Monday, December 11, 2017

More trees at my home

I thought I would show the rest of my trees today, since I finally got them off my camera.

I decided to start with my angel tree.   I designed and decorated this tree about 10 years ago and I still love it.

Here is the angel I failed to show last time.

I like to group "like" objects together, and each of these three trees, although very different, all open in some way.  When open, each holds a hidden secret view or object.

I like to put candy in the container that now holds the potpourri, but because I'm trying to lose a few pounds I gained over the summer, I opted for something less fattening this year.

I keep all my Christmas cards I receive in this tree that started life as a napkin holder.

Luminaries sit on the floor and I light them at night.

I really pared down this year and the only additions on my 2-door Lawyer's bookcase are 

a tree shaped candle holder and some new potpourri.

Heading to my library table, you'll find my Night Before Christmas book I read each Christmas eve, and an empty mug ready to fill for Santa.

Also on the desk are three tree candles and my glittery ball tree I bought two years ago.

Every time I show my library table someone asks

about my sandwich. Since I only have real wood (most of it quarter sawn or tiger stripe oak), I keep lots of coasters around.  I like unique ones like this one I found in a Hallmark store in Kansas City one year.

I know this is hard to see, but this rocking horse is a music box and has a place where I keep my postage stamps.

I only added one candle this year on my buffet.

This tree is a bit large for this rocking horse, but I originally put it (the tree) on the floor and the young hellion was trying to rip the stuffing out of it before I caught him.

I got a bit carried away with the potpourri, but thought it isn't doing any good in the package, so why not use it.  After all, the scent doesn't last too long in or out of the package.

I bought this tin at a thrift store one year.  It's not good enough to use for baking, but it makes a great tea light holder.

This tree, given to me many, many years ago (right after I got out of high school) has been on every table in my house.  This year it's sitting on my fern stand.

Some of the points only had ribbons, so a few years ago I added some darling little rocking horses and made it more my style.

This is what I use in place of a mantle to hang my stockings.  You can see that both "boys" get new cat collars in their stockings for Christmas.

I purchased the crystal tree and rocking horse at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 (USD) each a few years ago.  I had a metal tree and a matching metal rocking horse 

but after looking everywhere for the rocking horse, gave up

and used the gray kitty with the white face for the young hellion (aka Squiggles).  Why four stockings you ask? I always have one for Bleubeard and me, and now one for Squiggles.  I also add one in case someone comes by, so I can place a little gift inside to surprise that person.

I admit it worked better when there were only three stockings that I could place on the side of the sideboard instead of having to carry them around to the front.

This is the first year I've decorated the two smaller trees.  I found these vintage Santas in my craft room earlier this year.

I added a star to this

and one I turned into a rocking horse tree.  Yes, the large rocking horses are candles.

I purchased the larger of the three trees already decorated, but the two smaller ones were unadorned until this year.

This area is getting a bit crowded with mostly trees.  But wait.  Something is missing

and it's my matching stuffed rocking horses.  Note the teapot my friend Kathy gave me that I leave here year round.

I love bottle brush trees, so placed them together.

All except the tree I placed in the window of the rusty house I decided to leave instead of using my wreath this year.

The last room I will show today is the bath.  Yes, I love cardinals and these stay here year round.

Only the red tree

and this tiny tree incense burner/holder were added to the mix this year.

One final look at part of the living/dining area and it's time to say thank you beyond belief for visiting today.  I'm always, always grateful for your visit.  Yes, those are cat toys all over the floor.  You can't have cats and not have toys, right?

24 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like you spend a lot of time and energy putting out your Christmas decorations, and it look good. Enjoy! Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

Barbara Fisher said...

It all looks so pretty, and it makes me want to add to my own decorating. I promised my husband I would not go mad this year because we are heading off on holiday in the New Year – and everything that comes out of the loft has to go back in the loft before we go away. He might not notice if I just add a few things. :)

My name is Erika. said...

You have so many beautiful trees and other decorations. And some nice antiques too. The house is looking good and quite festive! I forgot you had the sandwich-I remember asking about it last year. It's tough when it is so warm to feel like like Christmas. But people do it in many places so I guess unless you live in the cold dark north it could happen. Today we have the lull before the next snow tomorrow-but it will turn to rain quickly I think so it is just going to be a mess. I think I'd rather have it warm than deal with that. Hope you get a little more holiday weather soon. Hugs-Erika

froebelsternchen Susi said...

This looks all spo very pretty and decorated with so much love! I enjoyed this wonderful tour - thank you for sharing all those rocking horses and trees - even decorated in the bathroom - YOU ARE A STAR!!!

