Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pearl Harbor: lest we forget

I try to remember Pearl Harbor every year, and last year I wrote a very long diatribe about what, in my opinion, led up to that battle.  If you are interested, please go here.   I won't repost it here, but I encourage you, if you have not yet seen it, to please read about how this beginning World War II battle with Japan can be traced back to 1852.

This year I went searching for less history, and more photos.  This one is from Home of Heroes.  What I learned shocked me.

Granted, I know some of you have been to Hawaii and have seen the U.S.S Arizona Memorial.  I, on the other hand, have not been there.

I've seen the Memorial on television, but never from the air.  I had no idea the Arizona could be seen so easily from this position.  Photo is from

This image, found on can be enlarged.  What surprised me was not only was there a USS Arizona Memorial, there was a USS Utah Memorial

and a USS Missouri Museum, which also can be seen to the left and below the USS Arizona on the satellite image.  I couldn't find the author of this photo.

Whether you live in the U.S. or somewhere else in the world, December 7, also known as Pearl Harbor Day is the day we Americans got into WWII.  There aren't many veterans left who survived that battle in which 2,403 Americans died and 1,178 were wounded.  I'm sure many of you have heard tales from either your parents or grandparents about WWII and how your country was affected, too.  So today let's remember those veterans who survived that attack and be respectful of all veterans of that war.  Soon, there will be no more of them left.

As always, I am grateful for your visit and appreciate your continued support of both my art and my remembrances.

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Valerie-Jael said...

Your post is very interesting. It is so important to remember what happened in the past, as this has shaped our history. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Always important to remember all those who were wounded, died and the whole war-generations before us.
We are so blessed now - but we don't honor it!

chrissie said...

A very interesting post Elizabeth. This event happened a few weeks before I was born and my dad mentioned it often when I was growing up. I can understand why you remember it every year.

Love Chrissie xx

My name is Erika. said...

As I have never been to Hawaii, I've never seen this memorial and didn't know there was as much there as you show. Wow. Last summer when I visited Hyde Park, NY and the FDR library I saw the Day That Will Live in Infamy speech. That was really cool. To see the corrections and the changes was really cool. I wonder in another 25 or more years if people will even think of this day. Have a good one. Hugs-Erika

pearshapedcrafting said...

This has been interesting to see - the shot from the air especially! It is so important to remember these events as a lesson for the future! Off for a few days at the caravan! Hugs, Chrisx

Jeanie said...

I'm kind of a WWII geek, Elizabeth, so this post was particularly interesting to me. But I didn't realize that some of this history went back to the 1800s! So thanks for the link. There have been some good PBS specials (and history channel) on Pearl Harbor this year.

CJ Kennedy said...

Having never been to Hawaii, I never realized that the USS Arizona could be seen, either. In honor of Pearl Harbor Day, today's Advent tree ornament is a toy soldier.

Krisha said...

Wonderful tribute Elizabeth.
I did not know you could see the USS Arizona from the air either, or the was a USS Missouri Museum.
Thanks for the information.

Sandra Cox said...

So glad you posted this, Elizabeth. That one photo of the Arizona underwater is chilling.

Meggymay said...

A very thoughtful post Elizabeth, we should never forget.
My husband was watching a Political program today, from our Parliament
and I stopped for a while to listen.
Tributes were made on the UK's behalf,
to remember the people who lost their lives at Pearl Harbour.
Yvonne xx,

Dianne said...

sad that 'The Greatest Generation ' is passing on. I fear there are many stories of the War that will never be known. If only humans were better at learning from our mistakes!
P.s. I sent you a reply email, so check your Junk Mailbox!😏🎅

Dianne said...

sad that 'The Greatest Generation ' is passing on. I fear there are many stories of the War that will never be known. If only humans were better at learning from our mistakes!
P.s. I sent you a reply email, so check your Junk Mailbox!😏🎅

Darla said...

My family talked about this day every year. My Dad fought in WWII and received a Purple Heart. He was not in Hawaii but elsewhere in the Pacific during that time. Thank you for remembering the day in your post.

Corrine at said...

I was on the Arizon a Memorial once and it was so moving, I was glad to see that there were sme survivors there yesterday. Amazing really...I can't believe it was 75 years was in the Air Force in England at the time...he was lucky he went into the war late because he was young, otherwise I dnt thnk he would have made it home. Tragic they are dropping so much of this history from the schools, these were true heroes. Each and every one. Xox

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Very moving post xxx