Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Voting Day

If you live in the U.S., today was voting day (Tuesday).  As I walked out the door to vote, the wind nearly swept my small frame off the porch.  Not sure why my trash can didn't roll down the street.

What a difference two days made.  Now all the trees are starting to turn and my poor tree in my front yard is loosing leaves faster than you can say "election day."

It was too cold and windy to take photos outside the voting place, so luckily I took one before I went in to vote.  Yes, there were other people there, but thankfully, no one in the photo.  These are our election "booths."  Gone are the curtained booths where you used paper ballets and hanging chads.   I won't elaborate on that, but look up the 2000 presidential election if you are curious.

After I voted, I stopped by where Girl Scouts were selling cookies and used school library books.

The trees were simply stunning.

It's simply amazing how quickly these trees turned colors.

It's also amazing how some trees are still green, like I saw two days ago.

On my drive home, I was amazed at the landscape of this house and the two trees that were so different in color.

I could barely believe the trees and the lovely colors they were now sporting.

At home, I laid out the books I purchased.   Yes, that's me standing on a stool.

I purchased them for the pictures.

And of course, while I was taking photos, I decided to share my really scraggly herb garden, which will need lots of work next spring.  But what I really wanted to show was 

where the board broke and fell to the ground with me on top of it.

The entire board was rotten, and will need to go soon.

Since we've had two hard freezes now, you can tell what will overwinter and what will not.  I'll deal with these pots in the spring.

Today is Day 8 of AEDM and I performed my civic duty and voted.  While out and about, I took photos of beautiful trees in the area.  I also showed where I hurt my hand and wrist.

Thanks for joining me today.  Your visits mean the world to me.  And yes, I'm late, but I just now finished this post.

25 thoughtful remarks:

Helen said...

wow the trees are turning fast now - they look amazing! you could leave the wooden post there to attract wildlife.. unless it will get too cold over winter (always forget how much colder your winters are than ours)

Valerie-Jael said...

Nice to see the turning trees, I am so in love with the wonderful colours just now. Your district looks good, and I'm glad you weren't blown away by the wind, one injury to your hand was already too much - hope it is now better. Have fun using the new books. Have a nice day, hugs, Valerie

Helen said...

had to come back to reply to your comment on my WOYWW post - I have 2 die cutting machines in fact, I have a cuttlebug which I got long before my big shot - but I have had that years!! I am not sure what you mean about buying every die going - well I do but am being ironic - I don't have that many at all (by comparison to some) as I don't use them as often as I think when I do buy them!!!

Incipient Wings said...

I love windy Novembers! This city doesn't seem to have many windy days at all.
the trees look the contrasting colors.
I remember the curtained voting booths, they were so mysterious to me when I was a child & went with my mom.
Love all the books you purchased:)
Hope your hand and wrist are healing well!

NatureFootstep said...

our trees are bare now :(

Dortesjs said...

ohhh dear, autumn comes BUT it looks great...ohh when spring comes again WE shall do so many things lol lol I have same problem...but try dealing with it along the way. Have a great day dear

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wonderful autumnal colors on this trees - really amazing! And a super purchase for an Altered Book Artist - you can use the images and also use the covers for something - I am looking forward to seeing what you will come up with! I bet you will bring your herbs over the winter - you have the green thumb - good you didn't brake your green thumb - what a bad accident- hope your wrist and hand feel a lot better meanwhile!
Don't mind about commenting always - we have days there isn't enough time for all we want and have to do!

Happy day my friend and thank you for all the interesting photos - I am impressed with the super cool election "booths" - we have just the old fashioned ones!
oxo Susi

RO said...

Something about the changing colors of trees is truly fascinating, and the colors are so lovely. I like windy days for some reason. They make me want to curl up with a good book by a window to enjoy the scenery. The pictures you've taken are postcard worth for sure. Thank goodness you didn't get hurt from that rotten wood!

Of course had I gone to lunch I would have gotten a burger to critique, or maybe even nachos. I also enjoy French Fries such as those you chose.

When I lived in Overland Park, it was truly something to see everyone wear red on football days, and I started getting caught up into it as well, except for when Dallas played. Those are good pics, but college sports I don't normally get into.

Great choices for books for all your projects! Hugs...and Happy Wednesday! RO

TammyVitale said...

beautiful capture of the tree colors! I haven't done much of that this year. And the board - ouch! If you hadn't said anything about it I would have been taken with the pot(s) because I'm a gardner too. :)

Caty said...

