Friday, August 18, 2017

Art at The Kansas African-American Museum (TKAAM)

As promised, here is the art I saw at TKAAM.

As you can see in the background, the lecture was quite well attended.  That's why I focused on the art and artifacts until some of the crowd thinned.

It was incredibly difficult to get good photos because everything was behind or under glass.  The glare from the lighting didn't help, either.

The musical instruments were fun to see, but what shocked me was I photo bombed my photo.  Yes, that's me in baggy jeans and over sized top.

Another glass case, this time showing even more of me and my camera strap that I never place around my neck.  I loved how it showed where the art was originally from.

Part of their permanent collection, I loved the bright colors and warm background of this painting.

It took awhile before I remembered to show the placards.  Yes, I'm that short!

 Lots of detail in this mixed media piece (above).

At first, I thought these were coffee beans,

Then realized they were shells, similar to ones I have in my collection of African beads.

I really liked this wooden statue.  Not sure why, because I'm not normally fond of tattoos.

I almost didn't show this photo, but I thought it was good from the standpoint that it showed the size of the museum.  And yes, that's me you see in the background.

I thought it was good from a mixed media and subject matter standpoint, too!

I'm not sure why I skipped around so much, but this is how they came from my camera.

I knew my foodie friend Sally would like this room, because she has her own mask collection.

So much art behind glass,

so little time to explore!

This makes me want to dance with these ladies.

It's AMAZING what can be achieved with a Sharpie!

I apologize everything is behind glass and very difficult to see.  I hope, though, you found this art enlightening, and enjoyed seeing these different artifacts as much as I did. 

Thanks so very much for joining me at TKAAM and their permanent collection.  If I go back, I'll photograph the art on the second floor.

15 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Loved seeing all the exhibits in the museum. It is hard to take photos of stuff in glass cases, this I know from experience! Thanks for sharing the lovely images. Hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

An amazing collection of artwork Elizabeth. I particularly like the one with ladies with the pots on their head. Thank you for sharing the photographs and I must say they are of such a high quality

Love Chrissie xx

roth phallyka said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely images. Hugs, Valerie


Blogoratti said...

Such a fine and worthy collection touching on different countries and cultures. You have certainly done a good job of putting in all the attractions into the posts, and the photos are such a delight. Nice of you to share.

Meggymay said...

It is a wonderful collection of art pieces. At least you were able to get photos, I think I have said before our exhibitions seem to be in dim lights and flash photos are not allowed. So good for you to be able to share these great shots with us.
Yvonne xx

Jennifer McLean said...

Hi Elizabeth, long time no talk, lol. Thought I'd stop by and say hello. I'm loving that thin giraffe and the carved door/plaque at the end is amazing. Whaat a lot to see! I haven't done a museum in ages. The glass wasn't bothersome at all, have a great weekend my friend!

CJ Kennedy said...

So much wonderful art to look at. Hard to pick a favorite piece, but I think I love the giraffe the best. Enjoy your weekend.

My name is Erika. said...

I love seeing the art today. What an amazing collection. I grew up in a house with some African carvings because my uncle lived for several years in South Africa and my parents managed to get a small collection, and I have some of it in my house. These are just fantastic pieces though.And then you mentioned your jeans and oversized top and I spent a lot of time looking for your reflections, which added to the fun. :) Thanks for sharing this cool museum with us. hugs-Erika

nanskidrewski said...

Thank you for sharing Elizabeth, as always so interesting and informative. My favorite is Solve the Problem. Love the colors. The frame is perfect! Love the explanation of the symbolism. 2nd favorite is the shell person because of the texture. 3rd favorite is the giraffe. So cute. Love the spindly legs.

Rita said...

Lovely and fascinating artwork. :)

Sandra Cox said...

These were fascinating.
The one picture was made with fiber cord? Amazing.
Just goes to show art is everywhere and can be made from everything.
I loved the colorful pieces too.
Thanks for sharing your visit, Elizabeth. Loved strolling through the museum.

Dianne said...

Looks like this is a fabulous collection! thanks so much for sharing your photos...I find African art very fascinating, and the meanings behind them are intriguing. not sure I would display any in my home, but they are very inspiring. I believe the masks were considered to actually BE a spirit, and that unnerves me! Can totally understand why these designs and figures have inspired fine artists for generations....and I think those shells covering the figure may be considered fertility symbols in some cultures? Loved it all!

Divers and Sundry said...

ooooo! The best thing about a dedicated museum like this is that you get so much depth. I love all the photos, and I find myself partial to the masks, too :) And the dancing women, of course. Such a bright piece.

Let's Art Journal said...

I enjoyed visiting the museum with you and looking at all the beautiful artwork especially the giraffe 😁. Enjoy your weekend! J 😊

pearshapedcrafting said...

These are all so interesting! My aunt and uncle used to live in Africa years ago and used to bring us examples of African art when they came to visit. I think my brother let a lot of it go when he had Mum's house cleared when she move into a nursing home! I still have some small pieces but they are still in a box - there isn't much display space here! The African dancers are my favourites! Hugs, Chrisx