Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The problem with not thinking things through

As I was working on my ARTifacts visual journal for Seth Apter's challenge/collaboration, I had to rethink the entire process.

Let me begin my tale with a sheet of blue (yes, it's light blue, but the lighting is bad) copier/printer paper that is standard U.S. 8.5 inches X 11 inches.

Now I'll fold it in half width wise.  That makes it 5.5 inches X 8.5 inches.

This is an image I sewed to the inside of the four page spread.  It was then I realized that the page I was working on would have to include images for June, since this was for January.

Have I confused you?  I hope not.  Perhaps it will become clearer as we proceed.

I've decided to start January with a beautiful cardinal.

This is the back side of the cardinal spread, or page 2 in my journal.

This is the front side of the blue page I folded earlier.  I'm paying homage to Chinese New Year.  This is page 3 in my journal.  The Chinese lanterns, made by ARTchix were gifted to me by Cindy at Pink Bird Studio.

For page 4, which is the reverse of the Chinese New Year, I added a holly die cut.  For the first time, I glued this to the page, as I did the lanterns on the reverse side.

Now is where it gets complicated.  This page must now represent June, even though it is opposite the January page. 

For the bottom, it reads Time to spread your wings.

I am fairly sure you can't read my chicken scratches, but at the top, it reads School's out.

For the reverse of the fairy winged girl is "Honor Thy Father" to represent Father's Day in June.

This is opposite page 2, which is the pumpkin bread recipe.  I tried to represent June with flowers and summertime pie.  The postage stamps came to me from Valerie.

For the reverse, I used some lily stickers and a page that includes a dragonfly and flowers.

Does this help?

Here it is without the page numbers.

See how complicated this has gotten?  I've decided to only use four pages for each month, because this took even more time to figure out and create than it did to explain it.  I'm hoping by the time I get my new scanner installed, I can scan them, and there won't be an issue.  But for now, this is all I have, because I spent an entire day making these four pages that turned into 16 spreads for my ARTifacts journal.

For now I'm headed to my sick bed and covering my head.  I'll be by to visit when I feel better.  Stay tuned and thanks for joining me. 

16 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Sorry you are still feeling bad, but you did well with your journal, and it mut have been a LOT of work to get your head round what goes were! Have a nice day, rest, and get well Sweetie. Hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

Hope you soon feel better Elizabeth-get plenty of hot drinks and rest.

Love the idea of this book and the page with stamps is so beautiful

Take care

Love Chrissie xx

Sharon Fritchman said...

Get well,soon Elizabeth. I hope you feel better. And wow! Your pages are absolutely amazing - I love the addition of the stitching. I don't think that I would have the patience that you have to create and figure out where everything goes!!! You are doing a fabulous job.

Halle said...

Oh wow...that is complicated! You're a math wiz though so if anyone can calulate it out its you...its just the keeping it straight that is the issue. :) Maybe post-it notes?

CJ Kennedy said...

I understand what you are doing, but it still makes my head hurt. I usually have to make a template out of scrap paper for an entire book project. Otherwise I get lost. That and a left-right issue.The pages are fabulous. I like the images you chose especially the cardinal. I hope you feel better soon

Krisha said...

I like where your going with your book, and it will be amazing when you get it all straightened out in your mind. I would have taken the easy way out and put the book together then added the elements. *grin*

Sandra Cox said...

These are wonderful journal pages. I especially love the cardinal and the snowman.
Hope you're feeling better.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Sorry to hear that you are still not recovered! I guess that this cold germ is travelling the World, as the one I had in November took around a month to shake off fully! I think you did well to do anything at all - these pages look fabulous - I love the sewing bits! I now have my machine uncovered and plan to keep it that way(famous last words!) Hope you feel better soon! Hugs, Chrisx

Jeanie said...

This is SO complex -- I have no idea how you even approached and started and ended up with something nice! And doing it when you were sick, too. Oh, I'm sorry you're still under the weather -- I hope by now it's much better! Drink tea and eat toast and get well soon!

Meggymay said...

Hope you feel better soon, rest up and take things easy.
I read through the post a couple of times and then it clicked about the pages and what you were aiming for. It looks fantastic at this stage and I'm sure it will continue to be as the months go by.
Yvonne xx

My name is Erika. said...

I hope you feel better soon. There is so much going around right now. Keeping my fingers crossed I will stay healthy, not sure how I have so far since my daughter and my husband have both been sick. I think your book is cool, but I get your dilemma. I suppose you could add a tip in in or maybe if your months are all scrambled. It doesn't really matter if they are chronological, but I know it would bug me. Anyhow, take care, get some rest and feel better soon. Hugs-Erika

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your pages are so utterly beautiful! Just great!
I hope you feel better meanwhile ♥♥♥♥♥

Sami said...

Beautiful pages although I can't figure out how you'll put them chronologically.
Hope you feel better soon Elizabeth.

Rike said...

This is quite complicated! Maybe if my English would be better, I am able to understand - but I admire you not to loose control over all the page-numbers! And I like how you sewed on each page!
The picture of the cardinal is gorgeous!
Wish you to feel better soon!

Özge Başağaç said...

It sure is complicated. But sewing paper and other mixed media is fun :) Get well soon.

Corrine at said...

Pagination in signatures gets confusing, I totally get that. You almost have to paginate everything in pencil then you know where you want to be...Love the concept for you book though. xox