Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Two more quiltlets finished, three to go

I'm slowly getting my Christmas gifts made this year.  The final three are still in the drafting stage, but I will share them when they are finished.

This one is headed to Canada, for my friend Cindy.   I somehow doubt she has received it yet, but I wanted to show it at the same time as I showed the other one I made.  I still need to finish her birthday gift, which I started back in late July.  She may get it by August next year (grin).

I should have known better than to attach this using iron on tape, but I didn't want globs of E-6000 on the fabric. It originally contained embossing powder that raised the letters, but they melted when I set the iron on the card stock sentiment.

I used paper tape, and some of the embossing powder transferred from my iron to the tape when I ironed it in place.

This is the back of Cindy's quiltlet.   You may have seen I made the designs using Paintstiks.

Bleubeard and I always sign our work this way.   Mostly he sleeps and eats, but that's enough to get his signature on the art "we" make.  I colored the paper using one of the water-color crayons Cindy sent me for Christmas last year.

I'm not completely sure where all that color came from, but it's not that bright in the fabric.

 The second quiltlet was for Linda of heARTfully inspired by Linda.  I originally purchased the fabric with her in mind.  She has been so good to me over the years, and I wanted to do something that reflected her love of France.  I left the thread strings long to reflect the sewn quiltlet.

It's obvious I didn't learn from my first mistake I made ironing the embossed image.

I was a bit worried when I ironed this plastic tape measure to the quiltlet.  I would have been mortified if it had melted after I had nearly finished the assembly.

The pale pink fluffy stuff is actually rose ribbon.  It will have to be fluffed again when it is removed from the package so it will actually look like roses.   Although the front of Cindy's quiltlet was in one piece, I wanted Linda's to be a bit more complex.

Unfortunately, I didn't exactly think it through, especially after I learned the Pellon I bought at JoAnn's for such a good price was not intended to stick two pieces of fabric together, but was instead, stabilizer.  Thankfully, I found a product in my stash that would stick two fabrics together until they could be sewn.

I did something similar to the back, too, especially since I didn't have enough Paintstik stenciled fabric.

One final look at the two quiltlets.  I tried to align them side by side,
but couldn't until I went to BigHUGELabs.

Thanks for joining me today as I shared my two France inspired quiltlets I made for friends Cindy and Linda.  I'm always grateful that you stopped by because I love wonky sewing as much as I love altered art.  BTW, the other artists I'm making gifts for have been notified their gifts will be late this year.  So much for working ahead.

10 thoughtful remarks:

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Both ""Quiltlets"" are so beautiful Elizabeth! I really would love to touch them to feel the textures and see the colours in reality. I love them and I am sure Cindy and Linda will love them as well!
Such great pieces take much effort and time- I havn't managed to complete so many gifts in time as well. Don't mind it - art need TIME and muse and muse can't be forced.
Hope you have a great day!
oxo Susi

RO said...

These look so wonderful and creative. They make me want to reach out and touch! Hugs...RO

Jeanie said...

I'm such a sucker for Paris and I really appreciate your beautiful choice of fabric, colors and of course design for your gifts. They'll love them. (I'm still finishing more than one Christmas gift, too!)

Meggymay said...

Both the quiltlets look beautiful and I'm sure they will be treasured.
So many wonderful touches on both pieces, the quote panels are lovely.
You are a very creative lady, the designs are fabulous.
Yvonne xx
p.s. I followed the link you left me and I remembered it was a super post to read.

Cindy McMath said...

Wow I will be stalking the mailman while I’m off this week! Difficult as we no longer have mail to our house, but rather to a “super mailbox” but I’m sure I can figure it out! I am very excited to see this in person. Will let you know when it arrives. It looks gorgeous as does Linda’s and I really appreciate you making this for me. Paris was one of my favourite places that I visited while staying in London. I waited in line two hours to go up the Eiffel Tower (because I didn’t have the good sense to pick a time and book in advance before they were sold out), and it was well worth it. So this is even more special as it reminds me of that trip. As for being up late last night I am on vacation this week (yay) so decided to power through and get the blog post up after I sent off my submissions. Time difference between me and the Netherlands is +9 hours. One more than England. :)

My name is Erika. said...

These are gorgeous Elizabeth. I love your French theme. Linda will love it. And I think your hand decorated fabric came out great, but I love the not perfect look. It means it really is hand made and not off a machine. :) It is really really cold here. Not sure if those arctic chills dipped down quite so low into Wichita, but hopefully not. It is sooooo cold. We are having a new furnace put in right now so I am home, keeping the woodstove going for heat and having some play time. Life is good. Hope you feel better too and are having a wonderful day. Hugs-Erika

Anonymous said...

Wonderful creations, the Paris shabby theme is gorgeous. I am sure your friend will adore. xox

Incipient Wings said...

I love your artwork Elizabeth! these two creations are just adorable!
the way you sign your work is to cute:)
I'm sure your friends will just love their gifts!

Divers and Sundry said...

The quiltlet concept is a fascinating idea, and your pieces are so pretty. They are gonna love them!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Elizabeth! Both of these quiltlets are gorgeous! Of course they do feature Paris, which always looks beautiful but the additions you have made are perfect! Love how Bleubeard signed them too! These are going to be so loved by Cindy and Linda! Hugs, Chris