Monday, August 1, 2016

T Stands For Comments and Observations

Over the past week (and prior to that, too) I have left some comments that I want to elaborate on with photos.  These were all made to T players/participants, so I won't provide direct links to their blogs.

First, Patty at Magpie's Nest talked about the Little Free Library a few months ago,

so I shared this photo I took in my neighborhood in early spring.  This library is located three streets west and two blocks south.

A few weeks ago Divers and Sundry also talked about a Little Free Library she found, so

I went in search of the other Little Free Library in my neighborhood.  This one is three blocks east and one block south.  I have to admit I love their lawn and landscaping.

Here is their Little Free Library.

Theirs was the first in my neighborhood and has been here since 2009 when I first learned about it in our local newsletter.

Last week Yvonne of Meggy's Way went to a garden center and showed some of the cute animals she saw there.  If I want to see a garden center, I just visit my next door neighbor.  Focus your eyes on the far end of the walkway and the "swirly" evergreen tree.

Below it is this dog my neighbor made from used and discarded metal pieces I told Yvonne about in a comment I left her.

To make sure the dog never walks away, he bolted the dog's chain in the ground, then covered it with bricks.  He added the planter this spring, so he had to move the dog a bit.  It's too bad, because "Rocky" deserves to be seen and enjoyed.

A couple of weeks ago I was out looking to mark off a few images/photos on my list from the Summertime Photography Challenge when I ran across this wind turbine.

Now I realize this is NOT an unusual sight to my European friends, but it IS here in the states.  Wind energy has not caught on like it has especially in Europe and parts of Eurasia.  As I explained to Lisca of Scrapping Cave Woman who loves turtles, while I was taking these photos, I kept hearing a clop, clop, thud.

I'm not sure who was more surprised,

the poor turtle caught on the hot pavement,

or me.  After I took these three photos of the struggling little guy/gal, I picked it up and took it to safety in the cool-ish grass.

And finally, last week Divers and Sundry mentioned she wanted ways to attract more butterflies to her patio garden.

I suggested she buy a package of dill.  I assure you, as I did her, it will be the only package you'll ever need to buy, because this self starter is easy to grow, re-seeds itself, and overwinters in a hibernating state.   But the big news is, be sure to plant extra dill because it attracts a green and yellow caterpillar that strips your dill plant.  It's hard to see in this photo because there's so much "background noise" going on, but

this is how effective and efficient they are and how voracious their appetites are.

Because my little critters are now all gone, I found this on the internet at Green Talk.  They actually become black swallowtail butterflies. They are found in late June to early July in my garden, and again in mid-September.  They are some of the easiest butterflies to raise, especially if you plant dill, parsley, or Queen Anne's Lace.  They create their chrysalis right on my dill plant, then hatch in a few days into a lovely butterfly.

Because it's the end of July (when I took this photo), here is my mid-summer "flower bed."   I suspect it's all downhill from here for this garden which is already showing some brown.

And because I've been busy working in my basement, here are some photos I've shown before.

These cups, stacked high inside a real tea or coffee cup

turned into this spread.  The C was gifted me by Erika, BioArtGal.

Now that I've shared photos from comments and observations over the past few weeks, it's your turn to share your latest T related tale.  Any and every story is acceptable, as long as it can, in some way, be related back to a drink; any drink.  Please add your direct link below, at which time Bleubeard, (maybe even Squiggles if I talk nice to him), and I will be by to visit.  Your photos may be taken any time, not just on Tuesday, and not even this month, if you chose.

Second on the 2nd will be the next post, but if you choose to combine the two, please link at both blog hop links.  Please remember I can't remove your link in Mr. Linky, but you can remove your own link in InLinkz if you make a mistake.

24 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

A very interesting post today, with the libraries and your neighbourhood dog - what fun! I didn't realise that wind turbines were rare over there, we have a lot here. Glad you rescued the turtle, well done! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Valerie-Jael said...

Love those cups, too!

jinxxxygirl said...

So thoughtful of you to catch up on all the promised images. I have an Abelia Bush in my back yard thanks to the previous owners. Its quite large and i think the deer like it although i have never caught them nibbling but the bush is 'mushroom' shaped if you know what i mean.... like they have eaten the bottom branches... anyway... This bush for the second straight summer that we have been here... starting in July get absolutely covered with the most sweet smelling pretty little while trumpet shaped flowers.... that the swallow tail butterflies LOVE and the Hummers too... It does well with a little afternoon shade... I may have to plant some dill! Do deer like it??? lol Happy Tday My dear Elizabeth! Hugs! deb

Lisca Meijer said...

How good of you to rescue that lovely tortoise from the hot tarmac! And thank you for sharing the photos.
I love that metal dog. You spotted that one quickly. I would have missed it I must confess.
Your garden is looking 'bonnie' as they say. Gosh those caterpillars hardly left any dill there! (The background noise is basil).
No I hadn't realized either that wind turbines are relatively rare in the US. This particular one is on private land so most probably provides the power for the warehouse on the left.
I hope you are slowly getting your basement sorted out. Is it all dry yet? Don't work too hard.
Happy T-Day,

pearshapedcrafting said...

I loved this post Elizabeth - I have mentioned before that I love seeing your neighbourhood - I notice that a lot of houses in the US are of wooden construction (I watch a lot of American movies too!) and they always have such individual styles too! I am guessing that in some areas there are more uniform looking places?
I love the idea of free libraries too! Oh How I wish we had Swallowtails here in the North - I remember seeing them while on holiday somewhere but I forget where - they are so beautiful! Hmm! Rambling a bit….Hugs, Chrisx

Sandra Cox said...

