Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The last of my Thanksgiving photos

I think I've saved the best for last.

As you can see, the table has been cleared, the dishes have been washed, and the house is once again in order.  One thing about Scott's parents.  They are very, very neat.  They also LOVE their stairs.  At the top of the photo, you can see what I consider the en suite.  There is an office, a bedroom, private bath, walk-in closet larger than my craft room, and a deck off the bedroom.  Unfortunately, before I could photograph it, my camera batteries died.

But since I was talking about stairs, I thought I would start on the stairs.  This was on the landing heading to the en suite.

This one was on the landing heading to the basement.

Seems like all I photographed were stairs.

The entry

led to a hallway that led to this first floor bath.  They have five baths, so you never have to look far for an empty one.

This was Trish's room growing up, so it makes sense she and Sean stay here when they visit.

Across the hall was Scott's room, but Andrew slept there and Scott took the comfy couch in the living room.

Trish and Sean on their wedding day and Scott's senior photo.  Times have really changed (and so have hair styles).

More stairs.

Now we're in the lowest level of the house.  It's also the level where the garage and Rusty's (Scott's dad) workshop is.

I love the vignettes his mother creates.

I normally love it down here, although I failed to show the fireplace that keeps the basement warm and toasty.

There's even a fully functioning kitchen, although 

Rusty seems to have claimed it for himself!

Trish's two children slept on these couches,

and this is where I slept.  The bath was right off this bedroom, but this was when my batteries died.

Once my batteries were recharged (yes, I took my charger), I took a few photos on the way home.

I was looking directly into the setting sun here.

Technically these are silos, but I'm not sure what they contain, since this looks like an oil refinery to me.

I cheated and took this photo the next morning.  You can see 

the leaves are finally starting to fall.

Thanks for joining me on this artful trip.  Hope you had as much fun climbing those stairs as I did!

15 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. That is a nice house, and looks comfortable and lived in . a really family home. Glad you are able to visit there for Thanksgiving. Have a lovely day, hugs, Valerie

Valerie-Jael said...

I sent you a mail!

Helen said...

what an amazing house! love the bright sun in your front garden!

chrissie said...

A really fantastic house and 5 bathrooms--how good is that.

Love to see your photographs and the differences in you places and ours. I think our whole house would fit into that sitting room :)

Love Chrissie xx

My name is Erika. said...

Wow, what a house. Its gorgeous. That's a lot of bathrooms. I could use 3 so we don't all fight to get into ours. But 5. Holy cow. It looks like they are set up for company and celebrating Thanksgiving, never mind those gorgeous dishes the table was set with. I think it looks like you had a wonderful day out. I enjoyed seeing these. Hugs-Erika

CJ Kennedy said...

Such a tidy and orderly house. Beautifully decorated like magazine pictures. And the ride home all I saw was flat, flat, flat. (-;

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wow.. a wonderful house and home!
Thank you for sharing the photos!

Jeanie said...

What a wonderful, flexible house, warm and cozy -- good sized, too! Looks like a great place to spend the holiday!

Thanks for coming by the Gypsy. I wish you could join me at Southern Exposure. I bought a few small things -- another cotton boll stick, a fall wreath for next year and some of their very good rice and couscous blends! All good!


Meggymay said...

It looks a really welcoming house to stay in. All those bathrooms, I thought I was lucky with two and one of those is tiny.. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.
Yvonne xx

Sandy said...

I know you had a wonderful Thanksgiving - thanks for all the pictures. It is always interesting to see how other people live.
Merry Christmas!
Sandy Claus xx

Rita said...

I wouldn't have a lot of fun climbing the stairs these days, but it looks like a lovely home! :)

Sandra Cox said...

5 baths. Wow. That must really a large house. It had nice clean lines.
Glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Scott's family home looks so cozy for such a big house, comfy chairs everywhere. Looks like a lovely time and a warm, welcoming family. xox

sheila 77 said...

Thanks a lot for these and other Thanksgiving photos. I very much enjoyed seeing Scott's parents' house and environment, something different from here.
Love from Sheila

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a wonderful place to gather and celebrate Thanksgiving! It certainly is big but oh so beautifully decorated and furnished! Scott's mum is quite an artist too by the looks of it! Love the views from your porch - what a lovely sunny view of the fading Autumn! Hugs, Chrisx