Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Midsomer Cottage

When I first saw this place, the bay window and the style of the cottage reminded me of Midsomer, the county in England with the highest murder count in the world.  Thankfully, it's merely a TV show.  For awhile in the U.S., Cabot Cove, Maine, where Jessica Fletcher lived, might have rivaled that number.

Although I could already see a few problems, I was still enamored by this cottage plucked straight out of an English countryside and into my fair city.  As I walked around the yard to the back, where the attached garage was (which I failed to take a photo of), I could see a few problems, but nothing that couldn't be fixed.

However, then we made it to the back of the house, and I was no longer impressed, nor enamored.

The dining room French doors were boarded, there was exposed wiring, and the entire second floor deck leading out of one of the bedrooms was gone.   At least I could tell there was working electricity in the house.

Looking for a quick sale, the house was to go "as is," meaning all that junk would have to be carried to the dump, or recycled.

The roof over that same patio was leaking, and there was what appeared to be mold on the boards.  Believe me, mold and I are not friends.

There were three bedrooms upstairs, two of which can be seen here, and one that could be seen from the front.

With those tacky metal columns holding up the deck, it no longer looked like an English cottage, but a run-down 50s nightmare. Nothing mid-century modern about it, just ugly and ready for someone to demo it and start fresh.

Apparently, the garage had been broken into

since the last time my friend had been there.

One of the things that drew her to this place was the acreage.  She pointed out how far back the property line went.  It went beyond the fountain and beyond the tree line, all the way to the white area of a home you can see in the distance.

On the right side of the photo above, you can see an enclosed area, I thought would make a nice garden, since it was fenced in.

The fountain was surrounded by two benches,

one on each side.

At this point, I was ready to leave, but I knew she was still in love with the place, so I focused on a picture of a gnarled dead pine tree.

As we headed back around the house, I laughed at the fact you can never get rid of those Tidy Cat containers.  Believe me, I have tons of them my friend Scott takes off my hands.

You can finally see there is a full basement, although the windows are only on the two sides and back of the house.  As we rounded the corner to the front, it no longer looked like a gentile cottage,

but a cheap and tacky

residence someone tried to update with rope lights (possibly to help sell the place).

However there was ONE mystery I couldn't solve.  When asked if I knew what kind of tree this is,

I took several photos of the tree, the bark, the berries, 

and the leaves.   I've looked a bit online, but if anyone knows what this tree is, please let me know.  I certainly have no idea.

And then it was time to go.  My friend loved everything about this place, including the circle drive

and the lovely neighborhood.  I saw problems, but tried not to be too discouraging.

Thanks for joining me for a real Midsomer mystery (the tree), but no Midsomer Murder!  I'm always delighted when you drop by.

18 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Well, for someone who loves renovations and lots of work over years it might be a bargain. For me it looks like a nightmare! I'm sure kids would love playing in that huge garden, and I'm sure it has a lot of potential, perhaps as a haunted house where strange things happen!? Have a fun day, hugs, Valerie

Helen said...

I think it looks full of potential (as the agents would say when they're trying to sell it) A whole heap of work, but I can see why your friend has fallen in love with it. If I had endless money (ha ha) and expertise (even more ha ha) to fix it, I would want it too.

Meggymay said...

Lovely photos Elizabeth and I can see [I think] how your friend would fall in love with it. It once would have been a pretty rural home in a beautiful setting.
However.... this would be a step to far, it would really need to be leveled and a new building placed there. Perhaps re- create the look of the original, but as it stands, the cost to renovate doesn't bear thinking about.
But good luck to your friend if she decides to buy the property.
Sorry I cannot help with the name of the trr.
Happy Sunday wishes.
Yvonne xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

An absolutely nightmare house in my mind..... gosh .... I would say - keep your fingers away from it! That would definitely ruin you!
Thank you for the photos -
I'd advice rather enjoy Inspector Barnaby on TV but buy a house in healthier condition. Don't know what tree that is -- looks a little bit like an olive tree to me, but I don't think that it is one.
Happy Sunday Elizabeth!
oxo Susi

nanskidrewski said...

Love potential, but I have to agree with Susi. Scary! Beyond my level of comprehension, ability, and especially funds! Quite an undertaking!

Meggymay said...

Just called back in Elizabeth, it was an old distress ink pad that I splashed water onto, not tried it with other types as yet.
Yvonne xx

CJ Kennedy said...

The front of the house is very pretty with the bow window. As long as the bones of the house are solid, nothing a lot of time and money can't remedy to turn the house into the country cottage. I hope she has a home inspection done.

sheila 77 said...

I was fascinated by every single photograph and as always by your comments as you went round the house and garden. It certainly doesn't look like a good buy at all and that is just by going with what we see here, but it made a super blogpost.

My name is Erika. said...

I think if you had a huge amount of money and time, it could be really cute. But the back of the house really scared me.Wow. And who knows how the inside is if this is the outside. Me, I would stay away from it because all I see is money flying out of my wallet and the sound of kching kching in my head. I hope your friends vision isn't just all romantic and she really knows what home improvement is. Happy rest of your weekend. Hugs-Erika

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm wondering why it's not being sold as a tear-down. Acreage is nice :)

It's hard for me to tell about the tree, but it puts me in mind of a Willow Oak maybe.

Fran Hopkins said...

The tree bark looks like Oak and the leaves look a bit like laurel.. I've never seen a Willow Oak but sounds promising

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Seeing a home like that, which has seen better days always makes me wonder what happened to the people. The house was loved once and has some nice features, but then ...

I have no idea what the tree is, but it's not in very good shape.

Lowcarb team member said...

I'm sure the house has a story to tell.
I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

All the best Jan

Rita said...

There was a murder. That house was murdered. So sad! It must have been just beautiful in its day.

Anonymous said...

Too bad such a beautiful old cape cod style house is such a mess. Ours wasn't too far from that when we began the tackle and we have the same kind of dormers up top only two windows. More Cabot Cove in style than Midsomer - strangest reasons for murder ever on Midsomer.....

No clue on the tree, never seen one like it anywhere around here.

Good luck on solving the mystery.


pearshapedcrafting said...

What a lovely looking house…at first! Such shame that it is such bad state. It looks as though there were children around at one time too so the land would have been great! If your friend is very rich it may be worth giving it a go, but it is going to be VERY expensive to sort it out! Hugs, Chrisx

Jeanie said...

Definitely a fixer upper, isn't it? It has such potential. I'd say the reno might cost as much as the house, even if one could do a good deal of the labor independently. But when all was said and done it could be a gem.

roth phallyka said...

good luck to your friend if she decides to buy the property.