Friday, June 30, 2017

June, 2017 complete and July ready in my never ending calendar, along with an update on the herb garden and two challenge entries

There's lots to cover today, this final day of June.  June has been put to bed for 2017, at least in my never-ending calendar.  I'm now preparing for summertime fun in July.  Feel free to read the minutia, which is pretty boring this month, since most of what I accomplished was putting out fires that didn't get on my blog or in my calendar.  I made a mess of the scan, too.

July is ready to write in, and on the 18th we will celebrate our 4th T Tuesday anniversary with an ATC exchange.

Lots more to get through today, so I'll start with one final Art Journal Journey entry.

Honoring Rosie's theme of Circles for Art Journal Journey, I'm paying homage to the colors of summer.  Bright, bold, and beach colors are what I think of when I think of summer.

Now let's move onto an herb garden update.

A quick last week in June update on my bedraggled herb garden.  It's been too hot to weed, and the pots are showing it, too.  If it ever cools (we have been under a heat advisory for many days), I will get out and clean this sad, sad area.  Before you ask, that's a ceramic bell attached to my metal compost can that now holds a pumpkin vine.

My three basils I planted from seed are starting to do well.  At first, I thought they weren't going to take hold.  The pot on the front right was supposed to hold parsley, but grass seems to have taken over, instead.

Cilantro is looking good.  After I harvest lots of it, what goes to seed will be coriander.

The oregano plant (in large pot in back) is doing well.  Thankfully, I haven't killed the rosemary in front.

In the far back is dill, which is doing quite well.   The middle pot needs to be cleaned out.  It seems the stray blackberry vine I transplanted is not doing well.  The front is barley grass I purchased from a company called ROAR to support animal rescue efforts.  The grass is for the two fellas' who share my home.

As an aside, one year when Bleubeard was quite young, I planted catnip.  He didn't care for it.  Go figure I have a straight laced tee-totaling cat.

I love dill

I love it so much I plan to plant more as soon as the seed pods ripen.

Ripening blackberries are interspersed with many white flowers, a sign of more to come.

Three lavenders are left of the five I purchased.  They aren't doing too well, either.

My mint, on the other hand is definitely ready for harvest.

I was surprised that the tomato plant I purchased was doing so well.

I might even have a ripe tomato by the 4th of July.  I used to race my neighbor (who died a few years ago) to see who had the first tomato by Independence Day.  I may be the winner by default this year!

And finally,

a Tag Tuesday look at the beach, Joan's theme this fortnight.

I was reminded about this G45 paper when I saw Yvonne's tag yesterday.  I went looking for mine and built my tag around it.  I added sandpaper which signifies sand, and several tiny shells I've picked up over time.

I printed a lighthouse and added it to an old slide mount.  I embellished the slide mount with more tiny shells.

Instead of string, I added a piece of mesh from a sweet potato container.  It reminded me of the mesh nets used by fishermen. 

I think this tag needs something else, but at this point, I don't know what.  I may try to rework it later and update it if I come up with something worthy of your viewing.

Thanks for joining me for this look at my wimpy, wimpy calendar pages and my equally wimpy garden update. Thank you also for joining me at Art Journal Journey and Tag Tuesday, too.   See you in July.

17 thoughtful remarks:

chrissie said...

Another full calendar page Elizabeth and one waiting to be filled

Love the different coloured circles on ypur page

Great to see your plants doing so well and such a wonderful variety

Your beach tag has lots of brilliant ideas. Thank you for joining us at Tag Tuesday

Love Chrissie xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

You are always doing all so well Elizabeth! The calender pages and your wonderful page for AJJ - what a lovely idea and a clever sign for the next challenge as well...hihi!
The tag is fantastic - I love that you have used sandpaper for the beach! I took curry for a touch of sand yesterday - but this page with it has to wait until Sunday. I am quite busy to get all sorted out - Saturday's AJJ start and Second on the 2nd on Sunday.
Your herbs and all the other things look so so good! I didn't manage to hibernate my two herb pots. I failed. I guess I gave them too much water... or it was too cool in the basement.
Happy Friday Mrs. Elizabeth!
oxo Susi

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely post, so much to see. Your herbs are doing better than mine, somebody forgot to water them when it was so hot....Well done for keeping up on the calendar, and love the tag you made for TT, thanks so much for joining us. Have a nice day, I'm off out here.... Hugs, Valerie

My name is Erika. said...