Happy new week my friend!
May this week be filled with wonderful time for you!

oxo Susi
all well here - no snow came and I had a lovely weekend!
oxo Susi

craftytrog said...

Wonderful, festive decorations Elizabeth! Of course, I love the crochet stocking! ;-)
Have a great week!
Alison xx

kathyinozarks said...

Oh wow I love everything Elizabeth so festive and I love the vintage pieces

RO said...

My goodness, I want to catch a plane and come hang out at your treasure-filled home. So many of the things you have are clearly priceless and not to be found anywhere else. I love the way you have everything grouped together so lovingly. Everything is so neat too! By the way, with all the bloggers I've visited, you're the first one to have the identical Merriam dictionary that I have on my bookcase. (lol) How cool is that? Hugs and happy Monday! RO

CJ Kennedy said...

Your decorations are just delightful. Little surprises on each table. Your house looks like a photo shoot from a North Pole magazine. You'll make Mrs. Claus jealous. Had to laugh about Squiggles going after the little Christmas tree.

Darla said...

Your decorations are delightful. You have such a wonderful collection and many pieces with memories attached. I enjoyed looking at each area you've decorated. I've yet to put up a decoration at all. Usually wait until the 15th.

Sandra Cox said...

Very festive! I especially like your rocking horses and that you keep a spare stocking for the occasional visitor. That is such a lovely, welcoming idea.
Our kitties get little to no toys because the dog destroys them. Sigh.
Have a purrfect week.

Divers and Sundry said...

I love all your trees! I'm especially taken with the luminaries. I've been picking up a little tree now and then over the course of the last few years, and I like how they look grouped together as you do yours. That red tree with the jingle bells strikes my fancy :)

I love seeing how you've decorated, such a festive atmosphere :)

Pamela Gerard said...

You sure do have a lot of holiday spirit! I have one and only one Xmas decoration -- my Xmas tree. I LOVE the Tree Napkin Holder for Xmas cards -- If I had one I'd use it for the very same thing. Happy Holidays.

Helen said...

wow look at all your trees and Christmas decorations! your home looks fabulous.

jinxxxygirl said...

just love seeing your xmas decor Elizabeth!!! See you for T!!! Hugs! deb

Meggymay said...

I have loved looking around your home and seeing all your wonderful decorated trees, and of course the lovely rocking horses you collect.
I think Bleubeard and Squiggles will enjoy getting their stockings on Christmas day. Our animals always had gifts at Christmas.
Yvonne xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, your Christmas decorations are spectacular! I love all the trees as well as those amazing rocking horses, thanks for showing us around 😁. I hope you had a lovely weekend and wishing you a happy new week! J 😊

BJ said...

Gotta love all your trees, the bathroom one made me smile. Thanks for the visit. BJ

pearshapedcrafting said...

I do love it when you get your trees out! Your house looks so festive! I have a new tree but have yet to decorate it - a birthday treat for me I think!!! Hugs, Chrisx

Birgit said...

I love all your trees and you have decorated so beautifully and with such heart. I love that you have kept your one tree all these years and bought things in a flea market or even the dollar store. Your angel is so pretty and looks old which I love.

Rike said...

Oh my, what spectacular Christmas decorations, even in the bathroom! So many beautiful things - I am not able to stop watching, all is gorgeous!
Rike x

Sami said...

Love all the miniature tree decorations you have around the house.
Your antique scale is fabulous.
Because this year we won't be doing the normal big Christmas lunch I just put up the Christmas tree and a couple of small decorations in the lounge and nothing else.

Incipient Wings said...

thank you for showing us your lovely home and Christmas decorations!
Love all the trees you mom had that glass tree candy holder too..she also loved cardinals, your home makes me miss her, she would have loved all your treasure.
Your rocking horses are amazing..that big one with the wheels is especially impressive. That tin is perfect for tea lights, that's a great idea. Also have to comment on the stuffed trees! how cute are they!!
I think it's so thoughtful of you to have an extra stocking 'just in case' that is SO sweet:)
a house isn't a home without cat toys strewn it all!!
hugs to you!
By the way..My Merry Monday post is has been since early yesterday morning,I'm not sure why it's not showing up for you...
maybe my page needs to be refreshed?

Linda Kunsman said...

Your lovely home is so beautifully decorated throughout and filled with warmth and comfort. I love every bit of it and I imagine it must make you feel so good too. It's like a great big hug! Thank you.

Jeanie said...

Oh Elizabeth, your house is so festive, so pretty and so beautifully decorated. I believe that you can't have too many trees, so I love this! And it is such fun to see your rocking horses.

Best idea? The extra stocking. I love that thought and I may have to "borrow" it!