! What a wonderful entry for Art Journal Journey dear Co - Admin! Thanks a bunch for the Sunday flowers - tulips are my favourites! WOW - a short film marathon! You are a heroine! Sounds super interesting! I love when you show this giant IMAX cinema complex! Unbelievable how many movie theaters are in there!
Happy Sunday and new week ahead! Here the snow is still around, but I think it will get warmer next week and than hopefully it will all melt and as I can hear from the birds in the garden - spring is just around the corner!
oxo Susi

Valerie-Jael said...

Seven hours watching films??! Oh my, that's a very long time. And another lovely tulip field. I am looking forward to seeing the tulip fields here, hopefully soon. Enjoy your Sunday, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

AND ♥♥♥♥♥ thanks a bunch for linking to Moo Mania & More as well dear Elizabeth!

Dortesjs said...

Beautiful journal so much tulip and so Spring ;O)

Gibby Frogett said...

Beautiful and striking page Elizabeth - what a lovely site all those Tulips are :)
Did I undertstand that correctly 7 hours of watching films? wow thats dedication!
Happy Sunday... Gill xx

Rosie said...

Love tulips too. A wonderful page, Elisabeth

Thank you for joining us at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY, and MOO MANIA & MORE

RO said...

Wouldn't it be neat to be live somewhere and be totally surrounded by colorful tulips? That's pretty cool about the Film Shorts and seems like many people enjoy this. I didn't even know they did this right before the Oscars, and I like the idea. Sounds like we'll both be glued to the telly tonight for the Oscars too. Hugs...and Happy Sunday! RO

Cindy McMath said...

Another beautiful tulip page Elizabeth! You really were able to achieve good coverage with your bingo dauber. That must have taken a lot of dabbing!

Jeanie said...

I've seen none of the shorts, so lucky you! When I was "voting" with my friends, I picked both Edith+Edie and The Silent Child in their categories blindly so I'm glad to hear you liked them!

Divers and Sundry said...

This event sounds like my kind of thing ;) I don't watch the Oscars, but I do enjoy watching movies :)

Meggymay said...

A gorgeous page of tulips, it must be lovely to see them growing like this and not in the small bunches or clumps we have in the shops or gardens.
I couldn't have sat through seven hours of cinema, but it does sound like a super event. It won't be long now until the winners are announced.
Yvonne xx

My name is Erika. said...

That sounds like a fun way to spend a day. I haven't heard of theatres doing this, been then I live in a rural area and miss lots of the excitement from living in a city. I guess the only drawback is sitting so long in the dark and the risk of a nap. :) And I love your tulip page too. It's on my bucket list to someday visit the netherlands during tulip season. I bet seeing fields of blooming tulips must be not only gorgeous but exciting. It would be right up there with seeing the lavender fields in southern France. :) Hope it was a good weekend. Hugs-Erika

Helen said...

well at least you picked the live action winner this time! well done!

pearshapedcrafting said...

This page makes me smile - we used to live close to the tulip fields - every year they had a tulip festival! I would love to see those shorts! Well done for spotting the winner! Hugs,Chrisx

Let's Art Journal said...

Your tulip page made me smile, it's so bright and cheerful - beautiful 😁. It sounds like you had a fun time at the cinema and well done for picking the winner out! Thanks for the smiles and have a great new week! J 😊

Rike said...

Wonderful for using that red background for your pretty tulip page 27 :)! It looks like fire saying "Spring please come!!"
A seven hour showing of the various shorts - how can someone do without falling asleep during some time?
Wish you a happy rest of the week!
Rike xx

Incipient Wings said...

What a gorgeous tulip page you created!
I always miss the award shows..even if I set a reminder, I'm either not home when it starts or I end up falling asleep during:)