Friday, December 9, 2016

Finishing one gift and Thanksgiving at my friend Scott's home

Don't you just hate it when someone halfway completes a project, then promises to show it soon?  I put aside the tiles I created for my friend Kathy, and you can read about how I started them here back on November 23, if you like.

Several suggested I try heating the tiles to even out the floor wax I poured globed over the tiles.  Of course, I was hoping the wax wouldn't heat up, because these tiles should be able to hold hot drinks and plates.  As I assumed, the wax was totally unaffected by my heat tool that I left on long enough to know the wax was not going to even out.  So now it was on to the next step.

I looked everywhere (and I mean everywhere) in my basement studio for my wooden knobs I purchased several years ago and only used once to make a trivet for myself out of a large decorative tile that sits in my kitchen.   When I couldn't find the knobs, I resorted to the next best thing: empty thread spools.  As you can see, I painted them back in November when I thought I could complete the project much sooner than I actually could due to slow drying time.

Now it was time to adhere them to the large trivet.   I learned from my mistake that if I use a glue gun, the "universal" glue doesn't hold when the trivet heats if a hot pan or dish is placed on it.  So this time I used E6000 silicone adhesive.

I had to situate the spools because some of the grout had been left on the tile (which had been used) and I didn't want the tile to be lop-sided.  Then I set it aside to allow the adhesive to dry.

I needed two pieces of craft felt and the only color I had two of was black.

I used Ultimate! and got a bit too much in spots.

This is the first one I completed.

All are finished and in the process of drying next to my heater in the craft room.  Now you know how I finished these today.

But, to overload this post, I thought I would also share Thanksgiving day at my friend Scott's house.

Scott's sister Trish (on the left) and I had just finished preparing several dishes and were waiting for the turkey and several other things to come out of the oven, so my green bean casserole and her broccoli cheese casserole, along with some pies that were not shown in the photo, could go in.  This is a coffee drinking family, so my ugly mug fit in well.  Scott's mother and father are also in the photo.

Trish, Scott's younger sister is not afraid to smile.  Yes, she's that tall!

Neither is Rusty, Scott's dad.

Scott, siting on the fireplace and Trish's husband Sean have cups of coffee in their hands, but Andrew, Scott's nephew is drinking a soda pop.  Scott's aunt and uncle on his mother's side are sitting with their backs to the camera.

Scott's niece (Trish's daughter) is just out of camera range, but one of their dogs is in the house and getting lots of attention.

Trish's son is on the couch.

Note the dividing wall and the mirror facing the table.   These people love their stairs.  There are four flights to this house, and it is huge.

Here is the dining room table right after it was set for dinner.

I really like the plates (they held a lot of food, too) and the autumn decorations.

The reason I only got photos from this end is because of that large mirror I showed before.

While the rest of the meal was in the oven, I spent time taking photos outside.

Scott and Sean were working on the generator

trying to get it to work.

I got bored watching them and decided to check to see if I was needed inside.

Nope!  It was just about meal time.  Time to wash up and call the fellas to the table.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of the meal or my plate, because once I washed my hands, I put my camera away and didn't even think about it until Scott decided to take a video on his phone.

Thanks for joining me today.  I'm glad I finally got one more gift finished and I'm looking forward to getting the rest of these photos sorted and maybe make a bit of art, too.  I am always grateful when you stop by, so I thank each of you for your support of my art and photos.

10 thoughtful remarks:

Halle said...

Looks like a fine day with friends. Thanks for letting us tag along. Love all those windows...just wouldn't want to be the one to have to wash them. :)

Rita said...

Looks like a great Thanksgiving! What a huge house! :)

My name is Erika. said...

The tiles are looking good! The blue is wild. I really like that blue. I also like the texture the wax left. It reminds me a little bit of colored slate. And it looks like a great family get together you were invited to. Wow, what a gorgeous house. I love all the wood and windows and all the light they let in. And the table is gorgeous. Someone knows how to set a classy table. It looks like a magazine layout just perfect for Thanksgiving. Glad you had a good time. happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

Sandy said...

Your tiles are gorgeous - wow!
Such a pretty home and wonderful Thanksgiving table. Thanks for sharing.
Sandy xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you made progress on the tile front. Thanks for sharing the lovely Thanksgiving photos, it's great that you can be there with Scot and his family. Hugs Valerie

chrissie said...

Beautiful tile makes and the cotton reels are a good idea.

Great Thanksgiving photos of a happy family gathering

Have a good day

Love Chrissie xx

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Great photos and the day looks like fun. x

Jeanie said...

Lots to love here! What a great house for a group of people! Beautiful and it looks like you had tons of fun. That table setting is terrific. I love those plates. They'd be perfect anytime but especially for Thanksgiving.

And good on you finishing the project. It really looks terrific and I'm impressed with the end result! Must have felt especially good because I know you weren't knocked out about some of your results so far. This one should be a game changer -- it's very nice!

Meggymay said...

It looks a lovely time spent with Scott and his family. Their house looks huge and very, very, nice.
So please to see you had a success with the tiles, they look fabulous, you must be pleased as well as relieved.
Yvonne xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

The tiles are super Elizabeth!

Wow what a huge and beautiful house!Glad you share the day there! Great that you were invited for Thanksgiving!