Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Cosmosphere: part 2 and a little art, too!

If you missed part 1 of the Cosmosphere, it is here.  However, I want to begin with a little art for Rosie's Circles theme at Art Journal Journey.  If you are unfamiliar with her work, it is stunning.

I can't take full credit for the inspiration to this piece.  First, I saw Jo's recent AJJ entry, then I saw the planet/circle on the Cosmosphere's logo and knew I wanted to make something with planets.  I actually revamped an old piece I created years ago.  I punched circles and added them to the background, which I had created before.  I even added the laughable image of our "blue earth."

The background contains several of my handmade shimmering mists that I added after I masked off the quote I ran through my printer.

Returning to the Cosmosphere, after we got our tickets,

the first thing we did was hop on board the flight simulator.

Just my kind of seating: no seat belts, but panic buttons on the seat arms. 

Then we were off.

It wasn't long until 

we were flying high in the clouds and

being tossed in our seats in harmony to what was being seen on the screen. 

We were even pushed forward and backward, while rotating side to side.  It was an exhilarating experience

that didn't last nearly long enough.  Sorry that some of the photos were fuzzy, but I swear we were being tossed every which way (and I for one, was loving it!).  Sadly it made taking photos a bit of a challenge.

This is the one I REALLY want to take for a spin (pun intended).  Could it be we were finally ready to leave the lobby?

Not quite yet!  I had to get a few photos of the three story high Lunar Lander

that is directly across from the ticket office.  This spacecraft landed on the moon.  I missed the Rover that was parked next to it, because I never went near it when we went to the bottom floor.

Being afraid of heights, I had to lean far over the railing to get these shots I took for your enjoyment.

We will finally exit the lobby next time.  I hope you aren't bored yet, because all of a sudden Joseph's sons had lost interest in the entire experience.  It's too bad, because Joseph wanted to experience the all day pass, and it cost right at $150.00 (USD) for four adults and two children.

Thanks for coming along with me today to ride in the flight simulator and prepare to leave the lobby.  But most of all, thanks for checking out my first contribution to Circles for Rosie at Rosie's Bastelwelt, our host this month for Art Journal Journey.  Hope to see you there, too. 

14 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful photos from the cosmosphere, glad you had such a fun play time there - looks like you enjoyed it more than the kids! I know that feeling, I can never get enough in museums, either! Lovely circles page, great colours. And you still have a week to make a tag for Tag Tuesday! Hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

A very beautiful page Elizabeth and it is wonderful to be inspired by others I think.

You saw some wonders on your visit to the cosmosphere and so good that there were interactive things as well.

Enjoy your day

Love Chrissie xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh wow.. what an AMAZING post - the page is beautiful made- I love this shimmering background - your homemade shimmer sprays are really unique and your planets on it are gorgeous -
what an inspiring piece and then the photos.
Even a flight on board of a flight simulator - wow - how great is this???!!!
That so often the kids are the spoilsports - unbelievable that a boy gets bored there?!!
Not always easy to handle kids.

Thank you for your wonderful entry for Rosie's theme!HAPPY WEEKEND

Let's Art Journal said...

Oh my, your cosmic planet page is beautiful with those shimmer mists and planets - I love it! The Cosmosphere looks such a fun place and you did so well taking photos while you were on the ride being tossed around every which way, they give a lovely sense of what the ride must have been like and I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much 😀. Thanks so much for mentioning me on your post, that is very kind of you and I'm so pleased you were inspired to create this page and share your fabulous trip! Wishing you a happy weekend! J 😊

Rosie Schirrmeister said...

A very beautiful page and an amazing quote. Your photos are also beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful post at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY.
Especially thanks for your lovely words for my art, it means a lot for me.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

CJ Kennedy said...

You melded colors, images, and the quote on the journal page to reflect the ideas of space and imagination. Wow! Flying with the Blue Angels. What an awesome museum. Too bad kids don't have very long attention spans.

Jeanie said...

I love your piece, especially the backgrounds. There is such a lot of dimension and texture there. And the quote works so well with the piece as a whole.

I'm loving your museum visit.

My name is Erika. said...

NICE! I love the circles, and what a great inspiration having visited this cool museum. I think the simulator looks really fun! I bet it was thrilling. I can't image how riding in one of those planes is. Did you have any G force effects? Hugs-Erika

Cindy McMath said...

I like your planet page Elizabeth! It turned out really well.

Meggymay said...

I loved the words on your fabulous Planet journal page , great colours and shimmers.
Another great visit with you to the Cosmosphere. You were very brave going on the active rides, but it sounds a whole lot of fun.
Its a shame the children were losing interest, I hope you were able to get to enjoy the whole day.

Yvonne xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Fabulous page Elizabeth! Great quote and I love the planets you created!
We are finding that our grandchildren don't have the same enthusiasm that they used to. We have visited places that we took my youngest son at the same age and kept his interest. Even though these places have improved over the years we are living in days where we have allowed our children to be drawn into the digital age! I have even seen babies been given phones with games on to occupy(keep them distracted…whatever!!!) them on journeys instead of talking to them or reading to them. Sorry…rant over….!
Getting back to normal having had a touch of BPV, so should be able to catch up a bit more!
Hugs, Chrisx

Carol said...

Very fitting journal page ♥ Hubby says this really looks a place he wants to visit... I knew he would. :)

Divers and Sundry said...

I've been away from blog-land and am catching up -hoping to visit folks before T Tuesday, so then I can visit again on Tuesday lol.

I've never been to a space museum. There's not one really close, and we never chose to visit one for a vacation trip. It looks exciting! Thx for all the photos :)

Anonymous said...

Carl Sagan would love your other worldy planets in the cosmos. I for one would not have leaned over that railing, good for you. xox