Thursday, March 16, 2017

Second Thursday Tutorial a week late

I'm here today with a project I started on Sunday.

This is the actual cup I steeped the Lipton tea in on Tuesday.  For some reason, I thought I had taken photos of when I first wrapped the WHITE bed sheet before I added it to the hot tea.  However, it looks like this is the first photo I took, which is after I removed the tea stained fabric from the cup.

Wow, I should NOT have tried to photograph this on my work table, because it was still dripping wet.

I wasn't very impressed with the results after the fabric had dried.

Although there are a few marks left from the rubber band, for the most part, this fabric will need to be overdyed.

But I was on a mission to use some of this fabric, so I tore a strip and printed some bees using my new laser printer.  Note the CitraSolv and foam brush, too.

I turned the bee images toward the fabric and secured the paper to the fabric with low tack tape.

I poured a small amount of CitraSolv into the lid of the cleaner.

I brushed the CitraSolv onto the page of bees.  I knew I had enough when I could see the bees clearly through the paper.

Next it was time to rub the images and transfer the ink to the fabric.  Some people use spoons, but I can hold these scissors better, so that is what I used.

I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed until I thought my hand would fall off (OK, slight exaggeration, but it was a LONG time).

And NOTHING.  Not only was my tea dye less than successful, I wasn't able to transfer these bees to the fabric.  I know I did something wrong, but for the life of me, I have no idea what.  I know I used a toner based laser print and rubbed like crazy.  I will try this again, using different images.  Sadly, my Second Thursday Tutorial for March was a flop from beginning to end.

Thanks for joining me as I experiment and ask "what if?"

UPDATE: Several have asked about the paper and the toner.  Here are a couple of places I used.

First I went here:

This is where I learned about it, but now it appears the site is down.

Then I found this tutorial:

The author of this tutorial states you must use copies that use CARBON BASED TONER.  Not sure what my toner is, but this may be why I can't make this transfer.  Also, apparently the WEAVE of the fabric makes a difference, too.  I used an old bed sheet that I tea dyed.  I'm sure it is a very loose weave, but it's so old and the tag is long gone that tells what the thread count is.

16 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Sorry it didn'T turn out as you were expecting, I have never tried using Citrosolv, so can't help you. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

I have never tried to transfer anything to fabric Elizabeth so not sure if it works or not. I do recall buying transfer in the distant past and you ironed them onto fabric to embroider the images. They did stand out from the paper so maybe there was embossing involved

Love Chrissie xx

My name is Erika. said...

Did you flat or glossy paper? I'm not sure that makes a difference but it might because of the make up of the paper. Once again I don't think it a flop, but I see it more as an experiment that didn't exactly go off as hoped! Hugs-Erika

Sharon Fritchman said...

Your tea-dyed fabric looks so pretty, Elizabeth. I am so sorry that the transfer did not work out. I have never tried to transfer to fabric, just to paper. And sometimes that doesn't even work out for me. I hope you figure it out!!!!

CJ Kennedy said...

I didn't think you could use a laser image because of the way the ink is actually burned into the fibers of the paper and not sitting on top.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I am sorry that it didn't work,see it as an experiment - and thanky a lot for showing that it not worked! Such a tutorial is much mor helpful than a normal... so you are my star as always! I don't know exactly if laserprints are suitable for citrasolv or aceton transfers.Did you read or hear about it already? I can't remember - I saw a lot of Tutorials online - but it is not something I am so much interested in. We have a laserprinter as well but I didn't try out any transfer yet with it's prints. Normally my image transfers that I made with cut out magazine images that are also laserprinted images worked quite nice with Gel Medium- or Modgepodge transfer and I guess I will try this out on fabric soon- at least I have it on my very long To do list...
We will see if this works!
Thank you for your lovely compliments today Elizabeth! You made my day!
oxo Susi

Sandra Cox said...

Never a failure, Elizabeth. You show what works and what doesn't.

Jeanie said...

You win a few and you lose a few -- and I'm sorry it didn't work. But I really appreciate tutorials like this that are honest and showing us (and reminding us) all that sometimes it just doesn't. That's bold and courageous and I applaud you!

Divers and Sundry said...

I think it's as helpful to see what _didn't_ work, and most people don't share those. So thx :)

I kinda like the subtle result of your tea dye, even though it wasn't what you wanted.

kathyinozarks said...

oh wow that was a bummer-I have had some total losses do to hand dye or eco prints-I always figure it as a surprise-or not-

Birgit said...

I don't know how to transfer the bees onto the fabric but I thought the fabric turned out great until i read your comment. You are too hard on yourself, the fabric looked like an elegant marble with some pink strands and I thought it looked great. Maybe the dye ink used for the bees was the wrong type of ink?? It might have been permanent when you may have needed a dye ink that works when it is wet. I have dye ink pads that work on paper and dry instantly, dye ink that will never dry unless one uses embossing powder on it and then the distress inks that reacts with water.

Meggymay said...

Well I did read all your post as this is a technique I have never tried, I hadn't even heard of the product you used. You are so resourceful Elizabeth I'm sure you will come up with a method that works and you will be the first to explain it all to us.
Yvonne xx

Rita said...

Sorry this technique didn't work. I sure like the bees, though. :)

Carol said...

More than likely it was the print that caused it. Laser prints will not work at all .. I have done this before and the quality of the print is what is important ... carbon based toners are about all that works. unfortunately there are fewer of those around.

Sami said...

Sadly I can't help you there either Elizabeth, what a pity after all the hard work.
I like the bees.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love the colour of the fabric and sad for you that the image transfer didn't work - maybe try some time onto paper and see what happens! Sorry not to be more of a help - I usually use magazine images for my image transfers! Chrisx