Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A return to Santorini on our magic carpet

Today I'm once again joining Hazel of Hazels' Creative Moments, this month's host at Art Journal Journey.  She wants us to take a magical mystery tour.  It can be anywhere, past, present, or imagined.

I decided that since we had visited Santorini earlier, we should hop on the magic carpet and go there again.

This time our magic carpet is returning us to Oia, a well photographed city on the isle of Santorini. 

The beautiful blues that are so prevalent on the domes of the Cycladic architecture are echoed here, only more colorfully.

This is Day 19 of 22 leading up to bEARTHday and I recycled a used file folder as my substrate.  I added some of my handmade shimmering mists to the substrate.  I used two images from two different travel brochures, and created computer generated text that I printed on pink printer/copier paper.  I outlined everything in black Sharpie.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I'm going to lunch with my foodie friend Sally.  I will be celebrating my bEARTHday a couple of days early with her, because she and I are going to a march/walk/rally on Saturday.  It has something to do with Science and the Environment.  I can't wait to celebrate my bEARTHday that special way.

Once again, I am SO grateful for your continued support of my art and recycling efforts.  You don't have to be a rocket scientist or even have a degree in Environmental Engineering to help save our planet from trash.  So, thank you for these daily visits.

17 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful page, love the background, and right now I would love to be in the sun on Santorini and not shivering here in the chilly April weather! Have fun on your birthday with Sally! Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I would love to spend this day there! We have snow again today! I would love to feel the southern sun in Santorini instead of the cold, wet weather here!
A fantastic new page - I enjoy your ride on the magic carpet! Thank you for another fab entry to Hazel's theme!
We have alss a "Let's make our village clean" day this weekend. Always a great event here.
I wish you a wonderful pre-birthday lunch with Sally... don't forget to take some photos!
oxo Susi

chrissie said...

It looks like a magical place to visit Elizabeth and so colourful as well.

I am sure you will have a great pre Bearthday with Sally and I look forward to seeing what you treats you have to eat and drink

Love Chrissie xx

Sami said...

Enjoy your birthday Elizabeth.
Lovely Santorini page, a very colourful island.

My name is Erika. said...

I really enjoy taking these little morning tours. Oh I wish I was there instead of here. :) Santorini looks magical. Have a fantastic day Elizabeth. Hugs-Erika

sheila 77 said...

I'm always happy to catch up here with my lack of geographical knowledge. Santorini does look magical. I am continually fascinated by your month of recycling posts and the totally original ideas you have.
Have great days out on Thursday and Saturday.

CJ Kennedy said...

The blues (my favorite color) are just so spectacular. From here it looks like an exotic place to live.

I enjoy watching the process as you create art. I'm so amazed at the many uses you find for stuff most of us would just toss out.

Enjoy your bEARTHday celebrations.

Cindy McMath said...

What a magical place! I love your travel pieces Elizabeth.

Crystal Collier said...

Those images are enough to set my creative brain on fire. Very cool.

Jeanie said...

The colors you used were especially beautiful -- they really popped, that orangey tone and the blue. I like this a lot. Makes me want to hop a plane to Greece!

Thanks for you comment on the new post. I am SO impressed you made soaps the original way! Bravo for you -- that had to take a long while! I think everyone on your list had a great gift!

Sandra Cox said...

I love your tour. This stop was indeed magical.
Have fun tomorrow!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Enjoy your meal tomorrow - I wonder where you will go? I love your Santorini page -makes me feel warm after another grey day here! Hugs, Chrisx

back2brack said...

love your page...Happy bEarth day.

Meggymay said...

A fantastic page of somewhere warm and sunny to visit, its so cold here, even if the sun comes out.
Enjoy your day out and meal tomorrow.
Yvonne xx

Anonymous said...

Such magical images of a magical place I bet. Thanks for the earth day and world tour. xox

Divers and Sundry said...

Every Santorini photo you post makes me want to go there more :) What a stunning site!

hazel said...

Another wonderful journey to Santorini, I love everything about it.
xxx Hazel.