Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Birthday cards and wrap-up

Fiona of Staring at the Sea fame, had the baby wipe technique on her blog recently.  It had been a long time since I'd thought about this technique, but was anxious to try it now that I have an ample supply of baby wipes.

The idea is to place a few baby wipes (wet directly from the pack) in or on something that the wipes won't damage or destroy when dye inks are added to the wipes.  You can see I will be using my large clear acrylic block.  I know I've said this before that I have practically no stamp pads, but tons of reinkers.  They are all sorted by type: dye, pigment, distress, and solvent.  I don't care about brand names, just type of ink.  Most of these inks I've purchased on clearance.

Because my acrylic block was so large, I had to use three full sized baby wipes.  These are not to be confused with wet wipes that are made of thinner material.

You can create your "stamp pad" any way you choose, but I chose to make stripes of various colors of dye ink.  Make sure the "stamp pad" is larger than your stamp.

Use the baby wipe "stamp pad" exactly like you would use a regular stamp pad.  Ink up and stamp (offers the person who doesn't stamp very often).  And yes, I've used every type hand cleaner I own and I still can't get rid of that black chalk paint.

You should be able to get quite a few stamped images from your "stamp pad," but if you decide to twist the stamp,

at some point you are going to start stamping "mud."

When the baby wipes were nearly dry and beginning to make mud, I removed them from the acrylic block and swiped them over a couple of pieces of heavy white scrapbook paper (12" X 12").

To clean the block,

all I had to do was grab a clean baby wipe.

Now I just have to cut these images to size and layer them onto the front of a blank card.

This is Day 30 of AEDM and I am grateful that you stuck with me through these past 30 days.

I  thought you might enjoy a review of everything I posted this month.  Please double click for a much larger view.
Now let's head for December, everyone.

15 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

That's a fun technique to stamp without using ink pads, and a great collection of work you did in the course of the moth. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

Great idea and it does look lovely when stamped.m Thank you for sharing the technique

Terrific art collection for this month as well

Love Chrissie xx

voodoo vixen said...

I love this technique... never thought to use the baby wipes in this way but can see that you had loads of fun and the results are brilliant. I got the cast off my hand last Friday and am now working on getting the strength back into the muscles and then I can pick up a pair of scissors again! Yay!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Fabulous technique Elizabeth!
Great what you did this AEDM !
Now you can slow down a bit- I will slow down in December as well with blogging I decided.
Much to do in the house and maybe begin with some bigger art projects as well if time allows it.
oxo Susi

My name is Erika. said...

I've never seen this technique with baby wipes. Its like the one you can do with that craft foam, but only one type of craft foam, and I can never remember which type of craft foam. So this is way better! I think you've got some great images for birthday cards. The colors and image are lots of fun! Thanks for the new technique. And congrats on posting some fun things for a full 30 days this month. :) Hugs-Erika

Nancy said...

This is so clever- thanks for sharing the how-to's. Your images turned out great. Such a good use of all the materials, right down to making some backgrounds of what was left.

CJ Kennedy said...

That's one I hadn't heard before. Very cool.

Özge Başağaç said...

Successful experiments and failed experiments...Whichever is the case you certainly had a productive month.And i learned a ton from your experiments :) Have a nice day...

Sandra Cox said...

I learn something new on a regularly basis at your blog:)
And totally off topic: your nails look great. Mine are so stubby.

Caterina Giglio said...

very fun idea, and I love the review, since I was gone for the entire month, very cool... and I just had to scroll down for T with you, and the old curiosity shoppe... x

Meggymay said...

This is a great technique and you got some super results. I liked seeing all your work on one board, you have had a very busy rewarding month.
Yvonne xx

Anonymous said...

wow, great images from those wipes and the stamp pad. I love the mix of inky goodness. xox

Jeanie said...

First of all, you were SO in my head as soon as I saw that rocking horse! It was enormous and incredibly cool looking!

That is a seriously cool looking method. I love how you experiment and share with us. Always something new to me!

And the geranium -- I have such bad light everything dies inside. Then two people -- a friend and the massage therapist -- told me that you let them dry out, put them in a dark place and they get all dead looking, then bring them out in the spring. Sarah says she doesn't even cut hers back. They're enormous. So I'm hoping mine will be too. Trouble is, it's too heavy to carry downstairs until it's dry, and maybe even then. I know Rick will help but now I'm trying to find a spot in the house that is never used! Good luck on that one!

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a brilliant technique and it looks great with that stamp! You covered so much for AEDM and looking at this I am sure I missed some so it's as well I am having a catch up! Hugs, Chrisx

NatureFootstep said...

such a great idea, both the stamp cards and to share all images of the week. Loved it

Thanks for the company throughout the month.

Monica at NatureFootstep