Love those so amazing trees Elizabeth !! Thanks so much for sharing your photographs, they are all fantastiques !! Your little garden is fabulous too. I hope you´ll get better soon, and also hope to see your new altered books. Have a very nice day, big hugs, Caty.

CJ Kennedy said...

It's amazing how the trees go from green to color to all over the lawn. My small, rural town still has the curtained voting booth. We vote by paper ballot. Like taking a test in school, you color in the circle to indicate your vote. After exiting the voting booth, and having your name crossed off the list a second time (first time before you go into the booth), you insert your ballot into a card reader under the watchful eye of a police officer. What fun books you purchased. Will be interesting to see what you do with them. Hope your wrist and hand are doing better. Enjoy your day

My name is Erika. said...

We still have striped curtains and paper ballots here in my little town. I am just as glad although with small town politics it crosses my mind someone will purposely count wrong. I actually had an issue a couple of years ago for the presidential primary where my party never got changed, as they do after each vote when you are an independent in NH. Therefore I couldn't vote on the party ballot I wanted to vote on. I was so mad I called and actually spoke to the state attorney general. He did actually look into it too, which I knew because when I went to register my car I got an apology from the town clerk. The apology was accepted but the whole voting issue made me mad because it happened to other people too, like my husband, and so I was told when I went to vote, several other folks. Maybe the electronic ballot would be better, as long as there was no Russian (or other) hacking.

And wow- your leaves did change. We have gotten COLD-Friday is going to feel like January. UGH. Nice book purchase though, and good to help the Girl Scouts. I look forward to seeing some nice images in your art soon. Happy Hump Day. Hugs-Erika

My name is Erika. said...

Oh and I wanted to mention you were lucky you didn't hurt yourself even more when that piece of wood broke. Sorry you hurt your hand, I don't mean that, but you really could have gotten hurt there.

Sami said...

Love the red and orange colours of the trees, beautiful!
Nice book purchases, I'm sure you'll be able to use lots of pictures.
What was the voting for Elizabeth?

Divers and Sundry said...

We didn't have elections here, but you know I was glued to the tv coverage of the results (and of course Trump's speech in S. Korea). I fondly remember the hanging chad. For weeks! wasn't it? That we had photos of that one man carefully examining that one ballot? lol. I love politics :)

Y'all have such great fall color! All my plants are still on the patio, and we haven't had a freeze yet. Some of your herbs are very hardy to look so good after two hard freezes.

Thx for sharing such beautiful photos of your autumn plantings :)

garrisonjames said...

Those trees, especially the ones caught in the middle of changing colors, look great. Looks like you picked up some interesting books as well. And voted. Very cool.

Sandra Cox said...

I was very pleased with the voting outcomes:)
You got some great shots!
Have a day filled with sparkle:)

Meggymay said...

Lovely photos of your district today, thank you for taking us to voting station with you, the trees have lovely colours at this time of year.
I liked the look of the books you purchased as well.
You were really lucky that you didn't get more injuries after your fall, I felt for you when I saw the photos. I hope you are not in so much pain and things are getting better.
Yvonne xx

Vrouw said...

Oh I loooove autumn leaves... so many blog posts these days are about autumn leaves, so nice to see! I will have to upload some pictures myself since I live like less than a 100 m from the woods and they are gorgeous! Maybe an idea for AEDM tomorrow!
Nelly from the blog
( I can't seem to fix the login so I will have to sign every comment ;-) does anyone know how this works? I want to login with the Wordpress open ID but I always get an error message of invalid open ID...)

Rita said...

The trees look great! Most of ours are already bare.
Cool picture books. :)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Such beautiful views around your area! The tree outside my craft room is slowly losing it's leaves! You found some interesting books - look forward to seeing which you use first! Your herb garden looks sorry for itself and seeing the broken wood made me feel sorry for you! I know how it feels to fall(grin)! At least the ones you brought in will be fine over the Winter! Thank you for your lovely comments about my AJJ pages! Hope the wind drops soon! Hugs,Chrisx

nanskidrewski said...

The trees are amazing, love the color. I love children's books; you can find some fantastic art in them. Enjoy! Xo

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

What beautiful photos. You are having a wondrous autumn. Fall has come late to Sacramento, so only a few of our trees are turning so far, but they've started, and that makes me happy. I love fall.

Jeanie said...

We didn't have any voting in my township, though the city proper did. Weird not to vote when everyone else was.

Gorgeous photos of your neighborhood and area. You have some wonderful color. We're due for snow tonight which may take care of our color.

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh those trees are wonderful, I love the red and orange colours!
Your book purchases look excellent.

All the best Jan