Saturday, August 26, 2017

Birds in my garden

Some of you may have noticed I have been absent, both posting and commenting for several days.  I have a dear friend who is a physician assistant.  She stopped by when I called because I had coughed for nearly a day.  She listened to my lungs (is that the correct term?) after I told her I had inhaled mold.  She heard first hand the rattle and wheeze I had described to her on the phone.  Although I chose not to go to a doctor, he believes I have bronchial pneumonia after the mold settled in my lungs.  She said if I wasn't going to a doctor, to at least stay in bed, drink lots of fluids, and get lots of rest.  I started to feel guilty, and decided I needed to drag myself out of bed long enough to meet a few challenges.  I may not make it by to visit anyone for awhile because just the act of getting these photos on my blog, has been enough for one day.

I give you my take on birds in my garden.

  I'm honoring Jo whose blog is Let's Art Journal, this month's host of Art Journal Journey, with her theme of Poetry in Motion.  I'm also honoring Moo-Mania and More, where their theme is Birds, as well as Try it on Tuesday, with their theme of In My Garden.

I thought this quote by Kirby Larson was perfect, even though the bird I chose was a hummingbird.  In case you can't read the quote it is:
The wren and the nightingale sound nothing alike, but think how dull my garden would be without the songs of both birds.

I was going to add some silk flowers, but I didn't want to make the trip to the basement to look for them, so I took the lazy safe way out and added some floral washi tape.

Materials I used include a used file folder that is painted purple on the reverse, then added a magazine image, a beige doily, washi tape, and a computer generated quote I found on the internet.

Thanks for joining me today from my sick bed as I join

   Art Journal Journey

  Moo-Mania & More

and Try it on Tuesday.

Thanks, too, for your concern over my well being.

21 thoughtful remarks:

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh Elizabeth!Get well soon - take time to recover well!
Your page is so beautiful with this amazing details and the wonderful quote! I love your hummingbird-wren-nightingale
page! So lovely! Thank you very, very much for such a beautiful collaged page linked to Try It On Tuesday, Moo Mania & More and Art Journal Journey!
You are in my thoughts!
Take good care of you!
oxo Susi

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely work, hope you soon feel better, if you have pneumonia you need to see a doctor! Hugs, Valerie

Helen said...

make sure you take care. when you're up to it, there's a Kew trip to enjoy, but you better wait a while for that.

Let's Art Journal said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are so unwell, I do hope that the bed rest is helping your recovery, sending you get well wishes 😀. Your page is stunning, I love the quote you have added, it is so beautiful! I think you have covered all our gardens by including all these birds on your page as although I don't have hummers in my UK garden I do have wrens - perfect 😁. Thanks so much for creating this glorious page for Art Journal Journey and please take care of yourself dear Elizabeth! Wishing you a happy restful Saturday! J 😊

Lowcarb team member said...

I do like your art pieces.
Hope you feel better soon, take care.

All the best Jan

pearshapedcrafting said...

Now just you listen here dear Elizabeth! Much as I love your fabulous journal page…and I do love it, and happy as I am that you have entered the 'In My Garden' challenge at Try It On Tuesday….and I am happy, I do hope that you haven't interrupted the recovery process! The quote is wonderful and reminds me that when we were at the caravan the other week, while having breakfast, a little Wren sat on the decking rail for about 3 minutes watching us before hopping farther along and looking at the garden! We often hear it singing, but I have never heard a Nightingale! Big Hugs and Get Well Soon! Chrisxx
ps This a little disjointed as halfway through typing I was on the phone to my SIL for around an hour (plus some!!!)xx

CJ Kennedy said...

Your page is lovely. The doily so delicate like the hummingbirds. I had one flit through the garden a few times at the beginning of the Summer. Feel better.

sheila 77 said...

Hello Elizabeth, I'm worried about you. Please don't take any unneccesary risks with your health, maybe you should see a doctor. If I was near, I would come along with you. Your art page is extremely pretty but I would rather you were well again. What does Bleubeard think? And Squiggles, I'm sure they want you to be strong and healthy again.
with love, Sheila

My name is Erika. said...

Oh no. This sounds like a bad turn of events. I hope you are getting lots of rest and improving. If not, go see a doctor. If I was closer I would bring you some chicken noodle soup which is suppose to fix everything when you are sick (not sure it does but it tastes good and goes down easy) . Love the art. It's a little bit of summer. The hummingbirds have been buzzing around here all afternoon. Guess they are getting ready to start flying south. ☹️ Anyhow. Take care of yourself and rest. That's the most important thing. Hugs erika

Meggymay said...

Oh Elizabeth do take care of yourself. I think we all don't care to use the doctors but sometimes it is the only way to get well.
You have created a beautiful journal page and it is a pleasure to have you join us over at TioT's.
I would love to see a brightly coloured bird in my garden like the one on your page.
Please take lots of rest, thinking of you.
Yvonne xx

chrissie said...

So sad hear you are ill and you really should
see a doctor as mold can cause some awful things

Beautiful projects you made and thank you for joining us at Try it on Tuesday

Love Chrissie xx

Krisha said...

Your page is gorgeous, please take her advice and get plenty of rest and fluids. Mold can be veerrrry scary!

nanskidrewski said...

Such a pretty page. Hope you feel better soon. Plenty of rest and fluids might help. Hugs.

Rita said...

Very pretty and I love the quote. So sorry to hear you are sick! Rest and take good care of yourself. Don't worry about us. You get well and go to the doctor if you aren't getting better.

Cindy McMath said...

Elizabeth, please go see the doctor! This is a lovely page.

Rosie said...

I love your gorgeous page, Elisabeth.
Get well soon.

Thank you for joining us at MOO MANIA & MORE

Fran Hopkins said...

Love the page but really think you should see your doctor. Xx

Divers and Sundry said...

I hope you'll be open to going to the doctor if you don't improve soon. Rest and fluids sounds like a good idea but may not be enough depending on what kind of pneumonia you have. :( Take care of yourself. We'll all be here when you get back :)

I love your reminder. We do need variety in our lives and in our world. Our gardens are a perfect reminder of that.

Jeanie said...

Oh Elizabeth, that sounds grim. I'm so very sorry.

Do take good care of yourself, pay attention to your doc and remember, challenges aren't nearly so important as your good health. As one who has dealt with pneumonia more than once -- and tough cases -- I beg you to consider going to your doc. I know. It's no fun. But mold and pneumonia are nothing to mess with. And now, I'll stop trying to act like a mom!

roth phallyka said...

if you have pneumonia you need to see a doctor! Hugs, Valerie


Mrs.B said...

A fabulous journal page and I love your take on the theme.
Sorry to read you're not well and maybe you should see a doctor, just to be safe.
Thanks for sharing with us at TioT
Avril x