Monday, October 24, 2016

Take me to the zoo (part 2)

If you happened to miss yesterday's post, Part 1, it is here.

We have now moved inside.  I enjoyed some of this exhibit, but some not so much.

The first thing we saw were these turtles.

I was so happy that I got such clear photos, especially since they were behind glass.

I went a bit crazy photographing them.

They danced around and I imagined a water ballet.

Some chose to sit and warm themselves.

Others put on a show.

One even did a swan dive for me!

As we moved on, Sally thought these were rocks.

Then she thought they were fake. 

I remembered the huge turtle I photographed last year for Rinda's challenge.  It was about this size. 

Thankfully, they started to move about.

As we rounded the corner, Sally was shocked to see that one was eating.

This one ate as slowly as I eat!

Now we're off to the creepy, crawly part of this indoor exhibit,

although I never saw this alligator.
For those of you 

who have an aversion to bugs,

close your eyes.

And if you have an aversion

to snakes,

any snake,

this may not be the exhibit for you.

Snakes were everywhere.

Thankfully they are all behind some very thick glass.

Finally, something not snaky.

Yes, it's an

American iguana.

This gila monster

stood still while I photographed it.

These cute little frogs

were as shy as Bleubeard.

More snakes,

this one hiding under rock, had lovely coloring.

Of course, I had never heard of this tortoise

that was climbing around in its food dish.

Even though it was a school day, I saw many children, 

and they were all in awe of this exhibit.

Next, we'll head through a door to the steamy jungle where palms caught my eye.  We'll check that out after we've had a bit of T this Tuesday.

Thanks again for joining me on this trip to the zoo.  As promised, this was the first time I've seen this exhibit, and I think I can mark that off my list of areas I don't care if I ever see again.

15 thoughtful remarks:

Helen said...

I stopped at the turtles.... cute little babies!

Valerie-Jael said...

What a lot you got to see there. I am not a friend of snakes or spiders etc, but don't mind when they are behind glass! Hugs, Valerie

Sami said...

This is the part of the zoo that I don't enjoy at all! The turtles were ok of course, but no snakes or other weird bugs!

chrissie said...

Fascinating to visit this part of the zoo. Some of the things are fine behind glass but I wouldn't want to handle any of them.

Thanks for sharing the day out

Love Chrissie xx

My name is Erika. said...

The turtles were fun to see. The snakes were a little hard to take on Monday morning, and although I'm not crazy about them, behind glass I usually don't mind them. I think its the first thing in the morning...Can't wait to see part 3. Happy Monday.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love those turtles! Don't mind snakes as long as they are not poisonous (once 'snake sat' for a neighbour - I had to get it out for a slither around each day - it always seemed to know when I was going to put it back as it used to hide in the most un-getatable place in the room!! Bugs , lizards..fine but FROGS….Oh No!!!! Yes, mark it off as visited!!! I have really enjoyed my catch up today - a museum, the vatican and a zoo - wonderful! Big Hugs, Chrisx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Fantastic images Elizabeth! I love those turtles! YEAH!!!

Darla said...

Checked the first post and enjoyed both that one and this one. I really liked the big turtles. There is something so calm and solid looking about them. Like others replied, I can take the snakes and other creepy crawlers as long as they are behind glass. I don't like being surprised by them in nature at all.

I haven't visited a zoo since my Grandchildren were small.

Nancy said...

What a wonderful facility you have! Had to laugh at you not planning a return visit to the reptiles! Love the turtle antics.

Divers and Sundry said...

I love reptile/amphibian exhibits and I'm sure I'd come back to see these exhibits every time :) I'm a fan of snakes and turtles/tortoises and would keep them as pets if their needs and my circumstances overlapped at all lol Loved your photos! Thx!

Jeanie said...

I love aquariums and your turtle photos are fabulous! They're remarkable both in and out of the water.

Thanks for popping over to the Gypsy. And yes, the Wichita Orpheum is an Eberson-designed theatre. Looks fabulous too, from the photos. I'd love to see a performance or film there!

sheila 77 said...

You do have such varied days out, Elizabeth, and thanks once again for the great photos.
Lovely to see turtles, they are such mysterious creatures, and certainly seem to know how to relax.

Meggymay said...

More fantastic photos and thank you for the warning about the bugs. The photo of the turtles were great.
Yvonne xx

Sandra Cox said...

Love the turtles! Snakes not at all.

Dianne said...

I always find the underwater displays fascinating and soothing as you get to watch swimming animals. Forgive me, but I am creeped out by the reptiles! ;) Fun photos!