So before I forget, I have a plant question. In the first garden photo, what is that herb with all the little plantlets along the branch. I don't think I've seen anything like it and I'm curious. So I love your circles. The colors really pop! I have lots more circle ideas and already its just about July. And nice tag. I like the idea of adding a slide. Feels beachy. And is very Clever!!!Hope its a good Friday and holiday weekend. Hugs-Erika

CJ Kennedy said...

So fun to read the calendar. The colors really pop on your circles page. They remind me of beach balls. Love the beach tag with all the shells. Himself is having back issues so no vegetable or herb garden this year. Fresh tomato. You are so lucky. And fresh herbs, too. We tried catnip infused toys for Ink. He could take them or leave them. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jeanie said...

I think I'll like your beachy tag! And I love your herb garden -- it's going great guns, isn't it. Do you dry some of it for later? I love growing and cooking with herbs -- it's the best!

Your Gypsy comment -- Lizzie just meows all the way to the lake. I'm amazed she doesn't have laryngitis when we get there. Gypsy was a hurler till I started using the anxiety floral essence (worked like a charm; never did it again.) Stimpy sounds like your Dog. Never a carrier except to the vet. A litter box in the back, a cushion on the seat and he'd just zone out for the ride. Those were the days!

Rosie said...

Wonderful artwork and brilliant photos, Elisabeth.

Thank you for sharing at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm not seeing your herb garden as sad but as enthusiastic! Your blackberries are an inspiration. They love it there :)

Let's Art Journal said...

Another busy month and it looks like you are all ready for July 😀. Your circles of summer colour is awesome and I adore your tag, can't wait to see what you are doing with it next - the background paper is lovely! I enjoyed the update on your herb garden, considering the hot weather it's growing wonderfully 😀. Happy Friday and Weekend! J 😊

da tabbies o trout towne said...

de herb gardinz awesum !!!!! we think we noe oh two catz who wood lovez it out ther...rite bleu & squiggles !!! ☺☺☺ and de shell art iz awesum az lee kewl ☺☺☺♥♥♥

Meggymay said...

It was good to see you diary pages and your July ready to be filled. Where do the months fly to we've had half a year already.
I loved the bright colours of the AJJ page and was so pleased you found your G45 papers to make the tag.
I think the tag looks wonderful as it is now. It reminded me of our northern sandy beaches, vast expanse of sand, shells scattered about and no humans in sight. I think I should add its more likely to be free from folk in the winter than the summer.
Your herbs look healthy , its good to have them close by to use in our homes.
Yvonne xx

Joan said...

Super beach tag!!! Love the shells, the mesh bag and the slide mount!

Rita said...

Always nice to start a new calendar month. Even if you say a few of your plants didn't do well the rest sure look good to me! Have a wonderful holiday weekend. :)

Sandy said...

Love your calendar page and would like to make me one but I am head over heels behind as it is!!
sandy xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love your calendar pages - I still forget that I can add relevant images! Your circle page certainly does have all the Summery colours. .and I know why now! Great to see your herbs - mine have just run wild and need cutting right back to make them edible I think! I love your (pink) seaside tag! :-) Chrisx

Wilma Simmons said...

Great to share your calendar and your garden - Your beach tag is such a wonderful interpretation of the theme. I love the clever idea of using an old slide mount.

Michele said...

your garden must bring you great joy! love your beach tag! xo