I love the little free libraries. Isn't that a wonderful concept?
We saw several windmills in IL when we there. But I don't really see them around here.
Don't ya just love turtles? The HH named Franky after an article in the paper he read about a lost turtle named Franky:)
Great post.

Linda Kunsman said...

Now I must find out if we have any of those darling free libraries in our area as it seems we have most everything else! What a wonderful post linking your findings back to fellow bloggers. Glad you spotted the turtle and set him in a better place. Love the napkin art page
PS I saw your note about the ATC and Paris napkins-glad you liked your surprise:) Happy T day!!

~*~Patty S said...

WOW this post is chuck full of fun things.
Those Lil Libraries are so cute!
Fun how they keep popping up everywhere isn't it.
That is a cool looking turtle ... well actually you saved him from being a traveling "hot box" on that black pavement ;-)
We have some caterpillars munching on our fennel which looks alot like dill but these guys must like licorice flavor. I couldn't believe how much they grew in one day and would L♥ve to see what they turn into. They are not pretty green like yours.
Happy T Day E and Happy August too oxo

~*~Patty S said...

Oh and you know I like your stacked cup art from before ♥

~*~Patty S said...

Your garden looks really lush and also wanted to mention how luscious your basil looks!!!
AND how funny it is that I mention wind power in my T post too.
Interesting about your wind turbine.
OK signing off for real this time
nitey night oxo

Cheryl said...

I am glad to read you helped out that turtle :-)I love the idea of the little shelters with books in them. How fun! Your city looks charming!

johanna said...

you were the life saviour for this turtle! and your garden Looks wonderful (i love to eat Mozzarella + tomatoes + basil... but i never managed to grow basil in the garden).
yes, wind energy is really popular here, quite a common view.
i love the metal dog. sometimes on faires there is a booth with such metal recycled creatures. stuff that i love!
have a great day, elizabeth!

Meggymay said...

A post full to the brim of interesting comments and wonderful photos.
Guess today I was thinking books as well.
Loved the bolted down tin animal in your neighbour's garden and the turtle sure found a friend when you went by. I have realy enjoyed seeing your own garden as well Elizabeth, your plants always seem so healthy.
Have a lovely T Day.
Yvonne xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a fantastic T-Day post Elizabeth! Great!
Happy T-Day!!!

Darla said...

What fun. There is a free library at a house aling my walk. Think I posted about it once upon a time but I will get a pic so I can add to this collection

Let's Art Journal said...

What a fun packed post, my hubby saw the house photos out of the corner of his eye and joined me in reading your post! Your house looks wonderful, we love the covered porches on the front they look so inviting, we would just sit there and watch the world go by :-). Those little libraries are so adorable and such a marvellous idea! I would have been so suprised to hear the clip clop and turn to find a turtle too, so good that you saved his poor feet from the heat! There are lots of wind turbines around here, on a clear day from our beach you can see a wind farm with hundreds of turbines out to sea. Although we like the wind turbine at our local cheese factory/shop the best, (we live in a cheese producing area) it sells our favourite Crumbly Lancashire Cheese! Your garden looks fab, I like that you have Swallowtail butterflies (not sure how you can hold the caterpillars they make me shiver just looking at them ;-) ). Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)
p.s. Where do I order a Rocky the dog from? Lovin it!

Halle said...

Great post. I love those little libraries as well. We have one just around the corner and several within a short bike ride. I'm sure there are more but I've haven't researched it.
Happy T day!

My name is Erika. said...

I hope your basement is just about finished, or even better, is finished. What a icky chore that is. Love seeing all the photos too. What a cleaver way to do a post! I particularly like Rocky the dog, and think keeping him chained makes him all the more ferocious. :) And saving a turtle always feels good to do. Not that I do it very often, maybe a couple of times in my life, but its right up there with I how I guess rescuing anything feels. Hope all has been well. Happy T day. Will do more catching up soon. Hugs-Erika

Pamela Gerard said...

i love Little Free Libraries -- what a wonderful idea. We have them in in SF and most are OK but I read in the paper there is one in the Haight/Ashbury that keeps getting trashed. What kind of creep would do that?

Rita said...

The Little Free Libraries are so cool! We have an indoor free library here--LOL! You have reminded me I have some books to bring up there. :)
Rocky reminds me of a gargoyle! Kind of creepy.
Glad you helped that poor turtle. :)

Corrine at said...

The free libraries are so charming. None around here, wish there were, I have lots of books to stock them with. Luckily we also have a sweet library here in our little town that is about 100 years old and a charming building. Poor bitsy turtle, don't know how he could even walk on the hot pavement. xox

Divers and Sundry said...

I still haven't bought dill, but this late in the season I may see if dill plants are in the garden centers. I've got a pot to use, and then we'll see if it does better than my parsley did ;) I hope so, as I'd love to host those butterflies :) Thx for the suggestion!

Krisha said...

Those little free libraries are just now starting to pop up around here, but I've only seen a few.

I love the sculptures Yvonne shared last week, and have been wracking my brain on how to make some with plastic bottles......haha!

The wind turban is relatively small compared to the ones we have out here. Through the Tehachapi pass there are thousands of them, and huge! Each propeller blade needs three semi truck beds for length, to be hauled. Next time I am through there I will get you so pictures.

Happy T-day

That poor turtle feet, so glad you came alone to help him.

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